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Has anyone just stopped taking this med? If so what were the results? How long were you taking it before stopping? 

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    I am 61 and have taking tamulosin for just over 4 years and finasteride for a year. I decided to stop taking tamulosin every day after I read a report about a trial done in turkey where a group only took it on alternate days. The results showed that taking it on alternate days did not affect overall effect but reduced some of the side effects associated with Tamulosin. I tried taking it an alternate days but after a week it was clear that I still needed it daily. I struggled on some mornings to urinate as I usually did after taking it. I suppose it may depend on how dependant your need is . I have therefore continued taking it daily and accepting the side effects. Good luck.
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    Yes, I stopped a few times, 'cos I don't like taking meds and I thought tamsulosin may have been bad for my hypertension.

    Generally the results were that I gradually went back to finding it harder to pee and had to go more often. The first time I managed to go 2.5 yrs before I went back on again for 6 months. Then about 15 months before I returned to tamsulosin, sometimes sporadically.

    All this may have contributed to my having high retention (eventually 1.2 L!) - which has been cured by having a HoLEP prostectomy about 18 months ago.

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    I took it for around 3 or 4 years before my 2 procedures.  The thing I noticed about this drug was it really messed up my sex life.  I couldn't have a climax while on this med.  Finally got off of it.  Thank God.
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      This just shows had drugs have very variable effects. I never had any trouble sex-wise with tamsulosin.

      The lessen is that everything the docs tell us is based on averages, which may not apply in our individual case.

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      The nurse at my doctors surgery says that it is her most complained about drug. I said by men? She replied by their wife’s as well:-)

      I stopped it after about five months as it was not helping much and was causing eye problems as well a reducing ejaculation.

      I do not understand why so many keep on taking the two usual drugs for years on end when there are now a choice of procedures to deal with BPH. 

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    Hi, James,

    I took Tamsulosin for just one week! The first two days were O.K. Urine flow increased as expected, but then all hell broke loose. It somehow affected me mentally and I ended up as though I was high on drugs. I did my best to keep a log of what was happening but I wrote unintelligible gibberish!

    The most plausible explanation of what happened was that it had interacted adversely with other medications. It prompted one of my doctors to enter the comment in my medical records: DO NOT PRESCRIBE TAMSULOSIN.

    Please get back to me if you need further explanation.


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    I was taking tamsulosin daily but always felt dizzy, so I cut down to every other day. Made a big difference. I know the drug stays in my system for many days because I went off it once and it took almost a week before I felt normal again. So, the drug has a "half life". 

    When I run out of my current prescription I am going to try going off it completely as an experiment. Each of us is different so you might as well find the minimum dose that works for you. 


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    In answer to your question James, I was on Tamsulosin for several years and suffered no serious side effects other than a reduction in ejaculate, a slight lowering of BP and pinpoint pupils.  When I came of the medication following a HoLEP procedure, I suffered no side effects other than a very slight increase in BP however, my pupils remained pinpoint and may be permanent,  This particular side effect affects one in 10,000 men and does not cause me any problems but may cause a problem for those having eye surgery, so best to mention you are or have been on Tamsulosin when having a consutation with an Opthalmic surgeon.


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    I'm 66, and took Tamsulosin about a year, along with Flomax.  I had the Urolift in early Dec.  I had a coloscopy in Jan and was told to stop all meds for the procedure, and just never went back on.  Noticed no changes in pee-function, and felt the return of my old "sense of well-being," plus a return of what's left of my "sex drive," in a good way.  :-)    Since I sometimes work on roofs and in trees, I am glad to no longer experience the mild dizziness that sometimes came with those pills.  
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      In Aug of 2014 my urethra was closed off by my swollen prostate.  The doc drained off 2.5 liters of pee.  Yes, 2.5 LITERS!  After a week with a bag strapped to my leg, I learned to self-cath.  Big improvement!  My urologist wanted me to submit to TURP, which is what he did.  I declined, saying I would look for alternatives.    After 12 months of cathing, I found articles about the Urolift.  I checked out the doctors doing it in the NY/Phila/Baltimore area, called a couple of them, and no one was very experienced.    In Aug of 2015, I had an appointment with my urologist, who was then studying to do the Urolift.  He told me to keep cathing, and he would “do me” in November, when he was certified (!).  

      Wanting to be treated by someone with experience, I found Dr. Steve Ganges in Salt Lake City, Utah (US), who had done the clinical trials for the FDA, which then approved the procedure for the US. I figured he had more experience than anyone else!  I called, sent out my records, he looked at them, and invited me out.  I was willing to spend the money to fly there (3,000 Km), to be treated by someone with a lot of experience!  We stayed with friends there, which gave me a place to recuperate.

