Sub Clinical Hypothyroidisim - Good & Bad food choices

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I have just been diagonised with Sub Clinical Hypothyrodisim and wanted to whether I need to alter my diet at all.

Some web sites say eat brazil nuts, avoid brocolli and cauliflower, is this true?

What about suppliments, do you avoid calcuim in tablet form or exclude it from your diet altogether and what about iron?

Advice is needed,please.


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    I do not know much about foods and hypothyroidism though I'm learning more about the stomach and absorbing nutrients.

    However,  I just found out the synthetic thyroid meds can cause bone loss. I had been on Levothyroxine for 8 years and now have been diagnosed with osteoporosis.  I luckily found a doctor to switch me to Armour, natural thyroid. 

    I did not know what sub clinical is, I looked it up.  I recommend calcium for sure but also research about how to prevent bone loss if doctors give you synthetic drugs. 


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      Hi LayneTX

      Thank you for that info. I heard that taking calcium supplements were not compatible with Oroxine, I just thought I would increase my diet with calcium rich foods. Yes, I also read about the synthetic meds causing bone loss. Bumper isnt it!

      Sub clinicial hypothyrodisim in basically mild thyroid failure.

      8 years on Levo, (can I ask your age) and how you coped with your diagnosis. I understand if u don't wan to share.


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      I'm 55 years young. I was borderline as my doctor said, but don't recall her saying anything about calcium.  The only symptoms I've ever had was some depression, though now I've read they admit hypoglycemia is related! I've been that since college. 

      I have found a really nice guided meditation on thyroid, has helped me so much with my other autoimmune stuff. I'm really thinking stress causes so much of our illnesses. Try, try to learn how to handle stress. Love, love, love your self. 

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      Hi LayneTx

      Thanks for that. I am 56 and for the last 3 years have probally been suffering from symptoms of Sub Clinical Hypo, but didn't know it. I think that stress for me was a big factor in getting Hypo. You see I'm a "giver" not a "taker, so I always put me last. That is going to change. I think I need to relax, stress less, sleep more and just be kinder to myself.

      You are so right about stress, but it is soooo hard to actually put this into practice with all of the demands placed on us in todays society. Everyone wants a piece or two of you!

      Thank you for responding with positive vibes.

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    3-4 brazil nuts will provide you with your daily minimum of selenium. Hypo ppl tend to lack selenium so its vital you help that. The nuts however cost a bomb. It's actually cheaper to pop a pill.

    You definitely need calcium as pp said, but if your hypo condition is auto-immune related, it's advisable to limit dairy as much as you can. Almond spread is rich in calcium - possibily moreso than dairy. I take a supplement of calcium, magnesium, zinc after dinner - well away from when I take levo. It nedds to be taken at least 4hrs away from levo.

    Limit broccoli and cauliflower intake. If you google it you'll find out why.

    I also take iron in liquid format as hypo ppl tend to be low in iron. Eating iron rich foods may be ok but I think we need that extra help.

    I also take b complex vits and gingko (supposed to be great for tinnitis).

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      Hi Mary

      Thank you for your comments, they were very helpful. I did not know about Selenium. I already take calcium, Vit D and an Omega 3 suppliments, now I add the selenium, magnesium and zinc. I am low in iron but have read that I should not take this??

      Do I just eat meat more red meat or can I space out taking an iron suppliement, so it doesn't interfere with the thyroid med?

      I will Google broccoli and cauliflower, I also heard walnuts aren't so good, but I may be mistaken

      Thank you for putting a newly diagnosed sub clinical hypo person on the "right path".

      Feeling "crappy" tonight, my eyes are very red and irritated and weepy.

      56 years old and I never wanted to be on any meds, oh well thats life, got to see the positives, hey I get to sleep more!!!, and my family leave me alone.!! 

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      Wow, Internet or this website keeps reloading. I'll try again.

      Just to educate people... At 53 I had enormous stress in my life and I took it all on... I ended up with an autoimmune called Polymyalgia Rheumatica, PMR, a very painful attack on the body that leaves you somewhat disabled until they put you on corticoid steroids. It last up to 2 years or more for some. 

      It doesn't seem related to thyroid, but stress and vitimin D defencency, and virus for some.  Some doctors think that is to young of age, but we are seeing more and more even 47 year olds. I highly recommend get vitamin D checked. 

      ?So glad you are sleeping well, that is very key to our health.


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      Hi LayneTX

      Sorry to hear about your PMR, corticoid steroids can be brutal!.

      Yep, you guessed it. I was low in Vit D, and have been taking a suppliment for ages. 

      I know what I'll do,  - buy shares in the local chemist shop, maybe I'll get a discount with all the suppliments I need to take!!!



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      Good for you, you are on top of things.  Like you I never took any drugs except the Levo. Never did supplements, and yes, now, ugh, I have 3 pill boxes. 

      Also... Good probiotics, my silly doctors don't know about those either and I suffered when they said no dairy, hence no yogurt. Now I'm on a good refrigerated probiotic pill, ha, when I can remember to go to frig and take it.

      I'm now on a bone formula supplement so that helps to not have so many pills. 

      Love your username, very smart. 

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      Good morning LayneTX

      Suppliments, vitamins and probiotics, we could start a new discussion here!.

      Funny story about probiotics. About 10 years ago (my son, who was 7 at the time) and I went to the doctor. I wanted to find out more about "probiotics" and put our family on the right ones. I knew nothing about them. Anyhow, (long story short) my doc was really having trouble understanding what I was taking about, thinking this women is carzy, saying it is very strange that I wanted to take a proboscis for well being, (just google it). I'll never forget my son laughing at the doctor, calling him a silly sausage, "mummy he wants us to eat parts of a butterfly!@#.

      I will never go back to see him again.

      I never will eat parts of insects, intentionally, except for that party I went to when I was a teenager, aughhh...    

      Anyhow like you, I found a good family friendly probiotic and when we take it, its great.

      I see an opportunuty out there (if not already invented). What about some type of pill bottle dispenser to dose out more than one med you need at one twist of the cap, (you know prefill the bottle, divided into segments). The amount of time I waste opening each sup bottle and getting out the sups, its time consuming, OK if you take one sup. Anyhow I digress.

      Have a great day. Just remember, somewhere in the world the sun is shining and it is not -3 degrees, but not here!@#. 

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      Funny, my brain read "crazy" anyway. 

      That at is a funny, but sad story. Wow. Doctors really need to experience illnesses so they can investigate, hate to say that but... My doctor prescribed high calcium but never said how important the K and Magneseum is with it. Oh and yes, she had me on high D, but fortunately I got my own D checked again and it was too high.  We must be our own doctors sometimes, or in addition. 

      Where are you that is so cold? We are a hot 95 degree F here, ugh. I don't much like hot weather. 

      Hee, Hee, yeah, I dread Sunday's when I must refill my 3 pill dispensers. Your dispenser sounds good. 

      im so frustrated about foods. Don't eat this due to inflammation, don't eat that it's bad for hypothyroid, eat this for osteoporosis oh but no it's bad for the other stuff... Eek gad.

      Since you are borderline hypo, have you looked in to meditations for thyroid? I'm wondering if you can reverse your symptoms and get your glands to behave normally. I'm getting more curious about our minds, lots of information how on self healing.  

      If no one else contributes on this post perhaps we need to PM each other. 


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