Strange Gallbladder symptoms ???

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Hi guys ,

I m 5”10 82 kg male. Age 32.

 Discomfort feeling in my right URQ that sometimes moves back , opposite to same direction. Pain is dull and mild with bearable condition. My concern is I never had typical gallbladder attack nor had urq pain symptoms even I eat fatty food.

Doctors found 3 mm polyp in first ultrasound and later after one month in second ultrasound they mentioned multiple small stones in gallbladder. Nothing found in CT scan and MRI. Blood reports are normal with little elivated ALT value.

Endoscopy results found Barrett’s esophagus.

I also have a mild fatty liver.

Issues I m facing 

 Blurry vision usually in night.

Weakness feeling sad

Low BP episode once few days ago (I almost fainted)

Unintentional weight loss 


Lump feeling in throat

No Diarrhoea.

Gas issues

Bulky floating stools (undigested vegitables in stool. Sorry to be gross ) 

Burping after meal.

Dizziness (sometimes).

Light Rash (sometimes)

I’m so confused right now if it’s all related to gallbladder or something else as I also have a Barrett’s esophagus and mild fatty liver. My surgeon is ready to take my gallbladder out.

In such circumstances should I go for surgery or is it worth to wait . Please advise.

Thanks in advance.

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    If the gallstones aren't causing any symptoms it's best to

    leave them alone .

    Hope you get some answers on what's causing your symptoms .

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    The pain I had when not having gallbladder attacks were pain under ribs that wrapped around to the same point in my back. I also has fatty stools and was tired a lot as well. 

    Are they doing anything for Barrett’s esophagus and the fatty liver? Think it’s worthwhile getting those seen to first and if symptoms are still there after that then I’d look at removing the gallbladder xx

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      Thanks lot scottie13 for your response. I'm right now really in deep depression. I'm feeling like pale, upper right discomfort most of time at back. Sometimes i feel i've blood in my saliva (probably its b/c of my bad gums). sometimes if i press my right back down the shoulder blade it feels something there. ( although Nothing showed in MRI and CT scan). I used to even note very little changes happening in me. 

      I completely loss my interest in my office work and keep thinking about this issue as the symptoms got changed and getting weird on daily basis and after this recent finding of BE took me in deep depression.

      My doctor scheduled operation of gallbladder on this Wednesday and i'm afraid i'm going to postpone the surgery. sometimes I feel foggy brain after eating. weird short term pains in body .blurry visions for short time.

      Gone through long list of blood test, CT, MRI, ultrasounds  and still at the same point ... Feels i'm getting weaker on daily basis.

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    I have some of the same issues.
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      I believe I would address your depression and anxiety issue first as so many of your symptoms can be brought o by depression. Your lack of eating, weight loss, fatigue, dizziness and ability not to be able to concentrate.  Once that is addressed you can make a more educated decision as to what are real issues. Next I would DEFINITELY address your liver issue. Apparently you eat a very high fat diet which is not healthy at all. If you do have your gallbladder removed the fats have to go or more than likely cramping, gas, bloating and explosive diarrhea will come to visit. You need 5 to 6 small meals a day with fruit and veggies, white meat chicken, skin removed, and grilled roasted or baked. VERY lean pork (tenderloin) and there are plenty of condiments that are fat free or low fat so you can have baked potato, butter light made with canola oil and fat free sour cream if you like. Fat free puddings made with skim milk are tasty or fat free jello with fruit in it. you may find out that if you start this restricted fat diet, your gallbladder might settle down. But the fat floating poop is not healthy. Then move on to your esophagus issue and a good gastrointestinal doc can help you out. 

      You are making yourself almost in a panic stage worrying about the famous WHAT IF. You need some rest , address one issue at a time, especially your diet and try not to dwell on everything

      you are feeling physically.  I know it is difficult but it might be helpful got you to go on the website WebMD and read about the things you are experiencing starting with depression. I too suffer from clinical depression but my internist found a great combination of meds that made a huge difference in my thought process and a pill that I take at bedtime that doesn’t put me to sleep but helps me relax enough to go to sleep. Short acting and no FogHead when I wake up.  I hope thing do get better for you, you just have to take control and know you are going to be alright. Let me hear how you are doing. I’ll say a prayer for your peace. 

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      Your post gave me real relief. I’ve make my mind to go for surgery tomorrow am will keep you all updated on how it goes. Thank you very much for such supportive comment and wishes. Take care and God bless you. 
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    i got all the symptoms that you mentioned except fatty liver.I'm 36 year old male.

    In year 2009, i had severe indigestion and acidity issues and then took lot of antaacid and  omiperzaole and endoscopy diagnosis was gastritis. I used to get acidity when i eat too much fatty or oily food or eat at restaurant. In 2011, i got slight pain on the right side of abodomen with dizziness, they did hida and ultrasound. Ultrasound showed no stones, but hida showed gallbladder is not working , i did not remove my gb at that time. I did control my diet not eatily oily/fatty foods but still the burping/bloating acidity was there, but some how my dizziness got in control. Again when i started to add oily/fatty foods i used to get lot of burping/bloating/dizziness and extreme tiredness. In this 7 years , the digestion went very bad , i can't eat any oily/fatty food any more, and episodes of diarrhea .In 2017, i did endoscopy/colonscopy which said barrets esophagus and ultrasound shows stones.The only thing keeps me in control is less spice,oily,fatty with less meal size. still waiting to remove my gb. Even after my removal of gb, not sure how things are going to work, but this is the only option left for me now. I know how depressed you will be at age of 32, only one can understand who goes through the same issue. Please do post how your surgery goes. The worst issue for me is the dizziness,extreme fatigue accompanied with bloating/burping. As some one posted here, only the good food,sleep and less tension/anxiety is going to help healing even after gb removal.

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