      I had a visit with him on a Monday in December, and the procedure the next day.  Local anesthesia, feet in stirrups, on an operating table,  The procedure took 15 minutes.  It was uncomfortable, I will say.  The procedure was accomplished through a 1/4" ( .6cm) stainless steel tube, inserted into you-know-where!  No pain during the operation, but it felt and sounded like a staple gun was going off inside me!  He installed 6, the maximum number of implants.  When he was finished, I climbed off the table while calling for a bowl.  I peed freely for the first time in 15 months!  It was that immediate.  

      I took pain meds right away (Percocet) and I’m glad I did.  I was woozy and rather beat for 1 1/2 days, rather miserable from what I remember, and glad to have no place to be.  My insides felt beaten up.  I was so-so for the next day (Wednesday).  The next day we flew back to Pennsylvania.  The following day, Friday, I stacked a half-cord of firewood (almost 2 cubic meters), with no pain, no problems.  I mention this in comparison to the TURP, which requires weeks for recovery, I am told.  For the first week or two I experienced burning sensations when peeing, but that’s long gone.

      I have a permanently stretched bladder, so I cath each night and it’s just been suggested I do so mid-day, just to protect the kidneys.  But that would be the case regardless of the solution I’d found, as there’s no cure I’ve found for permanently stretched-out bladders.  Otherwise, life has returned to a normalcy.  Oh, and because I'm cathing before bed, I sleep through the night, every night.  For that reason, I'm REALLY okay cathing!!!  :-)

      That's about it... Does this help?

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      Hi Cartoonman,

      Of course all your clear and precise answer helps a lot, me. 

      Each word. Thanks a lot. Otherwise, what was the cost

      without airplanes, etc., just the procedure ?  For me it will

      be in my oun. 

      Last week I declined the TURP. After a year with

      tamsulosine and finasteride I think I'm candidate

      for Urolift.

      Thanks again


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    Hi James,

    I had the PAE procedure done on the 22nd Feb 2016 and the results have been


    My flow rate has returned to pre enlarged Prostate days.

    I had been on Tamulosin one a day for approx 6 months pre PAE

    which enabled me to have a reasonable flow rate.

    I have now stopped taking Tamulosin about a week ago without any reduction in current flow rates and no side effects.

    Let me know if i can provide you with any further info. I am 69 years old.

    Kind Regards


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      Hi Richard,  I am a 65 year old male. I just had urodydamics testing, cytoscopy, and ultrasound of prostate. Urologist says my prostate is enlarged at 40g.  My prostate has grown into my bladder to a small degree, which would minimize the effectiveness of Urolift (which I was considering, but will not have). The urologists says I also have overactive bladder. If my prostate is treated than I would not any special treatment for my bladder as 90% of the problems of the bladder will be cured if my prostate is reduced.

      The urologist recommends a button Turp. An alternative would be Rezum (but he doesn't perform that procedure).

      He works with another urologist/ international radiologist who does PAE. How are you doing 10 months post PAE.  What is your estimate of how long the  benefits of PAE will last?

      Tamulosin got me so nauseous I had to stop after only 4 doses. Urologist said to consider Rapaflo  as he said it has the least side effects of the alpha blockers.  Even if it worked I imagine it would  have negative sexual side effects.  While I have also considered finisteride it has so many negative side effects I rather not try it. My response to the Tamulosin was so bad I have not tried the Rapaflo.

      In terms of least side effects, it seems that PAE might be the wisest choice. I live in NYC and have a doctor in mind do does PAE, What is the name of your interventional radiolgoist and where did you have your PAE performed.

      While I know a little of the procedure I don't know a  lot and know of no one who has had the procedure. Would you mind telling me about your experience:.:Inpatient or outpatient. Type of sedation.  If you have Medicare as primary did they pay the bulk of the bill and did your secondary pay the rest? did you have any negative reactions to the procedure? You stopped your Tamuolsin in 6moonths post PAE. How long did it take before you noticed a reductions in symptoms and how long did it take to get best results? Are your results the same at 10 months and what is the prognosis on how long your benefits will last? If needed again how may PAE procedures can you undergo?

      Thank you!

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      Good morning.  I was doing some research for another guy on this site that is on Flomax.  I read your post and I was checking to see if you had the PAE.  If you just needed to have the prostate relax your bladder why did you not try a UROLIFT.  It would open you up and there are no side effects.  Take care and have a good day  Ken
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