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i haven't been here for a while as i was waiting to see how my taper will play out. After reinstating .95 mirt in beginning of March, after severe nausea and insomnia and anxiety, i continued it for 5 weeks. i was feeling pretty o.k. only i had severe joint pains. had a bout of flu. then i started taking it on alternate days for 4 weeks. it also was o.k. buti had more depression and some anxiety. but still slept good. No nausea this time. but had the flu again. Then i switched to liquid mirt by dissolving it. i followed the method mentioned here. I took it everyday for a week. this was a disaste for me. i am having terrible insomnia. havent slept 4 days in one week. Horrible depression in the mornings. it is wierd because i have this horrid depression only when i sleep. the days i don't sleep i have no depression in the morning. but i am so exhausted. I am so confused. i don't know what's going on with me. The little spark of life that was coming back , which mirt stole from me, has now disappeared again. Can anyone relate to this. now i am back to cutting mirt into tiny pieces. i don;t even know how much they are. But thankfully i have no nausea this time around. But constant morning anxiety and depression. i would be glad to have any advice. or even if you could share your tapering experience. on worst night i take .5 mg of Lorazepam and that helps me. But i don;t want to take it regularly for fear of addiction. One thing i found out was, liquid mirt was making me more depressed and also causes insomnia.

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    Hi JD

    Sorry to read of your suffering; Mirt sure is difficult to wd from for most of us, no mistake.  Sounds like you've been suffering so bad, with a little planning you might be able to turn it around hopefully.  I remember your postings before.

    You're not UK right, Germany?    Not sure if you can get liquid Mirt there?  (I know you said dissolving the tablets made you more ill but that was more likely because the doses were differing each night and that isn't so good for your nervous system).  Failing being able to get the liquid you should be able to get the Mirt' Sol Tabs which dissolve much more readily.  See if you can get them from your doctor, then follow the advice on this forum here:

    You need to make a guess of where you are at NOW with the mg of Mirt', I'd say its important to updose slightly to be sure you can get stabilised again.

    Have youu been using Evergreens method to dissolve the tablets?  It might help to know your precise wd story, what dose are you on now 0.95? and how did you taper, and how long did you hold between the drops?  Your body sounds to me like its going through massive adjustment from a too faster wd possibly?  

    I wouldn't worry about this plan I suggest making you more depressed/insomnia effects, I have been doing this for months, and have been ok, and I'm sure with the right plan you can get back on track.  Cutting tablets way down at .95mg is hard, and missing a dose every other night once known as the CITA Protocol method, is no longer recommended, as most people cannot handle this, causes anxiety and destabilises.

    A steady 5% every 2 weeks right down at the lower levels might suit you now, but lets see what your wd story is and take it from there, if I can help I will.

    I was on Mirt 1 year before starting a slow taper, been tapering since September, and so far so good, touch wood.  

    Hang on in there JD, it will come good, its just finding the right way.  

    PS  How long have you been "back to cutting the tablets into little pieces?"

    Wishing youu well.

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      Hi Calmer,

      I started Mirt in 2014 for sudden onset of insomnia, nausea and extreme panic and anxiety attacks. This was soon followed by severe perimenopausal issues.

      2014 April to October 22.5 mg Mirt, 1.5 mg Lorazepam

      July - blood work showed extreme high levels of Estrogen and almost non existent progesterone. So took Progesterone 100 mg for a month. Got very depressed. So doctor told me to stop.

      November - December - 18.5 mg and then 15 mg Mirtazapine

      2015 January - mid February - 7.5 mg

      Mid Feb to mid March - 3.75 mg

      14th March - 20th March - 2.25 ml (Liquid)

      21st March to 30th June - 1 ml

      May doctors prescribed estrodiol, progesterone creams. But couldn;t tolerate them and symptoms got very bad.

      July to 9th October reinstated 3.75 mg

      October 10th to 29th January, 2016 - 1.9 mg

      30th Jan to 17th Feb - .95 mg

      18th Feb to 7th March - No mirt

      After 2 weeks anxiety and nausea started

      so 8th March to 14th April reinstated .95 mg Mirt

      15th April to 7th May switched to liquid mirt by dissolving the tablet

      reduced from .9 to .5 ml during this time

      Severe insomnia, flu, derpessions, anxiety, etc.

      15th May back to dry cutting - .95 mg

      Thank you Calmer for your patience and advice. I think after i stabilze on sleep and mood, i will try the dissolving again. whenever i have extreme anxiety i take .5 mg Lorazepam. Right now i have strong heart pounding in the night, which i used to have in the beginning. i think it is the anxiety.


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      You've had a rough up and down on the Mirt, thats for sure, i'll do my best to try and help you, I think you're having such a hard time because the cuts are too big, this is what I'm seeing:

      July to October 2015 - 3.75mg

      10.10.15 to 29.1.16 - 1.9 mg (almost 50% cut)

      30.1.16 to 17.2.16 - 0.95mg (50% cut) and jumped off to zero

      8 - 14th March (7 days only) reinstated to 0.95 mg

      15.4.16 - 7.5.16 (23 days) .5 ml (does this meal 0.5 mg ??)

      15.5.16 - 0.95 mg (updosed ??)

      I think the big cuts are too much for you for sure, and always best to stay at least 14 days for a 5% cut, or 4 weeks for a 10% cut.  And the guessing of dry cutting must be very difficult, even 1 mg will make a difference to your nervous system, so its just not do-able really .... so yes, get back to the dissolving of tablets, or better still get the Sol Tabs if you can, because it will be way better and more accurate.

      I don't uunderstand the .5 ml - does this mean .5 mg of the dissolving tablet?  And did you then updose to the present/today to 0.95 mg?

      Once I get this it should be easy to work out, excuse the questions, best to be safe than sorry !  

      Here's to getting it right, you'll be fine, its all in the sums, just hang on in there JD x

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      Yes, after 15th April i tried to dissolve the tablets and took it in liquid form. Since it was not working for me, i changed back to dry cutting and updosed it. i couldn't tolerate the constant insomnia.

      Thank you so much for walking me through this confusing maze. Now i realize my cuts were too big every time. And so many ups and downs.

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      Hi JD,

      A lot of folk who are sensitised to Mirt' can't handle jumping off at 1 mg ... if you like i'll pm you a liittle plan, might help you, am here for quite a while yet, happy to help x

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