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Hello my name is James and I've suffered with Anxiety/panic attacks for nearly 4 years now. I was wondering if anyone else gets the strange sensation of a tingling swelling feeling in their tongue/lips ?

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    Hello James,

    Since all of the UK is in bed right now and I am up in Canada...and you must be from North America too..I will answer you although I have had just one panic attack in my life, thank God. From what everyone writes, tingling is very common. 

    Here is a copy and paste of a message I sent to Allan yesterday that I think might be suitable for you:

    Last night I did a lot of research on the benefits of magnesium, reading material on various sites, watching podcasts from eminent medical researchers in the field in the US. Some of what I learned in a nutshell are that after vitamin D, magnesium is the supplement that we are most lacking in. It is difficult to get enough magnesium in our normal diets...unless perhaps if we eat nuts and seeds...LOTS of them in a day! 95% of us are magnesium deficient. There are over a dozen reasons, one of which is soil chemicals which results in the plant being unable to absorb magnesium. This deficiency impacts many systems in the body, especially the brain. It has been shown through studies that ADHD is a result as well as depression and anxiety...and IBS...because there is a brain/bowel connection. 

    My own personal story is about my daughter, Valerie, our 3rd who was a messy, hyper little wild thing as a child. She had ADHD for sure although never diagnosed. She had a hard time focussing and we got her tutoring in math. When she reached her mid teens, I happened to read about the benefits of magnesium on the brain and on the ability to focus. I consulted wth my naturopath who is also a pharmacist. I started giving it to her before tests and exams at school. She herself would come to me and tell me how much better she was able to study and focus and do well on her tests and exams. In that time period, she changed. She became neat, tidy (her room and her person). She became ultra focussed and suddenly started to do extremely well in school...and in university. I won't go on to brag about her successes in life but let's just say she has got it all together. And she will state that it all started with magnesium supplementation. 

    I urge you to read up on magnesium and its extraordinary benefits when it is supplemented to meet the body's needs. I take 2 tablets of magnesium citrate (or glycinate) every night before bed in order to 1. help me sleep better and 2. to keep regular in the morning.

    Like vitamin C, if you take in too much magnesium...which is highly unlikely, it is just excreted in the urine.

    I hope this helps. You know, it just might be that this severe deficiency of magnesium is the cause of what seems like epidemic levels of stress related issues today;  burn outs, social anxiety, depression, panic attacks. Could it be modern day demands or is it due to environmental causes or maybe magnesium deficiency...which is due to the drug industry like Monsanto tampering with agriculture. I say, taking magnesium can do no harm but there is great potential to get your mental health back in balance. Good luck!

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    Hi James,

    I'm just wondering if this only happens after you eat.  If so, this could be oral allergy syndrome, meaning that you are either allergic to the food or you are having a histamine reaction.  I have histamine intolerance and I have this after certain foods.  Histamine intolerance can also cause anxiety and panic, with or without the tingling.  You may want to look up histamine intolerance and see if you have any of the other signs.  In many cases, this can be controlled by diet.  In many cases, this is a "gut" issue.  Good luck!  P.S.  I'd also like to thank robin77577 for her advice.  I feel that from reading her post, I may also have a magnesium deficiency.  I will ask my doctor (Integrative) to test.  Thanks, Robin.

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    Morning James All I can say is when you suffer from anxiety/panic every feeling and sensation is heightened and all small things are big things in your mind. This is how anxiety operates and keeps a grip on us. I don't recall having the tingling sensation however I can relate to various sensations in my scalp/head which was very frightening at the time and can offer no explanation for. If you have been checked by GP and everything is okay then try some positive affirmation techniques ie just keep saying go away don't bother me I am not taking you on today I'm not going to get hysterical with worry. I know it sounds a bit daft but it does work. The article on Magnesium is very interesting and certainly would not to do any harm
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      Hi Bigmag,

      Just wondering what sensations you had in your scalp/head.  I am having very strange feelings--like worms crawling in my brain.  It's scary.  I can't think well when this happens, too.  I'm wondering if it's inflammation.  I'm a person that gets a LOT of headaches--always have, but this worm feeling is new.

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