Subclinical hyperthyroid blood results

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Hi I've posted my results of bloods for hyperthyroid to Madge and she's advised me to put them to LINDA - I've looked around the forum but can't find her and this is new to me. Anyway here goes

Thyroid peroxide Ab result 68* iu/mL - normal Range

0.1 - 9 iu/mL

B12 result 517ng/L - normal Range 150-750ng/L

VitD result 44.2 nmol/L* - >50nmol/L normal Range

Folate result 13ug/L - >4ug/L normal Range

Ferritin result 92.2 ug/L - 22-320ug/L normal Range

Bone profile 0.77*nmol/L - 08-1.4nmol/L normal Range

These are taken from my on line patient records.

I have already started vitD since Thursday last week and I'm getting headaches and noticed I am having to go to loo more?

I have been given 5mg Carbimazole and will start these tomorrow. Hope you can help regarding other blood results. Saph ??

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    Hi Sapphire 49

    Okay.  The Thyroid Peroxidase Ab or (TRAb for short) is a measurement of antibodies in Graves disease and your result of 68 is high, indicating that you have a high level of antiodies for Graves disease.  This should go down with proper treatment with antithyroid meds (Carbimazole) and supplements.  Your B12 result is within range so normal.  Your Vitamin D result is slightly low indicating a mild deficiency, common in thyroid disease.  For myself I tried a Vitamin D tablet and hated it and I do better with small Gelcaps.  I take one 1,000 mg gelcap a day.  Compared to the pill form, I tolerate this very well.  Your Folate result is normal.  Your Ferritin result is within normal limits.  Your bone profile is slightly below the normal range.  Perhaps you need more calcium.  Don't know your age but older women experience more bone loss due to change in hormone levels.  What Graves patients also lose is a lot of carnitine, an amino acid from their muscles.  Takiing Regular L-Carnitine supplements 3,000 to 4,000 mg a day helps with the muscle aches.  Also get your Magnesium level checked and if low or deficient, add this supplement to your treatment.  Hope this helps.

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      Morning Linda all I can say is WOW - will look for vitD gel caps I am 67 - have had cervical spondylosis since 1986 - HBP 1990's - late onset asthma -2005 - Fibromyalgia June 2016 and now subclinical hyperthyroid. 😲

      Just wondering now if I don't have Fibro as this is what sent me to GP in first place - thigh muscles started to feel like they were seizing up when walking dog so it could be L Cartintine I am short of and perhaps I don't need amytriptalene - might be worth having a word with GP cos the less drugs I take the better - will also check the magnesium out. Really do appreciate your help will keep you informed of what happens.

      Reason why I am also thinking maybe I don't have Fibro because even when I first went onto Fibro forum and read people's posts I thought I'm not as bad as these peeps have I really got it do you know what I mean. Take care ??

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      Saph ... The very first symptoms I experienced with Graves was tingling and numbness in my hands

      Followed quickly by pain in thigh muscles calves and upper arms

      I had no idea even when on Carb that was connected to Graves ..

      If sitting , I could not get to standing position ... I could not dry my hair as muscles were so painful

      I could hardly get in and out of

      my car !

      So .. your pain may we'll be Graves !

      And for me ... B1 B12 and

      B complex Along with L Carnitine, D3 and Magnesium .. and a few others

      Put me back on my feet !


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      Aha Madge this is beginning to make sense.

      I have had the arm problems for yonks and put this down to having the arthritis in my neck😲 I get the tingling in my hands on getting up in the morning - again I put it down to arthritis sometimes not always I get tingling in feet after walking the dog.

      Will have to go as going to get ready to get all the supplements I need - I am determined to beat this. My slimming club consultant got back to me and told me to eat as much free food as I want if I should start feeling hungry at anytime - these are fruit veggies etc so I am ok in that dept. Saph??

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      Good show .. Saph .., it's not till someone else tells you that it clicks .my GP had me on Arthritis drug for that pain .. didn't make a blind bit of diferrence so, I threw them in the

      Bin !

      He also told me when I was diagnosed Graves ... oh don't worry

      You just Take Radio active Iodine and

      For the rest of your life YOu have to take Thyroxine ... every day

      That ... or surgery to remove Thyroid

      .....And my first thought was .. Why ?

      If it's my immune system that's wonky .. surely I should be sorting that out ! .....Not my perfectly healthy Thyroid that has seen me well through my life

      ....That's when I decided to look after my immune system to get it to leave my Thyroid alone and in harmony

      So I feed my immune system

      I take Acidophilus 20 billion

      Because 80% of your immune system is in your GUT !!

      All the other supplements are for my immune system which started to attack my thyroid

      And my Thyroid is now .....calm

      I will continue with my supplements

      Which have been a godsend to me

      I hope that if you take this method of self help you'll get the same result Saph ..

      Luv mx🌹

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    Good job .. Saph .. I knew that Linda would come along ..

    I knew your thyroid Peroxidase was high but I wanted a ' more expert opinion '

    Than just mine .. to verify

    My Thyroid Peroxidase was 368 from memory and I was told it can go up to 1,000

    In some cases

    ... so you see you are not as bad as some .

    Linda's advice about Carnitine etc is good .. she is extremely knowledgeable in this subject and has doggedly reached her goal with her thyroid health issues.

    Your appointment is soon with Endo .. be prepared by reading everything you can beforehand .i also gave the little D3 soft gels and haven't tried them .. mine are pills

    may be its worth changing to those keep this thread going by asking questions ...

    Luv mx🌹

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      Thank you so much Madge I am taking Linda's advice and getting the gel caps today along with cartintine - hubby can carry on with the others as they seem to have bothered him 😁

      Going to pop into surgery and leave a message for my GP regarding magnesium bloods and if I really need to take amytriptalene - it has stopped the pain in legs etc but now wondering if it's masking it.

      Started the Carbimazole this morning. 😳

      Thanks once again Saph ??

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