Strange stomach problems, nobody seems to know what's happening?

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I've posted about this before, but since then I've had a slight update, plus I thought I'd try and get some more opinions. I'll also warn that this might get a little long winded but if you don't mind that carry on!

20 year old female here from the UK. For about 5 years now I've been having a problem with nausea, and it's driving me nuts. It started randomly in 2011 where I would get extremely nauseous and gaggy after drinking fizzy pop, so I cut it out. The nausea did actually go down quite a lot, but didn't go away. I was also diagnosed with anxiety a few months later. I'm not sure if they're related to be honest. 

A couple years later I get diagnosed with IBS because I'd been having trouble with diarrhea, constipation, stomach pains, the usual IBS stuff, plus nausea. My doctor gave me domperidone and sent me on my way. I also had an attempted colonoscopy but apparently I couldn't tolerate it so they had to stop. From what they did see though, all clear. I left it after that and took the domperidone for a few months, then stopped because I know that it's risky to take long term. Fast forward to now, I got a stressful job and was almost throwing up every single day. I went to the doctor and got blood work done but all they could find was a B12 deficiency. I had no traces of h pylori, no c diff, no other inflammation, infections etc. I quit the job because I was finding it too stressful, and I did have some trouble wth anxiety and depression. But I'm fine now, and still getting nauseous. Every day I wake up FULL of gas which makes me feel like gagging til I burp it all up, and my stomach burns frequently. Every few days I'll get really nauseous and have to surpress gagging. I've started to eat more and it has reduced the symptoms but hasn't actually stopped them, and the nausea does tend to come up after eating. I also get a scratchy throat pretty often and feel the need to clear my throat a lot. Would you guys say this is GERD, a stomach ulcer or anything else? My mum insists that it's in my head, and while I do believe that some of it is, I don't think that's the only cause. I have emetophobia (fear of vomiting) so I think that might be what convinced her of that. Anyway, any opinions would be greatly appreciated!

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    ALSO, I forgot to mention. I recently found out I'm lactose intolerant, so cut out all dairy products. While my bowels have settled down, the nausea etc has not.

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      Have the done an endoscope into your stomach? Also have them rule out gallbladder and celiac disease. Is the nausea your only symptom other than gassy? Have you tired to see if you have a gluten allergy ? You might also ask about a probiotics. You need to write down all your symptoms and when your symptoms are worse. Also write questions you might have to your doctor and see if you can get referred to a gastroenterologist.
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    Sounds like IBS.  Accept the diagnosis since your doctor has confirmed it and all your tests are negative. Keep a food diary to check for any other intolerances. Nausea and anxiety are part of IBS.  GERD can give you a cough; I get this symptom.  Perhaps ask for an antacid from your doctor or PPI.  Don't listen to anyone that tells you that your symptoms are in your head.  Pain is the body's early warning system that something is not right.

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    Hi Arschgeige96

    You say you were B12 deficient...have you done anything about this? Your doc should be giving you loading B12 injections to get your B12 up.. This vitamin is very important for our wellbeing it can cause all sorts of adversity in our bodies if deficient..go back and discuss this with your doc..failing this go to pharmacy and get B12 Complex which contains all the necessary B may find that after a while of taking the B12 complex you may feel much wishes...

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