Strange stools and abdominal pain, please help... [STOOL PICS INCLUDED]

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Hello everyone,

I've recently been having some strange stools recently. I constantly have changing stools, the changes being very sporadic, in that the hardness, colour etc. is never consistent, however, there are always things that stand out. I have already had a couple of stool samples, an endoscopy and colonoscopy and all have led to doctors concluding IBS.

I'll list the symptoms:

Abdominal pain - lasted several years (3-4 years) and never goes away - worst before bed and in the morning when I wake up

Itchy anus

Painful bloating (especially when eating even the smallest amount of food)

Extreme fatigue - cannot exercise intensely, difficult to walk anywhere without tiring excessively

Mucous in stool

Yellow balls in stool (couple centimetres in diameter, almost always)

Large black flecks (not as frequently, around 5cm in length)

I am an 'IBS-M' sufferer and have been diagnosed for three years, and intermittently suffer from an internal grade I haemorrhoid.

Also, my most recent stool had a long brown string in, about 7cm in length. This is what I'm most worried about... is it a parasite? Just fibre from foodstuffs?

I'm really worried about this so if anybody could help, I'd really appreciate it!

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    the brown string sounds like tape worm. idk about yellow balls and other stuff.

    this sounds really similer to what I have. I hope you can get better and find out what it is.

    it might also to do with liver.

    thats what my doctor says.

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    Have you ever gone to an alternative practitioner or a naturopath?  You could have candida albicans (yeast overgrowth in your intestines) which causes many similar symptoms to what you are having.  A high quality yeast diet along with fibre, some type of candida formula and probiotics may help you to feel a lot better.


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    @John1230 It's just so irritating as it's been bothering me since I was at school, and the doctors can only conclude IBS. Such a shame that there's a lack of empathy from employers as well (IBS is no excuse for being off of work etc.) Thank you though buddy, I'm sure all will be fine - hope you also feel better real soon. Godspeed! 

    @beverley66197 stool samples, biopsies from endoscopy and colonoscopy, and full blood counts have been taken - gastrointestinal candidiasis would have been found from a combination of these surely? Also, after having such symptoms for nearly 5 years, the yeast would have multiplied exponentially - doctors would be able to see this, and it would most likely have spread up to cause oesophagitis or even oral thrush.... Thank you for your reply though.

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    None of your tests seem to have come up with anything else and your symptoms sound like IBS.  Doctors conclude Irritable Bowel Syndrome when nothing else shows up.  What you are seeing in your stools could be undigested food which is common with IBS.  Try a food diary or the low fodmap diet to see what foods may not be digesting properly. Try to stay as calm as possible because anxiety makes symptoms worse.  The haemorrhoid could be causing an itchy anus.
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      That sounds like the most feasible answer to these problems, given I tend to eat a lot of the same things. I will keep this in mind when checking out the low FODMAP diet - food diary it is then. Thanks for your reply!
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    I've experienced similar symptoms and the 5 replies include similar advice given to me. Recently I started seeing a "functional" (integrative, alternative) medical doctor and nutritionist.  Very specific blood tests showed gluten sensitive, low protein, and yeast infection as described by beverley66197.  I did not/do not have obvious symptoms of a yeast infection.  Recommendations are to increase fiber and protein, take "reacted magnesium", and drink lots of water. I've dealt with stomach issues a long time; gallbladder removed 2yrs ago. Wake up every morning with, what I describe, a "pinching" sensation across the stomach just above navel.  The "functional" doc said it was from adhesions from stomach surgeries.  Once I'm moving around, it goes away.  I still suffer from bloating.  Nutritionist recommended taking L. plantarum 229 (Nature's Bounty Probiotic GX). I also have a hiatal hernia which causes minimal discomfort. I eat small meals; can't eat heavy foods anymore.  I have to watch "breads". Sometimes it gets stuck. Not a good feeling. I feel like crap every morning, yet all tests (endosc, colonosp.,barium), and imaging were negative. The diagnosis is GERD, stress, diet.  FodMap diet was suggested by my gastro doc. It's frustrating but I'm trying to eat healthy, remove the stressors from my life, and exercise.  I wish I had the answer we're all looking for.  I'm open to all suggestions to enjoy a life free from gastrointestinal distress! Have a wonderful evening.

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    L. plantarum, Nature's Bounty Probiotic GX 299 NOT 229, Sorry

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