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Is there anyone out there who is really struggling with any eating disorder I feel at my wits end and don't want to live anymore feel so alone

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    Hey there. I’m here. 

    Hang on in there - I’m going through the same and feeling pretty crappy. 

    Tell me how you’re feeling. I’m here for ya. 

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      Hey. I know, it’s pretty crappy isn’t it. And you can have all the people around you in the world and still feel so alone when  you’re struggling. 

      Have you reached out for help in recovery in any way yet?  I don’t know if it’s something you’re ready to talk about but again I’m here no judgement- I just know how lonely and down it can feel. 

      How would you feel about it- reaching out and getting some advice/support/ assistance in recovery? Big Step I know. But so was reaching out here online and you did it. That was you. On your terms. And that’s (and I know you don’t feel it) a massive step. 

      Me? I’m feeling pretty crappy today - feel sick, feel no one “gets it” and like you feel SO alone. 

      But I know it’s the eating disorder - it’s not me. 

      I guess what I’m saying is - remember this is an illness - it’s not a fad or bad habits- it’s a real and medical illness and people need to talk more to help us feel less lonely. 

      I’m online all day - feel free to come back to me if you want to. 

      Thinking of you 👍

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    Eating disorders can feel very isolating but you're never alone!

    Lots of wonderful support here. It's also important that you speak to your GP for medical support. If ever you're stuck or feel you cannot keep yourself safe, call Samaritans on 116 123 for support and guidance. They are available 24/7.

    Be kind to yourself and get the help you deserve.

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    I have been struggling with depression and bullimia for quite a while now, you need to try and stay positive, you need to try and get some help, have you been to your gp?
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    Hi i too suffer with eating disorders it has gone on since 14 i am 54 now, and it is no joke, it has taken over my life, i hate myself so much i now have been diagnosed with BDD, the worse thing about this it has led to other serious problems, depression, anxiety, ibs, severe migraines, ocd, and if you look at all this there are linked, i am so scared to put on weight i can not even look at food , barely eat, just drink protein drinks, and herbal teas, i have good days but i have really bad days, it is hard to go a day without putting my fingers down my throat , only problem nothing comes up because i have not eaten anything so i am left with  a sore throat,i do it because its all in my head that im fat, and nobody can tell me different, but there might be hope i got so bad my dad got really scared for me so rang a group called, CARA and i had to wait,  a while but i have my first session this monday 20th, can not wait, this group may not be for a lot of people , it is designed for certain problems, but there is help out there for you, and other people with this disease, hope you get the help you need too god bless x
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      Hi there I'm sorry to hear your struggles , it's horrible isn't it, each day exhausting. I to suffer with depression,anxiety and bpd. I've also had issues around food since about 17 , but full blown anorexia for about 5 years.i have been in ed unit which was hell, made to eat 6 times a day which I faught, watched pretty much 24/7 . I realised that the only way to go home was to eat to restore some weight, but soon as home went back to old ways. Where do you live ? It's such a lonely cruel disease x

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    Hi i know first if you do not mind me asking are you male or female is that i was messaging someone on here assuming they were a male and it turned out they were a female, just because your profile says bikerjools , i assume you are a male, but i may be offending you too woman use bikes too, yes this is a terrible disease and big people wish they could have it so they could be slim, it does not work this way they do not realise it is a killer, i too suffer both, but most of all bulimia, so i really do feel for you and it is lonely because not many people want to talk about it plus it is hard to socialise , especially if it involves food, going to restaurants, and it is particularly hard on love ones, they have to watch you and do not know what to say or do , and it does not stop there it leads to other problems like i said to you in my first message, and like you said to me, depression, anxiety, are you getting any help now? . oh by the way i lived in london for 48yrs now i live in witham , silver end , essex, the countryside, big change, small village, lovely and peaceful ,moved here because of my health, but not much goes on here, and lost most of my friends, keep in touch by phone, text, emails, not the same as human contact, chatting over a cup of herbal tea, have you close family , a partner, someone you can talk to openly about this, but anything i can do you only have to ask, i will try my upmost to help, take care ,god bless x
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      Hi there I'm 53 yr old female, I used to do a lot of mtbiking and road hence name. I live in beautiful Snowdonia it's a special place indeed but I don't have family or friends near. I have my son who is 21 living with me, at times this is very stressful as there is always lots of food in the house,but I'm really strict vegetarian so that kind of helps.i live a very isolated life I don't get out much because of my anxiety and bmi!!! Family is crap haven't seen them in 5 yrs even though I've been in hospital about 6 times . I'm also struggling with alcohol addiction, I constantly think of food exercise at least 3 times a day on exercise bike. Do you have a partner ? Or family around x

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      Hi well see  i nearly made that mistake again now i know your a woman who loves bikes , Snowdonia it sounds amazing, but it does not matter where you live in life if you have no one to share it with or family or friends , though you have a son are you close? i am isolated too, i have been here 6 year the first not so bad getting used to the place, after that i tried to make friends but as i can not work through illness , most my age do and have families so very busy, no children could not, i would tell you why but not publicly, you seem to have some of your life under control , vegetarian and exercise, but alcohol addiction must be hard are you getting any help for anything, or on any medication?, you say you do not have family near but then you say your family is crap so if they were near would you have anything to do with them!,  there is so much me and you have to talk about and find out , the  past events can help solve the future that is why i am a big believer in talking therapy, and if you do not want to open up to all and sundry , private messaging is great or a counsellor, that is why i am seeing a CARA counsellor this monday, long time coming, , i do have a partner , but not around a lot very busy person,but loves the bones of me ,  spend  most of my time alone, but used to it now, and find lots to do we are woman and i know its hard but there is always stuff to do in a large house, and you suffer also ocd, my family are very small all rest have passed away, i have a dad 79, a mum 82 next birthday, a brother 56, 2, nephews i hardly see, and a kitten pedigree called pudsey , love her, and some very special friends but do not live here now, only made 2 very special ones here in 6 years sad ay, well if you ever want a holiday in England we have the same weather lol 

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