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Hey guys, just wanted to share an uplifting post. For you.. and for me. So if and when I need it in the future.. it will be here to remind me (and you) of good days to come.

A week ago, I felt very sick. Weak, no appetite, anxious, terrible back pain, neck pain.. and terrible awful fatigue. I cried, was pretty much bed bound.. and felt frustrated and hopeless about not being able to .. be me! The active, fun, working, put together me.

Today.. I was able to have friends over for a short visit. We even went on a short walk down the street with our dogs. I felt out of breath a little.. but I tried to distract myself and carry on. I took a nice hot bath.. and I watched some tv without feeling ill. I felt my body feeling healthier. 

The point of this post is.. you never know if tomorrow or in a few days or in a week or maybe a few weeks.. what amazing differences your body will feel. And when it does happen, celebrate it like you won a million dollars. I am now resting, because I hope tomorrow will be another enjoyable day.. and slowly.. each day is sees some type of progress. 

Again, a week ago I was sobbing and miserable and feeling very ill. It will not be permanent. It will make your body stronger, and you will have a better day. I fully anticipate that I’ll cry again in a few days because this has been such an up and down experience. But when I do... I’ll look at this post and be reminded that my body is always healing itself!

Also.. if you also have a message for someone struggling please post here smile 

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    Also things I’ve been doing to help myself (because why wouldn’t we try and help our bodies heal?)

    1. Supplements: coQ10, b6, b12, Bcomplex, c (3000-4000mg.. load that baby up!), turmeric. I am looking to add monolaurin heard great things about it

    2. Don’t read or watch sad stories about people who don’t get better. Even if you’ve been feeling ill for some time.. it doesn’t mean we are doomed! There are many positive recovery stories! YouTube wink I’m mostly suffering from fatigue so I YouTubed “I recovered from post viral fatigue” etc.

    3. If you can, take a break from people or things that are causing you stress. I think that in my recovery, my symptoms flare up when I allow myself to get worked up. I am a very emotional person so I have to be mindful of my emotional reaction. 

    4. Sleep. This is hard I’ve been experiencing insomnia... try melatonin for a natural supplement to sleep. Warm

    Herbal tea before bed. A heating pad is very soothing and calming.. feels like a warm hug LOL. 

    5. Ask for help. From your partner, children (if they’re old enough), parents, friends. This is what family and friends are for... good times and bad! This is a hard time for you... you would probably help them if THEY were ill, right? Allow people to help you. It’s okay smile if help is hard to find.. have a “who cares” mentality for a few days. Laundry piling up? Who cares! There’s still clean clothes hanging in your closet :p 

    Dishes in the sink? Who cares! They will get done, when you’re up to it. Bed isn’t made? Who cares? Close the door and ignore it.

    ^ I am type A, OCD, neat freak. Trust me.. shifting my mentality to be about my health first and foremost has been challenging but I think it may help with the emotional and stress aspect of recovery smile 

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    Hey Van,

    Just wanted to say what a wonderful and uplifting couple of posts, you're totally right I believe God is in control and He knows the future and can make things better in an instant. There is most definitely still hope, and you're right it's a great opportunity on the forum here to encourage others and comfort those finding it hard to cope - just hoping things can stay more settled for you Van and remember just take things one day at a time, full recovery will come in time even if it's a bit up and down at the moment.

    Thinking of you and everyone,


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    Thanks for this!! I’ve had a really good week.  My arm/leg weakness and pain started to dissipate and I felt almost normal. I went to a birthday party sat night and ran to make a crosswalk. I had a glass of wine and went to bed at midnight! 

    I think I may have overdid it be wise this morning I’m pretgy fatigued. But yes I know it’s possible to get over this! 

    Your post is a wonderful reminder that it’s not permanent! Cheers to the better days. 

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      Hey Lisa,

      That's good to hear you had a much more positive week....yes sometimes I felt like that and then felt afterwards I'd overdid it a bit. Don't worry about that, it won't do any harm and it's definitely a step in the right direction - even if it's still a bit zig-zag and up and down at the moment, remember overall things are moving forward and you will get to the stage where you body feels like it has its old resilience and feelings back again.


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      Thanks Craig! Man I can’t wait for that day.  Mornings are always the worst but it gets better as the day goes on.  And if I look back a few months it really is better.  

      I’ve come to the point that I can still manage with some fatigue.  It’s not ideal but it could be worse.  And the day it fades away will be the best day ever!! 

      I hope you are feeling better! I’m don’t know what’s been going on with yah but got the impression you’ve had your own pain. 

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      Hi Lisa,

      Yeah I've been having troubles with terrible back pain since June, really affected my life and got me down. I totally understand the thing about the mornings being the worst, that's what it's like for me too at the moment and it's just so hard to feel optimistic about any day ahead when struggling and suffering.

      But there is most definitely hope today, so hang in there and still rooting for and believing in your recovery thanks to God!


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      Hey Craig, 

      Have you seen someone about your back pain? I read somewhere that adrenals can affect the back (as can a million other things...) We are all thinking of YOU and wishing YOU a speedy recovery. Thanks for being a constant source of positivity on the forum, we are all rooting for you and your recovery from the pain. 


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    I am so glad to hear that you are experiencing good days! I have been having more good ones as well. I think a lot of it has to do with my mind set as well. But I have been doing most of what you listed and it has definitely helped as well!! Glad for the positive post. Keep your head up, we will get through this!! No doubt. 
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      I agree with you Christina, I find that mood and mindset affects physical symptoms. That's not saying that it's all in our heads... our bodies do feel horrible. But getting stressed and freaked out makes things even worse. I am glad you are also having more good days, looking forward to hearing more positive things in the future smile 

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      Definitely Van, it's all connected the mood and body and everything. That doesn't mean to say it's in people's heads like what some ignorant people might like to say, but the nature and longevity of the virus make it so difficult to cope mentally and emotionally, and it all adds stress to the body which makes things so hard.

      Lots of better and good times ahead for everyone on here struggling at the moment, I truly believe!


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