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Hey everyone,

I hope you all managed to have a nice weekend.

I really hate to moan but I just feel everything is getting too much for me. I was recently diagnosed with fibro after 2.5 years of hell.

I have just moved from full time work to part time 'on a strictly temporary basis'. My job is very demanding and whilst I had hopes of progressing I have now accepted that this will know longer happen with fibro. My employers have been awful and I'm worried sick they will get rid of me.

I desperately want to carry on working in my current job. I have already given up so much to cope with my symptoms and loosing my job would be too much. I know they must make reasonable adjustments but I worry they would rather just pay to get rid of me which I don't want.

On top of this my GP practice is awful. Appointments are a 3 week wait and this is my only local option.

I feel like I just can't anymore. I thought I had done really well to stop doing most of what I loved and started to pace myself and do other things that I could managed but I didn't account for my employer and GP really making life difficult and stressful!

Anyway, sorry for the rant. I suppose we just carry on regardless.


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    Oh dear.  Don't apologise for ranting - everyone must feel free to vent frustrations on here without being judged.  Sometimes life just gets too tricky and we need to ask for advice/opinions of others.  Yes your employer does need to make reasonable adjustments and there are procedures they must go through before they would be able to "get rid" of you. Please do not worry too much about what you think they might want to do.   Does your GP operate a telephone consultation scheme. Mine does and I use this mainly because I get tongue tied and forget things. Over the phone I just read a list I have written and find it works well for me - also gets away from the wait for a face to face appointment.

    We all know stress makes fibro worse - so first consideration - how to combat some of the stress. Try to banish thoughts of anything you cannot control. No point wasting energy on things you have no control over - easier said than done. Secondly relax in epsom salt bath and if you like candles light one and soak in the bath with your eyes closed. Have you tried hypnotherapy or CBT.  Tried both and the hypno was more help for me.  Try banishing gluten from your diet to see if it helps. You may have tried all of the above but if you haven't some of it may be worth a go.  Keep visiting the boards - you will always find a listening ear and a friendly chat.  Chin up - darkest hour is always just before dawn.

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      Hi Maggers

      Thank you for your reply.

      Your right I shouldn't worry too much about what I think they are going to to do and I should just see what happens. I work in an unforgiving industry and so the worst is always expected when an employee becomes 'a problem'.

      Yes Epsom salts are lovely on those bad days, with candles of course smile

      Unfortunately my GP doesn't do telephone consultations, I did ask but I was told they didn't have time.

      I changed to a low carb high fat diet which is working for me. This includes no gluten or sugar.

      Hopefully getting through the next few months won't be too stressful but who knows!

      Thanks again.

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      So easy to say don't worry so hard to do. I am one of life's worriers so know how difficult it is.  Good for you cutting out gluten and sugar I did too and it helped.  I had a friend who decided to write to her GP as she couldn't get an appointment and they didn't "do" telephone consults. Result - GP phoned her and did telephone consult! Might be worth a try!
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    Know exactly how your feeling x x i no longer work because of fibro but when i did it was very difficult. People dont understand the problems that come with it. I too have a gp who was just awful to me....apparently if i just rinsed my hand in luke warm water everyday then i could type, write and continue working 😦. I think the main thing is too try and remain strong...your not failing your accommodating what your body will let you do. Ask to be referred or for a second opinion you may get a better understanding gp. Are you in a union at work?

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      Hi domybest

      Thank you for your reply.

      No I don't have a union unfortunately. I think I just have to muddle on, I'm sure they have made their mind up about me so I just have to wait and see what they say. I'm trying to stay strong in mean time x

      Yes GPs can be unsympathetic! My current GP is actually ok I just really struggle to get an appointment. Three weeks is just ridiculous!

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    I know how you feel I'm still struggling to work because I think I would get too depressed sat at home.really having lots of pain at the moment with no let up I am going to docs tomorrow and that has been a 5 week wait I don't know why I bother going really because always say there is nothing else he can do. But being in constant pain is really getting me down
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      Hey ingrid19972

      It's awful isn't it. Too much pain and exhaustion to work but not wanting to be sat at home either.

      The quality of health care between towns/cities/counties seems to be hit and miss. I ended up saving for a long while to see a private specialist as my GP and hospital were rubbish!

      Taking small things slowly helps me. And seein everything I manage as a victory and everything else as a work in progress.

      I hope your flare goes down soon and you have lots of support to help you through.

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    Hi , my name is Tiffany I have also just been diagnosed with fibro. I have been in pain and he'll for 3.5 years been through many test and many physical therapy sessions. I work in the health feild. I hate it so much I can't do a whole lot I can't run with my kids and I don't sleep very well. I have no one to talk to about this stuff. I was just wondering how do you cope with this I also have really bad depression. I think I cry more than I laugh anymore
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      Hey Tiffany

      I would love to say that I cope well. But honestly despite trying to pace myself, changing my job and reaching out to other suffers I still feel that I mourn the loss of my former self every day.

      I'm sure the feeling of loss will be less intrusive with time but at the moment it just hurts so much.

      It sounds like you are going through the same thing too, I really share your pain.

      One thing I've accepted is that I will always have my ups and downs with this illness. It has taken nearly everything from me but it still won't win because I wake up breathing every morning and sometimes that is enough of an achievement for me!

      I have spoke with fellow suffers via messaging in things like Instagram. This helps me a lot. Although family and friends can be great to talk to it wasn't until I was talking to people who had actually felt the pain and anguish I felt that I really felt I'd offloaded some of frustrations/worries/emotional pain.

      Touch base on this forum any time if you ever need a chat there are lots of lovely people who offer great advice or just a space to vent!

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