Stopped taking Hctz and lisinopril

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Is there anyone else who have had serious side effects with hctz and lisinopril? My doc prescribed me hctz a month ago and added lisinopril 2 weeks ago. I started getting heart palpitations and rapid heart beat. I ended up with an abnormal ekg and in the critical care unit at the hospital. My heart rate was 120 bpm and my bp was 165 over 102. Everything was checked heart and lungs and labs and i was good. He said it was stress. However i went home with rapid heqrtbeat that was traumatic and scary. I did not take my other doses of bp meds that day. The following day my rapid heartbeat subsided and went away. I have not felt it in 3 days and i have not taken the meds either. I believe one of them or both have caused this to happen to me not to mention the extreme exhaustion i had while taking them. I feel like i have no energy but feel a bit better. How long does it take for the side effects to subside? Has anyone else experienced these things with these particular meds? I am to see a cardiologist next week but now im scared to put any other bp meds into my body.

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    Oh yes indeed...I have had horrible side effects with the diuretic taken only one time with amlodipine. The inside of my head got extremely warm and i felt like i was going to faint.   I ended up in the ER and BP was like 266/???  very very high...i had salt depletion and needed iv's; stayed is traumatizing and I also took Lisinopril prior to that for BP with metoprolol for rapid heart rate and ended up in a very bad state with chest pain, shortness of breath, higher BP, weak and tight muscles, rapid weight gain; joint pain, tingling and numbness;  thought i was dying and good thing i realized it was the result of all the medications so I stopped taking them except for 5mg  lisinopril (synthetic snake venom I've read)...Most of the side effects are gone thank God, but I was petrified for about 1 year thinking i had heart problems when in fact it was the medications...i did wean off of the metoprolol and use deep breathing to avoid any medication for a rapid heart rate on occassion.  I have weaned off of Lisinopril from 40mg to 5 mg on my own and i did tell the doctor who refuses to acknowledge my symptoms/side effects from the lisinopril which is infuriating..he's willing to let me suffer rather than change the medication and that is really bad and dangerous to me.  The side effects/reactions did not come right away with the lisinopril or the metorpolol, but rather they came after 1 1/2 years of taking are right to stop them and tell the cardiologist what you believe know yourself better than anyone so do what's best for yourself..maybe all you need to do is some small diet change, exercise a little more, and just don't over use salt...i ended up with salt deficiency because i used low sodium foods which was not good for me to do or anyone i think...we need salt to live; just don't over do it...monitor your blood pressure on occassion and maybe you'll see it's only high at the doctors office and in that case i wouldn't take it at all unless you ask for tranquilizer for doctor appointments..or maybe ask for another BP pill to take in emergency...don't let the doctors bully you like some have done to me..Good luck...

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      I also used low sodium food, but as soon as i saw my blood report, i went back to normal salt intake
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      kundan96113, is your sodium level now normal ?  if not, call the doctor because they're suppost to look at your blood tests and tell you when something is off and what to do about it...i get my blood tests thru email and i do question the doctor on  any test that isn't within normal range...good job though on changing back to normal salt

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    Hi april im taking amlodipine and losartan last 2 weeks ago and ive had the worst side effect. Palpitation, hot flush, lighthead, blurry vision, feeling weak, muscle pain. Cant sleep properly. Anxiety. Then 1 time i started not taking those med and it was good feel like normal after 3rd day my bp rocketed 159/100 i was scared so i took losartan only but i feel again another side effect.. feeling weak and lighthead anxiety.. i wonder if we can stop this meds and take natural remedy like garlic and banana or other natural remedies. Hope someone here has done it and help us how to recover without this bp meds.
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      Hi Anthony,

      It has been awhile now since i stopped taking bp meds. I told my doc i refused to take anymore of those pills. So I changed up some things. I was a smoker. I stopped. I started walking more and really dialed down on stress. I have had normal bp since my last two visits. Just changing little things can help a lot. That extreme exhaustion disappeared. It was so bad for me that i needed assistance bathing. I knew something was definitely wrong. I still have heart palps. My cardiologist said they are benign pvcs. I deal with them everyday. Somedays are good and some are bad. They were never like this until I took bp medicine. Think about changing some things to bring the bp down. It takes a bit of time. I do not want to ever feel that again. Sometimes it takes different trials of meds to figure out the right bp medicine. I just refuse to go through that. Id rather get healthier. I still have reg doc visits every month to check my bp. So far so good. I wish you luck. I know how you feel.

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