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Stroke and TIA

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  • e64335 2

    huge discomfort blow left rib

    31/2 yrs ago I had a mild stroke. The morning after I felt a small discomfort on my left side just below my rib. The dr looked and felt but could see or feel nothing. Said it may just go away. Gradually the discomfort got worse and now is sometimes unbearable. It is always present and has indeed

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  • ronan57888 2

    Really worried I had a TIA. Please help!

    Hi. I'm 26, I am in decent health, and I'm not overweight. But I had a frightening experience yesterday which convinced me I had a TIA.  I woke up with an odd tingling in my right big toe which came on suddenly. This tingling sensation then spread from my toe to my right leg, where it remained

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  • nevi2017 2
  • Claire Marie 2

    Almost 2 years since I had a clot on my brain.

    In may 2015 I suffered a CVST about 2 weeks after giving birth prematurely. Unfortunately my little girl died at 3 weeks old and I still have to deal with the fact I had a stroke. I had extreme preeclampsia and clampsia after having my daughter and then 2 weeks after she was born I was at home and

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  • Joe1959 2

    Has anyone experienced this and recovered?

    I am 58, and in good health.  Last Saturday morning while exercising at home in a downstairs room I had a stroke. I had just completed a set of crunches when all of a sudden I felt a prickly feeling on the back of my neck, which quickly progressed to intense tingling of the entire left side of my

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  • jamie143 2

    Post Stroke Central Pain Syndrome treatments

    Hello, I haven't seen anyone post of this condition so I wanted to reach out to others that may be dealing with this.  What is the best treatment works best for you?  I haven't had much luck with the normal Gabapentin anti depressent mix.   A herb called ButterBurr works great along with

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  • sicknfedup 1
  • nevi2017 2
  • christophe45781 2

    Possible mini strokes??

    I've been having numbness on the left side of my body for the last few weeks. Mainly my arms and legs. I felt it in my face today, so I've been freaking out about it. I have health anxiety, so I've had every heart test done with everything coming back okay. I'm in good shape and have good blood

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  • wendywoo63 2


    A year ago I had surgery for a large aneurysm behind my eye they tried to stent and coil it but was unsuccessful. After the procedure is had a mini stroke and recovered very fast. After another operation I had a balloon occlusion and coil embolisation and now aneurysm is OK. That was 10month ago.

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  • gavin36166 2

    side effects after TIA?

    I had my first ?Tia back in July 2014 which affected my right side from head to foot, weakness, slurred speech and vision, I was then treated for this and stayed in hospital for 24 hours,Which I now get a numb patch on my right side of my face, which sort of comes and goes and is now concerning but 

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  • cowboycolt1911 2

    The TIA and lasting sideaffects

    I had 3 TIA's in a 5 year period. The last one 6 years ago. I lost consciousness and fell 10 feet giving my back a good hit. I worked in Healthcare. Since the last TIA I have short term memory loss. Also, nothing showed on a CT head scan. We are all different. I always told my Patients every stroke

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  • sharon18114 2

    Tia stroke

    hi 2 weeks ago I had a tia stroke I am 47 years old with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy but I still have numbness they have took me off menopause patch course I am high risk and I would like to know is this normal and I have too go for a 48 hour heart machine next month and go to the stroke clinic 

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  • jasmin04912 1

    Only 1 symptom. Could it still be a tia?

    I'm a female, 29 years old, heavy smoker. Yesterday evening I was sitting in my backyard reading, feeling well, when all of a sudden my left arm started tingling and burning. It felt kind of numb although I was able to use it normally. Immediately I became anxious for I have never experienced

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  • james131279 2

    Possible Tia???

    Just wanted to ask advice, Its now been 24hrs since what happened just thought i ask people what they think.I cant recall all details as head still a pop in the right side of head then a water feeling run down my face and jaw and down towards arm.I think my eyes went funny i cant quite

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  • Peacock82 2

    Lower Left Occipital Stroke-help

    My mother had a hemorrhagic stroke in her lower occipital region 21 days ago. This is her second hemorrhagic stroke in2 &1/2 years. We have been discharged from the hospital and rehab center. Now I'm the nurse 😳. Things do not seem to be improving. She is suffering and I don't know how to help.

