Struggling since 6 months - Testicular ache

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Hi Team

Age - 26

I am writing in with a lot of hope of getting a useful advice. In September, 2013 I had a sexual contact (anal) with a sex worker post which I got balanitis (Yeast infection, Genital wart, Molluscum papule). The penis felt tired during those days. I got in touch with a dermatologist and he cleared the infections. During same time I tested negative for HIV, Syphilis and HSV.

Things were going well, infections were clearing up when in January, when I woke up in the morning my right testicle was aching - low grade ache. I went to a urologist he prescribed a semen culture and sensitivity test. While I was waiting for the results the ache in the right testicle cleared up and the left testicle started having the similar dull ache. I used to have burning sensation on the scrotum sometimes.

The semen culture came out positive with moderate number of Klebsiella and insignificant number of Enterococcus. I was prescribed antibiotics as per the sensitivity report. The dull ache in the left testicle continued off and on. Sometimes I used to feel alright, sometimes the dull ache would come again. It was not hindering my normal life, other than the fact that I used to feel extremely frustrated when the testicle used to ache.

During the last 6 months I have gone for several tests - 4 ultra sounds/Doppler - all clear, HIV - negative once again, VDRL - negative once again, Chlamydia (done through urine sample) - negative, Examination by a vascular specialist for Varicocele - negative, Urine test - negative (No UTI, no problem in urinating), Semen culture - Negative (done twice after the first test in January).

Since the last 2 months I have been taking - 200 mg Doxycycline + 1000 mg Cipro + 1000 mg Azithromycin + 1g monocef (Ceftriaxome) - everyday to rule out any possibility of an STI.

How the condition has changed in the last 6 months is the frequency of testicular ache in the left testicle has reduced (as it comes and goes) - I feel dull ache in left spermatic cord - some weird sensations in the scrotum on both the sides (can't explain in words). and dull ache in both the knees - No constipation, never had one.

I am still waiting for an accurate diagnosis for the condition (let alone the treatment). I don't even know if this is related to the contact I had in September (after which I did not have any other contact).I am really worried about my fertility as I am still not married.

I would really appreciate if someone can guide me on how to proceed with the condition - which tests can help me in diagnosing the condition.

Please write in, in case you want me to clarify on some point.

Waiting for a reply in anticipation.

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    You have posted this in the womans listing.  I think you should direct this enquiry in the Penis section of the mens posts.
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    Hi, Though anal carries high risks, it seems your tests indicate you most likely do Not have and STI - and your last test for HIV was within the suggested period of 90 days after contact. In Rare cases HIV has been known to show positive in the 6 - 12 month time frame after contact - so discuss this with your GP.

    In my personal experience, I had the same symptoms you have described around the same age. You may want to keep notice of any activity (daily or sexual) that may cause irritation in that area. For me - I stopped wearing "tighty whities" briefs and exchanged them for boxers. The pain ceased within 3 days. Hope this helps.

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      Update: I was put on linezolid (600 mg, twice daily) by my urologist, and he told me stop all the other medicines. 6 days down the line it seemed as if I am back to all my symptoms again.

      I went back to my earlier dose (Doxy - 200 mg daily, Azithro - 1000mg daily and Cipro - 1000mg daily).

      In a day I got a lot of releif and felt a lot more comfortable.

      Observations: I feel ache in spermatic cord (Vas deference, I am guessing). I also feel like rubbing the skin above the spermatic cord, spermatic cord feels itchy and rubbing the skin releives the itchiness.

      If I poke the testicles they ache for 15 - 20 min then back to normal. It seems as if they have become sensitive to pressure.

      I also feel uncomfortable in the area where the thighs meet the groin (Are these the Lymph nodes ?)

      Last observation which I observed today only is extremely little white discharge from the penis while I was rolling the foreskin back after bathing. It was a small drop, could not even drop from the penis. It got smeared over the meatus and I had to clean it by dabbing a tissue. Did not observe any secretion earlier.

      My query is still the correct diagnosis of the condition. Which tests should I go for ?

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      There are Lymph nodes in the area were the thighs meet the groin.

      Since diagnosis of a condition is unlikely over the internet. You may want to consider a second or third opinion, in person, from medical Doctors or Urologists. Good Luck.

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      Update: Back from a doctor, who examined the scrotum physically and concluded that epididymis is tender. He told me that given the cocktail of antibiotics I am taking and the duration I have been taking them for, there is no possibility that I would still have the infectious pathogen inside my body. Sometimes even when the pathogen is gone the area becomes sensitive and continues to ache. He has prescribed anti depressant and a medicine for neuropathic pain, which I am not interested in taking. I still beleive that I still have the pathogen inside the scrotum.

      Thinking of going for FNAC for accurate diagnosis.

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      Thank you for taking the time to update !.. Your Doctor may be right about the coctail of antibiotics and the time you have been on them. However, no one knows your body better than yourself. Going to the FNAC may be a good idea for a second opinion..  Personally I might try giving it a few days or weeks.. If you do decide to wait a little while,   Do Not   obsess over it. Go about your daily routine  and  Leave The Area Alone.. It may be similar to haveing a sore area between your cheek and gum - If you keep your toung out of there and don't irritate the area, most of the time, the soreness will go away and the tissue will go back to normal.. Another possibility is it may not be an STI - ask the Doctor what else could cause the same symptoms. Good luck !
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    Hi I.I have the same problem.what did you did.u have resolved the problem.
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    E man did u resolve the problem
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      Hi Haan

      I have not been able to resolve the problem, although it has got better with time. Out of all the urologists I have met no one has been able to confirm what is wrong. I am hoping with time body would heal itself naturally.

      I would recommend you to go through appropriate tests to diagnose the problem. You can revert back with the results I can help you out on how to proceed.

      Few questions:

      Did you indulge in sexual activity ?

      Can you spot the point were it pains on the testicle ?

      Does it get better when you walk or when you sit or when you lie down ?

      Is there swelling in the testicles ?

      Tests you can go through:

      STD tests


      Semen culture

      Urine culture

      Urethral swab in case there is a secretion

      Advise: Please abstain from masturbating till the time you get out of it

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      Dear smrn,

      how are you after one year? Do you have some problems yet or you are full cured? I have exactly the same problem as you. The Klebsiella is gone but i still have some symptoms like burning or tingling in the testicles. First i was on Amicacyn and than on Levofloxacin. Now i have clear the semen and urine.  Do you have some suggestions? Do i have just to wait ot i can do something? Thank you in advance. 

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    What can I do. I am always abnormally.

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    I've had this pain at the base of the spermatic cord for about a decade now.  Countless tests, doctors and hospital visits.  No one knows what causes the pain or how to treat it.  It gets worse as the years go by.  Now it's debilitating at times, and can last for many hours.  The last doctor said, 'we have no idea.  This just may be a pain that you have to learn to live with'.  It's tough.
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