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Hi everyone,


First of all please apologise my spelling. Unfortunately, English is not my primary language.

As the title says, indeed weird things are happening to me. I'm not even sure how to start this. It was last week on Thursday during work (it was around 14:00), when after being focused on some things at my desk for two hours or so, I got up to go and get myself some water. After 15-20 steps, I felt like I will collapse on the floor. I was perfectly conscious all the time but it felt like my legs and my arms were not listening to me anymore. And it was this horrible feeling of losing control over my body (like being about to pass out). I am suffering from diabetes for almost 30 years now (I'm 35). I thought that my glucose level was too low. Unfortunately, on that particular day I've managed to use the last test strip I had with me before this episode, so I couldn't say for sure. I ate a small cake and some fruits but after 20-30 minutes the symptoms were still there. At that moment I was already pretty freaked out because none of these symptoms were following the normal recovery after a hypoglycaemia. Of course, some paramedics were called. They have measured my blood pressure, they've done an ECG and they measured my glucose level. My glycaemia was found to be fine (8.something), my blood pressure was 138/95 (normally it stays somewhere at 140/70 and even lower than that), my heart rate was 109 (normally my HR is roughly 80).

According to the paramedics, the ECG was fine as well. At the peak of this episode I was very pale.

The next day everything was fine. I was thinking that most probably I needed some rest and to drink some more fluids. On Saturday, this episode was history already.

On Sunday we've decided to visit Liverpool. This is roughly 120 miles away from where we live. We've started from home in the morning. After parking the car there somewhere close to some museums, we've begun our tour through the city. Somewhere around noon, a pretty powerful chest pain hit me. It was in the heart area. I could say it was sharp to some extend and it was radiating. The same symptoms like last time were present as well but even more powerful. I turned very pale. My legs and my arms were shacking. I felt like I was about to pass out. My breathing was heavy. I was feeling tingles in my arms, neck and my lips. In the end, I've end up at the emergency room. Nothing in particular was found. They even took blood samples at 3 and 6 hours after this episode in order to see if they can find any trace of that particular marker specific to a heart attack.

After this second episode, I feel like I have never fully recovered. That state is continuously prowling. There is a constant mental fight to keep it away. Since Sunday, I feel continuously exhausted.

Pragmatically speaking, what I could observe by now is that if I lay down in bed I am good. Once I wake up from bed, after a while of standing up and moving around, first thing I observe is a mild heart pain (or a least it feels in that area). This pain is accompanied by a weird pressure in that area, like something is squeezing my heart somehow. Many times the squeezing appears first.

Sometimes this whole thing goes also in my torso. In short time (but not necessary in this order), I'm starting to feel a bit dizzy. If I'm not fighting with this, soon I end up very close to what happened two times by now.

Regarding my heart, sometimes I'm experiencing extra systoles and tachycardia (especially in the night just before sleep). An interesting fact is that each time when such an incident happened, I was feeling very bloated and with an urge to use the toilet. Most probably because of my diabetes, my gut is not working as it should. This is happening for many years now. Because of this sometimes I'm using laxatives and just before the first incident, for almost a week, every evening I've ingested one chewable cube made up from fig and Senna leaves.

As an occupation, I'm a software engineer. We have relocate, me and my wife, to the UK one year and a half ago. During this time, our lives turned a bit upside down. There is a lot of stress involved every day. There is almost no communication and social life at all. On top of this, the weather doesn't help at all either. As a person, I am a pretty straight forward one. I am driven by reason and common sense. There was no moment just before the first two episodes when to feel any panic or anxiety. I'm not afraid of open or small spaces. I'm not afraid of people in general. I couldn't say I'm not afraid of anything but in general I thing about me as being pretty stable emotionally.


I've decided to write this on the "Anxiety Disorders" group because I really hope physically there is nothing wrong with me. I had a chat with one of the GPs at my surgery and they decided to put me forward for some additional heart checks. At the moment, I feel like my life is gone and this has happened in just one week. I've took some days off to rest at home. At the moment, most of my concerns on a daily basis are things like: make sure you will not die during taking a s*t or make sure you had a shower done because you do not know exactly when you need to call the ambulance. I know I'm panicking more than necessary, but since there were no further tests done yet, I have no clue what is the cause for what is happening to me.


