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I'm 19 and I've been diagnosed with RA three years ago. I was naive and believed that only old people got arthritis but boy was I wrong! I feel like sometimes no one around me understands why I get so angry or upset when I can't do something I really want to do. The RA currently resides in all major joints in my body! At first I refused to take any form of medication too scared of the side effects. I'm currently taking 6 different medications for pain and to deal with the symptoms of the other meds. Anyone else feel like they are constantly taking pills? I wouldn't usually do something like this as I like to keep my complaints about my RA to myself but it's got a bit too much for me later and I'm struggling to find the bright side of this situation. Really I'm just looking for some reassurance that it does get better for us RA sufferers.

Thank you

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    some dayas are good. . . and somedays are bad.

    Your'e so you ng for this, but you have one advantage over those of use diagnosed later. . you have the opportunity to still make a lot of friends. Do It! you are going to need them. It's much lonlier the older you are with the same pain, only no one. . . .

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    Bless you.yes you are young but I think you have that advantage in a way to be stronger to fight it.Dont let it rule you.On your good days do what you can.Dont let it make you bitter.I have 3 auto immune diseases and what floored me was having to give up work as I then lost contact with people and life.

    I now accept I have to take a lot of medications but I don't like it especially the warfarin.

    It has improved a bit but for some medications really do halt it n stop their pain.I hope that happens for you.

    Rest when you can

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    I have had RA For many years. Keep moving stretches and

    water therapy every day Keeps the pain levels down. And my rhumey started me on a biosimilar drug a pill so I only need one medication a day. 

    Have you tried some of the new bio drugs?

    Biologic agents are genetically engineered drugs so that human genes that normally guide the production of these natural human immune proteins, and antibody to TNFtumor necrosis factor,pathway  These drugs have lessened my inflammation by interfering with biologic substances that cause or worsen inflammation. These new biologic agents can specifically affect some of the abnormalities of the immune system that lead to inflammation and slow down the progression of joint damage.

    see related info on the side bar on this page and check the newer drugs online.

    i am sorry that you have to deal with this so young. I hope you can joint a group with RA near you in your age group thru your hospital.


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    You're definately not alone, I ws diagnosed around nine months ago but unlike you I'm an oldy at 65, still it does peave me off.   As well as an MTX injection once a week I take over 20 pills a day, so many I have to split them up over four sessions as every single one makes me nauseous so you can imagine how I feel after taking five or six.   What is modt annoying to me is none of the RA meds appear to be helping, growths have appeared on my elbows and fingers leaving my left hand useless and now I have nodules in my lungs which need to be explored.   I can do no exercise at all, yesterday I spent 30 minutes in my workshop so today I am in enough pain to prohibit me from doing anything.   Worst of all is the muscle wasting and the rage I feel!   I hope to go on biologics in the next few months and hopefully that will help.   You are definately not alone my friend, I think all with RA suffer the same as you do.   As is evident on this forum many deal with this disease by study and immersing themselves in trialing treatments, diets and so on, we each have to find our own safe enclave in which we can comfort and support ourselves. You to will have to find someway of dealing with it, either through support from friends and family or through your own internal strengths.   I wish you well in your endeavours!
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    It's tough at such an early age. But the time is right for advanced treatments and I endorse the use of biologics that someone else has mentioned here. I've been on them for a few years and I highly recommend them.

    I feel for you but have nothing much to add to what is already said... except to remind you to be gentle with yourself and don't add rage and resentment for this disease to your already existing pain and difficulties. Nothing is gained by it and it will only make you feel worse.

    So let it be. Treat tourself and your body with respect and take the care of it it demands of you. Rest when you must. Exercise if you can. But avoid the things that will give you more pain.

    And be patient with your friends and family who may not undertsand what is going on. If they cannot see visible evidence of your suffering, it is often very hard for loved-ones to get it. Try not to resent them. Let them 'not understand' but gently, over and over if necessary, remind them, and go about your business doing whatever you need to do to look after yourself without concern for what they want from you.

    You wrote: "I'm struggling to find the bright side of this situation."

    There IS a bright side, though not many people will acknowledge it.

    It teaches you to handle pain with humour, to not take yourself too seriously, to learn patience in suffering that helps you relate to the pain of others, even though it may be quite different from yours.

    And when life gives you something that slows you down, allow it to slow you down. Living a life at a reduced pace brings its own pelasures, you just have to find out what they are.

    You also wrote: "Really I'm just looking for some reassurance that it does get better for us RA sufferers."

    My unequivocal answer to that is: It does – in more ways than you can imagine.

    Remember to love yourself through this.


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    I'm 23 and recently diagnosed and can completely understand. I am working through how to tell other people, no I can't do that thing that we planned to do because today I can barely get myself out of bed. I am reading more forums and they are helping to not feel so alone with the pain, but make sure that you still look outside sometimes. I feel like a lot of people get trapped in the pain and medications and don't make time to still do things they enjoy, like a massage, or getting your nails done. Find something you can grin and bare long enough so that at the end you have a smile. You're super strong, we all are.

    Good Luck! Smile!


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