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I have had pains in my stomach, for approx 8 weeks now, I have had an ultra sound and a Endoscopy. They did find inflammation of the stomach lining. I have been given Esomoprazole and last week i was then prescribed Buscopan last week.

The symptoms appear to be getting worse not better. The pain is constant, I find if i do anything physical, even if it is something as simple as ironing a shirt the pain intensifies. I am also find it difficult to lie down to sleep without causing more discomfort. Lying on my back propped up on pillars eases the problem.

I also find eating can be uncomfortable, soft foods and soups are easier to eat. I have lost weight, but not a drastic amount, around a stone, which to be honest, i could do with losing. 

I am back at my Doctors this morning, I am not holding out much hope. Any advice would be welcome as i am getting very aggitated.

Thank you


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    That doesn't sound fun sad you have any other symptoms like constipation or diarrhoea? Vomiting ? It could be gastritis if you have stomach inflammation. Another option is gallbladder. It took 6 years of scans and hospital stays to figure out my gallbladder was infected and full of stones. Kept putting it down to ibs.
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    Hola my friend,

    I totally understand and my prayers are for you. I suffer from a multitude of the stomach issues. please consider seeing a GI specialist. It es my understanding that pain in the upper right side of the stomach es the gall bladder area. pain in the upper left side es the stomach area. Stomach inflamation can cause severe pain and nausea leading to weightloss and sometimes dehydration. I did not have very much luck with most prescribed medicines. I started drinking 1/2 glass 100% pure Aloe juice three times a day and i noticed results in about two weeks. I did not mix it with any juice so, the flavor was not that great. Also, seek a second opinion if not satisfied with the first. I will keep you in prayers, my friend.

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    my guesses are:

    1) you have That helio bacteria that eats the stomach lining. It's easy to get rid of using antibiotics.

    2) you are taking Calcium supplements or other indigestion tablets that cause acid rebound ( google it!) and the stomach acid is painful and inflammatory, but careful eating should get rid of it. Ask me how if you cannot work it out yourself from what the doctor says and this site. Watch it, many people give you completely the wrong advice here! 


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    Sorry to hear about your symptoms, its a nightmare, very annoying and somewhat depressing, I know, I've been struggling with the same sort of symptoms for 7 - 8 months now, with no diagnosis still. My symptoms get worse with increased activity, and also have to sleep propped up slightly. I've found eating little and often isn't as painful, chew food thoroughly, and have a plain, boring diet, minimal amount of fat and sugar, no spice, no caffeine, no fizzy drinks, no citrus fruits, no dairy. These are all the steps I have taken and with the meds I am on, I wake most mornings pain free, and have quite a few days not experiencing too much pain at all.

    You mention you were prescribed Buscopan, I was prescribed Colofac which treats similar condition that Buscopan treats, and I have to say it has worked wonders. With that and the Omeprazole, I'm able to do a lot more, I'm not experiencing severe pain, get a bit groggy and sick at times, but it feels great to have a bit more life about me. I have a combined Endoscopy and Colonoscopy in just under a month so hoping this may give some answers.

    Like you, I've lost weight (2 stone) which was needed as I was overweight, and I think I'm still loosing it, but very gradually now. Its my main worry at the moment as I'm wondering whether it will eventually stop.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is just hang in there, unfortunately a lot of digestive tract problems involving inflammation seem to take a long time to diagnose, treat and heal (if they ever do), but I'm sure you will get to point where your symptoms are more manageable, and be back on the road to recovery.

    Good luck and best wishes!

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    I know it's hard to handle I have been suffering with nausea for 8 months and lost a lot of weight. It doesn't feel like you will ever be normal. If you had an endoscopy then you saw a GI doc. What are they saying about the recovery time? I would be so lucky to see a GI so soon I have to wait a year. Sounds like you can see a specialist sooner then here in Canada. Please hang in there your getting some good advise of others experiences on this forumsmile
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    Where is your pain located exactly and do you find your ribs bother you at all with it left or right. Is it more of a stabbing pain or like a doll ache

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