Strange gut, joint and state of mind problem I'm having

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Hello everyone. I'm a 32 year old male, Long story here. I fairly recently started a ketogenic high fat high protein, low carb diet. And exercising regularly all was going fine, I felt strange for some days but put it down to keto flu and all the changes going on internally

. Then one day I started feeling very not right, nausea sweaty, light headed and tiring easily. I thought I might be having a heart attack, a stroke or maybe a blood clot someplace. (my brother discovered he has a clotting disorder making him more likely to develop them)

Went to the gp she checked all the usual

Everything fine. I had given up on keto by this point. She put it down to the keto diet which I had only just stopped. But anyway it's been many days since then and although many of the symptoms went, now I feel just strange. My limbs feel heavy even my head. I poop a very light brown stool which I never used to do. I still feel this strange light headedness and as if my balance might be off. I noticed too that my limbs seem to go numb easily sometimes even if standing still my legs sometimes go numb. I have a pain in my neck also and wonder if this is all stemming from nerves in my neck. Anyway, another thing I noticed is all these symptoms seem to be at their worst in the morning and improve through the day. Anyway all this couldn't have come at a worse time with the virus going around and all that, hard to get hold of medical help and I'm far from a rich man. I'm at a loss as to what to do.Thanks for any help or support you can give. Sorry I wasn't sure what category to post this in, I'm really not at my best right now. Cheers. Dean

Additional Info. I ate a lot of sushi, a lot of raw salmon not all that long before all this started. I suspected it for a while but now I'm not too sure of anything.

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    You need a life adjustment. Especially your eating habits. No wonder why you feel bad. That keto diet is bad. Try eating healthy. You will notice a change for the better.

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    HI, first thing I want to say is for your safety I would not ever eat raw or under cooked fish, I know a lot of folks do it but if I showed you what can happen you would never touch it again. If we were still cavemen and our stomach were still in the time period we would most likely be ok, but we have changed our gut flora and it is not made any more to eat raw fish/meat safely. I realize that to some it is very good, but I don't feel it is worth the risk, There are a lot of ways to prepare fish cooked that is very delicious. I am not telling you not do it, it is always your choice, but I do not recommend it. The other things is the best and healthiest way to lose weight or to be healthy is not on any kind of fad diet, including the keto. Fad diets are not good for you, you are making a drastic change to your body and it doesn't know what you are doing or why, it can only react. It can be very traumatic to your system to do these types of diet, and start it over night. If you are determined to do a diet, introduce it to your body slowly over time so it can adjust and you can tell if your body is not happy with it. It is like surgery, we know that we are going in for surgery, but all your body knows is that something attacked it and it goes into protective mode immediately, even though we may have 2 tiny little holes, we still had invasive surgery and your body didn't know you had it planned, all it can do is react like it was attacked. The absolutely, best way to diet, or to eat healthy is to eat fruits, veggies, cooked fish, if you eat meat, not often and make it lean. All the veggies and fruit you can eat. Nuts are excellent for you in small amount. Skip the diets, eat right and exercise if you can and that is how you stay healthy. When it comes to sweets do so in moderation and in small servings.Have a sweet only once a week for a long time. As you reduce your sugar intake you will naturally need less and less to taste sweetness. After awhile, everything will taste like salt after reducing your salt intake, and fats will no longer taste good, in fact after being away from them, they will actually make you feel crappy. You don't need to do all this at once, first do less salt the first few weeks, until you think everything taste like a salt shaker, you are there..never salt food, you don't need it, what does a real potato taste like ???., then go to the sugar, soon things will be to sweet to you and so on. Basically eat as healthy as you can, fruits, veggies, and nuts. Many other foods are very good for us. If you need advice get a list, ask your doctor. After doing this for a year, your taste will have changed and you will not want sugar or salt etc. But above all don't force yourself as that will backfire, take it at your pace, set your goals and adhere to them, It has to be your choice to do it. Now to your symptoms. Have you ever been checked for being diabetic, your fasting blood sugar, and also a total full cbc with blood calcium checked as well. Also you can ask to have your own clotting factor checked as well, at least then you will know, if your doc feels there is a danger they can put you on aspirin or blood thinners. If you don't want to go to docs, you can get blood sugar kits online and do your own checking, only thing is then you will have maybe a useless kit. The numbers are pretty easy to understand. When these symptoms happen and you eat some candy does it make it go away, or drink some juice? You are still young for diabetes, but some folks get it young, it does happen. Also if it doesn't clear up, you may want to check other hormones in your body, like thyroid, my guess is that you body is still trying to recover from that keto thing, and hopefully in time it will recover, Make sure you are getting plenty of rest, listen to your body, if you are tired and rest. Don't over do right now, give your body time to readjust to a reg diet again. If it doesn't clear up then go back and get more testing. Give it a few weeks, maybe 3 weeks after all the blood work results, if all ok, and see how you feel, if you have any major symptoms go to the er.

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      Wow yonder thank you for such an in depth response there. Truly appreciate that you would make so much time for the problems of a stranger.

      Yes i had my blood sugar levels checked and all is normal with them. As for cbc and blood calcium levels no not checked.

      You're 100 percent right such a drastic change in diet was pure idiocy on my part.

      I am still with the exact same symptoms although I have noticed that if I go out walking in the day it seems to improve as the day progresses. Keeping well hydrated seems to help too. I'm keeping my spirits up but what with the virus going on its hard to know what medical services will be available a few weeks from now.

      Thanks once again.

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      Another thing is yes I'm never touching raw fish again for as long as I live. This has all been a big wake up call for me to really think about my diet and what I'm doing to myself.

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      well that is what life is about, we learn as we go along. The reason I reply to strangers is I am in the same boat. I am going on 5 years with an un-diagnosed illness involving severe upper left ab pain, and nausea and a slew of other symptoms and no one knows what is wrong with me, so in these 5 years I have learned alot and want to share it with others, I know what it is like to feel like no one cares, and we are out there in no man's land and docs are just not on top of stuff today. You get your 15 min and then your gone and they are on to the next patients, If you have anything that takes more then 15 min and a diagnostic test to figure out you are pretty much out of you change your diet now, this is very good, you can still eat some goodies, but really cut down on them, when I eat an orange now it tastes like desert it is soo sweet. One day you will say the same and want that orange instead of cake. Hard to believe but it does happen over time. I am still bad at times, I eat a cookie here and there but overall if you give your body good foods it will respond in kind. And yes, exercise as much as you can, when ever you can. I used to walk 12 miles a week, now I cant even walk a block and it is so hard to think of whom I used to be. I am now waiting on the dna testing hoping for some answers. But hang in there, after a few weeks you may feel back to normal and I sure hope so. I don't wish Gastro issues on any health issues for that matter. I guess I do this cause I want folks to know that someone out there cares. And I have learned alot over the last few years and also that I was a self made medical student of sorts, it has been my passion in life, science, anatomy, biology etc. while other teens were reading Glamour I was reading Scientific had a good start, but lost my chance to be a surgeon due to not being able to go to college etc...Genetic research was a big hobby of mine as well. In my thirties I finally got to go back and get a 2 year degree in Human Service which is like counseling and the brain and meds. etc...I was on the Deans list and honor student and sooo wish I could have gotten a bachelors, but it just didn't work out for me. ok, life happens....enough of all that and life's regrets, look to the future and feeling good !!! Keep us updated on your progress. !!!

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