Strange sensations in my head 2 months after having a TIA

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I'm new to this forum but decided to join as I felt that after having a TIA/Mini Stroke, you just go away and are left to get on with your recovery.  In brief I took ill at work (13th April 2017 to be precise).  I had the full symtoms, face dropped, I couldn't speak and had pins and needles down my left side. An ambulance was called and I was taken to the nearest hospital. I had a blood test and a CT scan. The results shown that there had a been an interruption

?to the blood supply in my brain. I later found out that the area was in the right parietal lobe.  The blood test shown signs of infection. After some discussions between the Dr who first examined me and a Consultant and the usually tests performed. The raising of the arms and watching me walk up and down the cubicle, they decided to let me go home and arrange an appointment for me to be seen at the The Stroke Out Patients Clinic within the week.  I was administered 300 mg of Aspirin and antibiotics. I had to take  16 antibiotics a day for 10 days.

?I came home feeling not very well but I put that down to the infection. I went to bed and a few hours later I woke up unable to swallow and the left side of my tongue felt swollen. My speech was slurred and it was so hard to swallow even water, let alone the antibiotics but I knew that I had to persevere. I felt rough for about 3 days. I was sent the appointment for the Out Patients Clinic and I had the arteries in my neck scanned. They were clear. I seen the Consultant who prescribed a Clopidogrel, a blood thinning tablet. The Consultant then told me that he would arrange for an Echocardiogram and a 6 day heart monitoring event. I went for the Echocardiogram on 7th June and I go for the heart monitoring 22nd June. I will know the results when all the data has been collected.

?Since the TIA for the first 5 weeks I had like a brain fog and the fatigue was terrible. Then I felt some improvement but I'm still having residual symptoms of tingling and pins and needles down my left side.  Some periods of the day I feel that I'm on the road to recovery and then I get pressure pains in my head and feel light-headed and slightly dizzy.  I'm hoping to go back to work and my employers have had an occupational health advisor consult me about my health. She was very nice and helpful and did not put me under any pressure to return till I have all my results. But I just keep thinking will I ever return to feeling normal again with these strange sensations in my head.  I can't get my life back on track whilst feeling like this!!!

?Can anyone relate to this or give me any information? I would be so grateful


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    I can't comment too much on the TIA side, as I had a haemorrhage stroke and spent nearly two months in hospital and was sent from the first hospital to a second for neuro surgery, which fortunately they decided against.

    But I had the same, you just get released and sent on your merry way. It took me over a year before I started to feel normal again.

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      I'm sorry to hear that and I'm so grateful that it wasn't an haemorrhage stroke. Your recovery will be different and take much longer than a TIA/Mini stroke.  I've read that with a TIA that's there is no permanent damage. But according to some of the information that I've read, you get the impression that recovery is straight forward?  It's as though you've had a bad bout of flu and all will be well and back to normal within a few weeks.  

      ?My Consultant told me to take some excercise and go on short walks. When I venture outside, I feel like I'm walking through treacle.  I mentioned this to my GP and he told me that I've lost my confidence?  Yes I agree but that's only part of the problem.  I'm not walking at my usual pace and my head feels fuzzy and light-headed.  I seem to have to concentrate on walking up and down the pavements....I just don't seem fluent?

      ?I hope that I find some answers after these other tests?

      ?I wish you good luck with your health and thanks for replying to my message.

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      Whilst haemorrhagic strokes are more catastrophic, if you come out the other side fairly intact, you are fairly lucky in the fact that the cause is usually idetified and managed, so you don't have another. The risk with TIAs is that they maybe recurrent.

      If you still find yourself seeking answers, give the stroke association a call. I found that the staff that answer the phone are quite knowledgleable.

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      Dear RHGB

      So sorry to hear of your problems it's great to be able to get on a web site like this as you soon discover that someone has experienced what you have or something completely different.l have learnt a lot since joining '' I was sent home without any follow up or advice it's out you go goodbye. Well I have been to my GP and asked to see my consultant my GP is lovely and did contact my consultant. An appointment was made for me at the hospital but of course I didn't see my consultant but a very pleasant man on his team. I'm not sure what he was but he did listen and tried to be helpful. When I said I had started swimming again he was full of praise for me so exercise is something you are encouraged to do. I agree with one of your other patients who talked about what she experienced when she went walking. I experienced exactly the same. I felt very wobbly and was aware I was swaying and felt uncoordinated. I bought a little dog to take for walks but sometimes she walks around my legs and I'm worried I'm going to fall over her. On Christmas Eve I did fall over and smashed my face into the pavement. I had a split lip which was pouring with blood my eye was black due to my cheek bone smashing into the pavement. My nose was swollen and grazed plus my face was grazed and bleeding. I have no idea why I fell l didn't slip and I couldn't blame the dog as she was walking very well it's just me and how I feel walking by my self in the street. Lots of people came to help me and an ambulance was called. The medical staff in the ambulance advised them not to try and get me up or give me a drink. So l lay on the freezing floor until they arrived.

      They helped me up and gave me lots of tests. They said as I was on medication I could go to the hospital but there was a four and a half hour waiting time. Well the thought of that I decided to go home and wait for my son who was on his way to pick me up for the holidays. Apart from looking like I had been in a boxing match and lost I gradually got better. What I did find very beneficial was physio therapy in the child's swimming pool. I felt that I began to build up my strength and felt safe in the pool as I could always touch the bottom of the pool. I can highly recommend this form of therapy. The children's pool also is nice and warm.

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    Some of what your saying does sound similar to me. I wonder if you've actually had a stroke rather than a tia. The reason I say that is that you were later told about right parietal lobe and that the fact your not back to normal 2 months down the line. The diagnosis is important as you might be setting yourself unrealistic targets if part of your brain has been damaged and also you may be missing out on the stroke outreach team. Once out of hospital stroke after care isn't great but for me being able to speak to a psychologist was invaluable in explaining the changes I was feeling and to reassure me I wasn't going mad!

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      I think you may be right!  I had the full blown symptoms and could not swallow for about 3 days.  My Consultant sent a letter stating that I had symptoms constient with a minor stroke to my GP and I received a copy. Yet my GP still put TIA/CVA on my sick note.  It's been touch and go over the last couple of months whether to call an ambulance or go to A&E, due to experiencing some symptoms. Such as pins and needles and tingling down my left-side.

      ?I've done a lot of research on this subject and not everyone has the same experience of having a TIA/Minor Stroke.

      ?I will be fitted with a heart monitor on Wednesday. I will be monitored for 6 days.  So I will see if the results of this investigation throw any light on the way that I'm feeling?

      ?Thanks for your message 

      ?I wish you good health!

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