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  • teras 2

    was that really a stroke now or something else?

    hi. im 29. healthy. dont have any health issues whatsoever. had all  clotting etc tests done a few years ago as well, and all is a few days ago i was watching something at my laptop. as i moved my eyes around in the room i realised i wasnt able to see much from my right eye. no other

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  • arzoo34599 2

    I hae strange thing going in my head i fear its a stoke

    Hi I m 15 years old.. I have had this strange thing going on my head .. First suddenly I felt something is held in my head and I lost control and I fell but I was conscious . It has been now 10 was all thought it was I get these symptoms Stange feeling inside head

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  • padakandla john 2

    Head became heavy lost control

    On Nov 29 2016 while I was on my bike suddenly head became heavy , vision in left eye became blurred and head turned towards left side eye got closed could not control over my left side for few seconds

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  • nevi2017 2

    Does this sound like mini-stroke or MS?

    So I was in the hospital last night for an 'odd' episode. I'm female in early 30s. Good health. I was standing in a shop, standing squarely, facing forward. Feet firmly planted. I had not just gotten up or anything. I had been looking at an object for a few minutes. Suddenly (and it all happened

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  • paul93583 2
  • sue60023 2
  • sharon40765 1

    Colpidogrel for 4 years with no follow-up???

    Hi, I have been on Colpidogrel for 4 years after a TIA with no follow-up? Does anyone know if this is normal? In all fairness I have moved a couple of times so I haven't really had continuilty of GP's. After my first change of GP my new Dr. done a med review & said that he thought I should only

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  • victoria60507 1

    I have had 2 strokes.

    Hello,I hope someone can help?. The strokes have left my stomach uneven and out of shape. Can anyone suggest anything. Many thanks and all the best to every one.

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  • jenna2010 2

    Medical practitioners explanation

    Hi I had a SAH few years ago. It took me a while to realise why my family had started treating me differently. After the initial shock and upset that SAH causes an worked hard at my Physio,all I wanted was my life back. I picked up vibes from my family that they weren't reading off the same hymn

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  • LaSenza 2

    Was it, or wasn't it??? Opinions plz

    So Jan 17/17 my Birthday. Great Day, residents sang, gave me cake upon me entering work. Was having premature beats but have had heart issues all my life so unless it's WHAM in my face kind of rhythm I ignore it. Later while doing dishes my (L) arm felt weird from my shoulder down, then pressure in

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  • Overturf 1

    Non-painful "bulge" between rib cage and stomach. Cramps at times,

    I have a strange feeling as a bulge- like area between by rib cage and stomach.  Occasionally I will get a cramp there if I strain the area, but usually there is no pain just a funny feeling.  Last year my weight got to low dealing with family issues so I purposely gained weight, around 20 lbs to

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  • MFK 2

    I'm worried I may have experienced a brief watershed stroke

    I feel like this post should begin with an admission that I am prone to Hypochondria, anxiety, and inconfidence, and that I've had anxiety attacks in the past two weeks as a result of this fear. Even so, I really hope you guys don't dismiss my experiences as somehow less genuine due to my anxiety.  ...

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  • jonilyn1950 2
  • ann39845 1

    Can't tolerate blood thinning drugs

    I was advised by a Neurologist to take aspirin as I have an unusual condition in carotid artery called Fibro Muscular Dysplasia which puts me at risk of a stroke. I cannot take aspirin so my GP tried me on Clopidogrel but had same nausea and upper stomach pain and tenderness. I had both with a

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  • Mooneyto 2
  • hayley 35931 2


    I believe I had a TIA yesterday afternoon. At first all doctor said this too, I then Mentioned in my 31 years of life I'd had 1migriane and after I said this they wouldn't let go of this and continues to then diagnosis me with a migraine which I was very unhappy about and feel is not right!!! Just

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  • mike93015 2

    Clear MRI Scans

    I had an episode a year last September and got discharged from A & E with suspected Migraine. I suspected that I had a TIA or Stroke. For 2 or 3 months no joy with the GP's and when I got to see a Neurologist 3 months later, listening to my symptoms and resulant damage he said he thought I had a stroke/

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  • steven945563 2

    stroke during aneurysm repair central pain syndrome

    my life took a twist at the drop of a dime I'm 40 years old. I was told there was a healthy patient for surgery my diagnosis was aneurysm thoracic repair I sustained a stroke during the operation the stroke has disabled me and the pain is relentless I have central pain syndrome from the thalamus

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  • tashi52591 2

    My friend had a stroke and left me?

    Long story short got a message over the phone from my friend that he had another stroke ( his second one). i told him id come ove to vist and basically in his own words he shot me down because he couldnt talk or walk properly anymore. i was then told he was moving to be closer to family. i sent him

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