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For the last couple of months i have been experiencing issues.

They vary in severity some days nothing other days ill wake up and will burp sporadically all day or have wind, sometimes ill eat and then straight away need the toilet.

Along with this i've also had some acid reflux which is causing a sore throat, the doctor has examined my stomach and couldnt feel any lumps or anything abnormal, he did give me some omeprazol which im about 4 days into and hasnt thus far done anything good.

He has told me to finish the course and if no improvement i will need a camera down my throat/stomach.

The worrier for me is i have a history in my family of stomach cancer although as the doctor said im very young for this disease.

The only other triggers ive had is a particularly bad diet recently which im improving and also lots of work stress around the time the symptoms started.

Could stress cause my symptoms? could diet suddenly bring on semi permanent symptoms?

im terrified that an endoscopy will reveal ive got cancer and ive almost convinced myself im dying as stupid as it sounds.

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    My story is sort of similar as yours. About 6 months ago I was eating a bunch of salty junk food and decided it was a good idea to make myself vomit after eating it. I tried to make myself puke several times... Well the day after doing that my stomach felt like it was on fire and burning. 3 weeks later still burning everyday doctor did a endoscopy while I was awake. He said everything was normal and this was all just from stress. I thought I had ulcers or gastritis from the way it felt with the burning raw stomach feeling.The past 6 months have been the pits! Lost my job, thought I had ulcers in my stomach from the way its felt, on the couch depressed. My doctor really hasnt much help... He just prescribes acid meds, and anti depressents. I've drank about a gallon of pepto bismol over all these months but nothing helps for very long. If you have stress like I do. I have anxiety stress for the past 10 years along with panic attacks sometimes.I suggest you try and treat your stress naturally with probiotics and prebiotics like souarkrout, bananas, etc... Also try anti anxiety natural meds 5 htp 200-400 mg, along with gaba powder ... I am in the process of doing this now as I;m trying to fix my wacky nervous system making me feel like my stomach is always burning.

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    Doctor said I have functional dyspepsia, and there is no cure. So I am trying to fix it with 5 htp and gaba powder to calm to the nervous system

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    Omeprazole can take up to four weeks to work so persevere with the medication. Stress and bad diet can cause gut problems. Try a food diary to see if a food is causing you to run to the toilet. Do you have any abdominal pain that moves about? Do you find stress triggers your symptoms? I have acid reflux and IBS which were both caused by stress and anxiety. Cancer is rarer when you are young; believe your doctor's reassurances.

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      thanks for your thoughts, my stomach problems seemed to have started around the time of job uncertainty although thats now passed and im still experiencing symptoms.

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      Stress can still leave its mark on your gut even after the stressful episode is over. My GERD started because of exam stress and my reflux continues to this day despite not being stressed now.Even minor stressful episodes can cause symptoms to continue once your gut becomes sensitive.

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    ppi tablets help prevent stomach cancer.

    You could have a food intolerance or allergy. Try cutting out a food type for a couple of weeks and see if your symptoms get better. For example give up dairy for 2 weeks, if your symptoms improve it could mean your lactose intolerant. But it would be a good idea to discuss this with your doctor first. Sugar always upsets my stomach because I am insulin resistant. If you have been having a lot of sugar recently, that could be a problem.

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