I would greatly appreciate any piece of advice from anyone. Thank you so much people!

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    Hello tzili, it happened to me also. I can understand how you are feeling because am feeling the same.  I have posted many questions as well and have been told that it is panic attack. SInce my 'attack' my HR is above 100 too. 

    Am still looking for the cause of 'this thing' as well. Am sure other respondents will be able to help you more as they did for me. Have faith and all the best.

    WIsh you full recovery

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    These sound like all common symptoms of panic attacks. Especially since the doctors couldn't find anything physical to explain it. Meds, therapy, getting your mind off of worrying will all slowly help.
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      Unfortunately, the only checks done by now have been the ones performed by the paramedics using the specific means to do that. Basically we can only talk about the ECG check. Most probably there are a lot more other tests that can be done.

      All day today, I've been feeling quite ok. In the evening we have decided to go outside for a movie. After walking for some minutes, the feeling of passing out has returned together with the heart pain.

      At the moment, I'm starting to believe that everything is related with me walking. Each time when I stand up and walk, after several minutes, I feel like I'm collapsing and a slight sharp pain in the chest appears. 

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      If it is anxiety, that is common.. Once your body goes through an issue, every time you do that, your body will panic.. Way your issue happened on a bus.. Chances of you suddenly feeling like that on a bus again are high because you're waiting for your body to do it. Just write down everything that happens right before your symptoms occur. Keep as detailed of a log for your doctor as you can.
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      Hello, yes i agree with what u said. I had my first panic attack in the bus since a month ago and till now each time i take the bus alone i do get it sad sad..

      panic attacks are so bad. How can someone normal life change completely after these attacks sad. Am still working to get my normal life back, but nothing seems to help. Whenever I go out, i need to have someone by my side else its chaotic.

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      You have to learn how to force yourself!! Go out to your mailbox alone one day.. Then the end of the street another day.. Have a friend wait in the car while you go into a store for milk or a grocery item.. Soon you'll be able to slowly start going places. Your biggest thing is going to be forcing yourself to take a bus ride. Once you see that you wont have a panic attack this time Just because you did last time, your body will relax.. I go into the place I had my biggest panic attack and it helps to know it was just bad timing that it happened to happen where it did.
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      Hii, just before leaving work for home I saw ur reply smile and YESSS i've done itt!!!! I have been able to force myself to take the bus and to go to the supermarket alone. In the supermarket I have started gettting hyperventilation and I took very deep breath and it faded away smile...thank you smile
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    Hello again people.

    I haven't written anything lately here so I will do it now. Finally, I was scheduled for a proper heart check somewhere at the end of August. The check will involve also a CT, so I'm really looking forward to see the outcome of this.

    In terms of my state, I believe some things have improved. I can stand and walk with no issues and most of the times I'm quite alright. I did a lot of research during this time and I've concluded that the root cause could be pretty complex and there could be many reasons why I had those two episodes and why I still feel very weird sometimes.

    First of all I'm a diabetic. As I've mentioned in my first post, before the first "attack", I have used laxatives for several days in a row (idiot me). Most probably, this has caused a lot of water and vitamins/minerals loss. Because my body was pretty weak and also a lot of stress was involved during that time, the feeling of imminent collapsing turned up into something very real. This has triggered the panic attacks. Once a panic attack happens, it seems that the brain/body response to usual stimulus is getting corrupted. It’s like the brain learns a wrong way to behave in certain situations. On top of this, after a panic attack, the brain exercises the anxiety which essentially is just an exacerbated fear of something that could be anything. It is incredibly how little direct control you have over these things.

    Slowly but steady, I've learned to behave normally again. I am not fully recovered but I'm miles away from where I was two months ago.

    In my case, because most probably I'm in some kind of initial stage of gastroparesis, each time when I eat something, I get very bloated. Researching the internet, I've discovered that there is a strong connection between the vagus nerve, the stomach and the heart. When the stomach gets distended too much, the vagus nerve can get affected in such a way that it sends the wrong signals to the brain and the heart rate goes crazy.

    Another thing I'm doing now is to take vitamins. Soon as I've started the vitamins cure, my symptoms got hugely improved.

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