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I am sick of being a pill junkie, I have to take levothyroxine and ramapril everyday. All doctors ever seem to say these days is do you drink, do you smoke, have you ever had sex, here you go then have a bunch if pills.

does anybody have real evidence of just stopping not just hearsay?


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    I know what you mean. I lost faith in the doctors some time ago. So I stopped taking all the tablets. Controlling my BP with herbal tables, diet and trying to loose weight. My BP is generally 140/85. I know that's high according to current thinking. But on the old system 100 plus your age is prity good as I'm 60yo.

    The best part is that most of the side effects have gone.

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      karl90414...Hello!...I "hear" you when you say about faith in the doctors. When I first moved to where I am, I left my Dr., in the city because I felt the drive to see him was too much, so I found a doctor where I am now. What a big mistake. He was a young cocky know-it-all. He put me on bp medication; starting with 5mg Amlodipine. That was short-lived because the control wasn't there, so he doubled the dose to 10mg.. Swollen feet/ankles/lower legs., so I had to come off. Tried made me feel sick, so he upped that dose too, then added a diuretic. End result was he was becoming frustrated because the readings weren't coming down, & he made me feel as though it was my fault, & I didn't want to take the tablets. I could hardly help the fact that my body was screaming that it didn't like the meds. We finally found something that worked. This young guy would enter the exam room, hardly speak, & went directly to the computer. I didn't know half the time if he was listening to me or not; but there were times I knew he wasn't listening because I had to repeat myself. His nurses didn't take bp readings properly either. No wonder the numbers were high. I finally had enough, & returned to my previous doctor. Believe me, he's worth the drive. I'm not at all nervous on the way, not when I'm waiting my turn, & certainly not in his presence. I can talk with him about anything. & that goes a long way. 

      I was told by my doctor that 140/80 is fine; especially for a person my age (70). He said.."it's not great, but it's fine". "This is acceptable". The rules have changed somewhat, the usual thinking was the golden reading was 120/80..but not everyone is the same., & the medical community has finally come 'round to realise this. You can't expect a person 50, 60+ to have the same readings as those in their 20's, 30's, etc.

      It just doesn't work.

      I'm taking 4 bp meds. (thanks to that younger doctor). I'm under the impression that if a med is taken away, the risk of the bp rising certainly increases. Its' my intent when I get back from holiday, to lose some weight, exercise more., & eliminate the stressors in my life. Surely that would go a long way in reducing the bp meds, & possibly getting rid of some of them. 

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    Taking two different tablets per day is hardly being a pill junkie. Because of my many long tern health conditions I have to take 11 different tablets a day (total of 18) plus insulin. If I could reduce to only two I would thrilled.  Also you are definitely not a junkie unless you are addicted to them and I have never heard of a yon being addicted to BP tablets.  As to whether you should go ftf them you can help yourself by exercising, losing weight, etc. But if you have done all these and still have high BP it is a bit risky depending on how high it is. 140/90 is slightly risky, 200/120 as mine was puts you at very high risk of stroke. If you want to go off tablets, do some research, take an informed discussion, and help yourself
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    Freight pro, I am sure that you are smart to realise that your Dr. didn't just prescribe you these medication for no reason.

    You must have had an elevated BP and reduced thyroxine, yes?

    Everyone is different so you can't take a general advice from all who write on this forum.

    Go back to your GP and discuss the problem with them.

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    Thanks all for your input. I do realise that there are people worse off then me but I have been on these for about 15 years. I am fat although I don't overeat but I can't be having all this brown bread, grain, organic rubbish etc. I don't even actually like fruit and veg but under sufferance juice them everyday.

    i just feel stuck in a hole and unable to speak to a doctor, they are different each time I. Go and say, yes, what are you here for. When I was a boy there was one doctor for a whole large village and even if you hadn't been for a couple of years he would know you, ask after your family etc. and genuinely cared instead of pushing sponsored pills.

    sorry just unloading!!

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    Don't apoligise for unloading. We all have to do it sometime. and at least on this site we understand your situation more that most. So when we say " I know how you feel" you know we have most likely been there or are still in the same position as you.

    Chin up, Think positive and start looking intoi what you can do to improve your situation.     

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