Strange "illness" for 5 years now and still going. Any help?

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One day in my high school PE class I started to feel a little strange. A weird vibrating feeling surged throughout my body and my heart start to beat rapidly (probably from anxiety). A few days later, my throat started to swell up and it felt like something was stuck in my throat. A few days after this, I starting to begin feeling a heaviness in my head and fever-like feelings (the reason I say fever-like is because of information that will be stated shortly). I soon found out that my tonsils were enlarged and began to feel fatigue as well. Another symptom that was really strange to me was that I would always feel like there was a lot of gas in my stomach, especially when I laid down to sleep.

I have seen doctor after doctor, primary care physician to specialist, ran numerous blood tests, urine tests, chest x-ray, checked for any kinds of infection, and nothing has been found to this day. It is about 5 years since I started having symptoms. I never have days where I feel completely normal then I feel sick again. My symptoms are present every single day. My temperature is always somewhere from 98 F to 100.5 F and I have never seen it exceed that range. Although my temperature is often in normal ranges, I still always feel like I have a fever on those days as well. I haven't travelled anywhere previous to feeling these symptoms or haven't engaged in unprotected sex. I checked for all kinds of conditions such as: mono, HIV, cancer, valley fever, and more.

I'm basically stuck feeling sick and there is no signs of anything being wrong with me besides the obvious sight of my tonsils being enlarged. My ENT recommends a tonsillectomy but I don't understand why that would do anything considering I don't have any signs of infection. If I missed out on any important information or anything please let me know. I am posting this to find out if anyone has had or knows anyone who has had similar symptoms, and what I should do to become better again. It's been a long five years and I am waiting patiently for all these different doctors to try to help me. (By the way, I RARELY have a sore throat. This makes me hesistant in getting a tonsillectomy even more.) If anyone could help or put any feedback it would be greatly appreciated.

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    The symptoms related to fatigue maybe due to lack of nutrients and exercise.I too was diagnosed with similar problems.1st thing : fatigue ,temperature and a feeling of current and tickling in hands and legs was found to be because of beta thalesemia,a blood gene related issue ,in which heamoglobin doesn't increase more than 11 .mine at that time was 8 .The temperature changes at times are good as when the body tries to fight infections,diseases or intrusions entering body our body temperature increases.unlike my all other family members my temperature specially hands and legs are extremely hot .

    Problems related to stomach and gS may need proper diagnose and checks on what you eat causes symptoms and timings you eat. Last December I got the gallbladder removed in surgery as was diagnosed with multiple stones in it that was causing pain attacks .Most of people have stones ,but only few will come to know if they get any pain attacks .even if stone issue will just be at edge of beginning then too you may face gas indigestion,and constipation issues.avoid having milk products at night.take light dinner .

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    Sometimes you cant see infection in tonsils especially when the tissue is chronically infected.. they just look big. The body fights the infection hence the fatigue and feeling unwell.

    The gut gas could be caused by the tonsil infection dripping down your throat or due to enlarged lymph nodes in your stomach. Finally your throat probably doesnt feel sore because over time you have got used to it.

    I had all the symptoms you described and recently had a tonsilectomy and over a few months the fatigue sore stomachs etc all went away.. best thing I ever did..

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      Hello del88302,

      Firstly, thank you so much for taking the time to read and reply to my post. I have talked to my ENT and my primary doctor and they both are recommending a tonsillectomy. I am most likely going to go that route within the next few weeks.

      I have a few questions:

      1. How did you feel right after the surgery? Was fatigue and the other symptoms still present?

      2. Did you also remove your adenoids?

      3. Lastly, did you have fever or fever-like feeling before surgery? I have had mostly normal temperatures around 98 F. However, a few times I was as high as 100.5 F.

      Thanks again!

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      Hi there

      Surgery is v sore so will take 2wks to recover from that. Thereafter the fatigue gradually went away and I had more energy and felt well. 3mths after I was back to normal; however it does depend on the individual as to how long the fatigue takes to go; but I felt the benefits v quickly.

      yes I did have my adenoids out too.

      As for temps; before surgery rarely got a temperature as my body had got used to having the infection and didnt react that way anymore. Only once in a blue moon did I get a temp and that seemed to be when I had picked up a viral bug of some sort.

      I would never have thought that tonsils could have caused me to feel so tired and ill but they did.

      Hope that helps

      Good Luck

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      Hey del88302,

      I know this is an old posting but I wanted to ask you a couple of questions. I just had my tonsils and adenoids removed 2 weeks ago. Recovery from the surgery is going great! However, my fatigue is still present and I feel more or less the same as before surgery. I know you said it took you 3 months for you to be 'back to normal'.

      My questions to you are: How long realistically could it take for my fatigue to go away? And, should I be worried that my tonsils were possibly not causing the fatigue in the first place? 

      I have no other indicating factors of my illness other than feeling of fatigue and I don't want my doctors to brush it off as 'stress' or something. Hope to get a reply soon and thanks for your help thusfar! 

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    hey did you feel better eventually???

    . I am currently experiencing general fatigue, IBS Gas like symptoms etc and it all started when i began getting loads of tonsil stones (i have had tonsillitis and even quinsy in the past multiple times) but never had stones before, I clean them out at least once a week. I dont really have a sore throat (sometimes achy tonsils though) and my tonsils are not massively enlarged.

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