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Hi. Im being treated fir acid reflux but not all is under control.

I can tell when i reflux.

Is it common to get sharp stubbing pains on the left side of chest when one is moving?

I give an example.

This morning i had no reflux. Decided to mop tbe floors. Was upright just gently mopping side to side and rotafing my trunk.

It brought on this really sharp stubbing pain on left. It was like a fit. It went away after 10minutes.

I had a few of those in a last 5 days.

Im waiting for specialist appointment but so fr doctors not paid much attention to this pain. Something inside is raw and some movements agitate it.

Anyone the same or any ideas?

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    Hi Katerina,

    Yes it is common to get those sorts of pains. I get them below my ribcage (both sides) , really bad ones between my shoulder blades and the inevitable burning.

    Off to see a consultant next Thursday to hopefully pin down the cause.

    You need to get your GP to refer you if your symptoms don't improve. No point suffering, better to get the cause addressed

    Hope you feel better soon.


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      Thanks. Hope we all feel better soon.

      I gotta wait until nhs has time for me. Got referred already.

      Gotta survive till then. Lets hope the gastro person be interested to listen and help.

      Its no fun as been ill 8 months now. Unwanted and uninvited sudden guest this was.

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      Yes. I had a hernia repair 20 years ago and know (from experience) what a long winded process it is, even after you've been referred.

      As you say, fingers crossed we both get sorted soon. Good luck

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    Hi thereKaterina,

    I have a massive reflux problem and when my oesophagus gets irritated through acid it takes weeks to calm down, interestingly I also get all sorts of pains in really wierd places, like other people have said, do go and see your gp and ask to be referred, although reflux doesn't sound much it can have really a devastating impact on our lives. All the best.

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      Hi Joanna,

      When you mention "other pains", do you get them up your back and between you shoulder blades?

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      Yes John!! up my back, sides, between shoulder blades, pain radiating across my chest and up to my throat.  i have had cardiac investigations so that is written off. 
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      Yes John, it is torture, I truly have felt as if I am losing my mind at times, telling people in the medical profession is a nightmare, they look at me as if I'm bonkers!!! I am fine and could run a marathon until I eat then it all goes wrong!! I feel very depressed at times, scared to go to bed, it is just hell!!

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      I had my hh repaired about twenty years ago and in the whole have been fine, still had to take a maintenance dose of Omeprazole, but basically fine.

      Then about a month ago I was laying in bed and had the worst heartburn I've ever had, literally took my breath away. My GP has raised my PPI's to stupid levels and still no relief. I've had to buy a reclining chair to sleep in! Generally feel awful, heartburn up my back between my shoulder blades is dreadful. I'm like you, fit in general but can't get rid of this horrible heartburn. Also obviously worried about what the consultant will have to say!

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      Mmmm, trouble is when acid levels out of control I get gasritis which is hell, just a word of warning though, do be careful if you take too many ppi's, having no acid in your stomach is very dangerous, you have nothing to kill off baceria and then go down with gastroenterisis.  I learned this last year when my gp put me on ranititidine as well as normal ppi's, when I got very ill the gastroenterologist shook his head in wonder.  I am pleased the hh repair worked, I have one and the dr's always dismiss it!! and so it goes on............................... regards

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      Yes i agree. I already feel the devastation. My life from very fit and well has changed to this in 8 months.

      It came on after stopping a longterm smoking habbit.

      On endoscopy they apparently didnt find much, but im certainly not healed.

      What i found with mine its constantly changing. Some discomfort turns into pain some goes away and a new one develops.

      When the bad pain comes its like a fit.

      As u say doctors dont appear to take it seriously. I get fobbed off loads.

      I never been told what to do with the pains tho. What they were claiming want tallying with the findings on endoscopy.

      The sad news with nhs are the number of visits i had to make in tears before someone helped a little.

      I cant sleep in bed or even inclined bed. Only chair .tht is the only way i wake up without symptoms of night reflux.

      Same food is cool one day and the next it makes me ill. Its like a russian rullet.

      My apetite did return. Im hungry and do want to eat, but there is always the hidden dread if how im going to react.

      This thing even affects my chest muscles, nerves and speach.

      I used to burp like every minute. Thats calmed down a lot but still some about.

      I feel for everyone like this. Going out is a punishment. Restaurant menus are full of pain causing food.

      Also i wanted to ask u if when u acid hurting , the pain and burning. Do u always kniw or can tell u refluxing ? Or can u get those pains without having reflux?

      Sorry for writing too much.

      Good luck to all of us.

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      Hi Katerina, yes I agree this is a very lonely road, many many visits to only have people look at me like I need a shrink!! I don't go out to eat anymore as often I feel very faint and dizzy if I eat alot and then like you say probably 12 hours of pain.  I can't tell when I am refluxing but the 24 hour motility test showed that I am pretty much refluxing all the time. I think what gives me alot of trouble is that the oesophagus doesn't like all that acid up it and then becomes very angry and sore, I do believe that my oesophagus also spasms although no proof.  Just know that you not alone, all we can do is our best, funnily enough I used to smoke (only a couple a day) and problems arrived after.  Good luck to all of us too XX

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      Oh I forgot, like John has mentioned, it is possible that you have got a hiatus hernia, an endoscopy will show this up, I believe they cause alot more problems than the dr's admit to!! Just a thought.

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      Oh wow. I thought that ppl tend to feel when they reflux. If i do even when i dont know about it thats worrying. I guess it could be why my esophagus feels raw.

      I had loads tests done including full on endoscopy and nasal and voice scope too. I dont appear to have any damage in throat region and my post nasal drip has stopped.

      Full endoscopy found mild irritation, swelling and basal cell hyperplasia with reactive changes. I was told its nithing to worry about. Well since january it hasnt gone. So if it improved at all its minimal. These drugs claim to heal us enough in 8 weeks.

      I been on 40mg omeprazole for months and now on lansoprazole 30mg daily. I gotta take it 15mg in morning and 15 evening otherwise it doesnt work. I had it in one go inmorning and was ill.

      Anytime i reduced dose i started to get ill after 4-5days.

      No hernia has been found.

      I havent had alcohil in at least 2 months.

      The only positives is im a 9 months non smoker.

      Have u got any tios of what works for u foodwise and how u soothe pains?

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      Mmmmm, the eating thing is very interesting, half the time I don't want to eat cos o the reprocussions but then I think I won't get better with no food. I only eat small amounts - keep food bland, things like mashed potato, pasta, rice, mushed up weetabix, only a bit of meat, soft foods seem to suit best, I make up smoothies with almond milk, stawberries, yogurt and bit of honey, it's lovely cold, very soothing. Also I have soup. I do find that a good glug of gaviscon before bed does help. I find very fatty foods worse for me so have ditched chocolate, cakes etc.  I hope this may help. Oh and I don't eat late in the evening,nothing after say 7.00pm (makes for a bloody boring life).  Good luck with all of this and keep the faith!!

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      Today is the third day i got up. Fed my two birdies and hoovered around them. Stayed upright and no straining.

      Finished hoovering and got chest stubbing fit.

      I hate what my bidy does to me.


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