Subject;my daughter, Hayley has suffered for most of her...

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Subject;my daughter, Hayley has suffered for most of her life (now 10 years old) from a "bunged up" nose.It seems a lot worse in winter when she developes a cold. Although she has had severe headaches in the summer months this year too.She has been diagnosed with persistant non-allergic rhinitis for which there seems no real cure or explanation why she has this condition.She has had allergy tests which all came back negative.The ENT specialist inspected inside her nose with a camera and noticed unusual swelling.Fortunately her headaches are under control and at a minimum due to a course of acupuncture,which I put her on after weeks of sinis pain during July 06.When she catches a cold she can't seem to get rid of it.She caught one around Sept 20 and she still has it,(Nov 20) and produces copious amounts of mucus every day.

When I look back to when she was about 2/3 years old, she always dribbled all over her clothing as if she couldn't breathe through her nose.She was a very unhappy infant always crying and never sleeping.Even now she tells me she cannot settle to go to sleep for a long while.At present she has no sense of smell or taste.

We, as a family, are desperate for something to be done to releive Hayley of this constant irritation.Her moods are terrible and she still seems so unhappy.The condition is affecting us all.

She may well grow out of it,which is what we all wish.

It seems such a trivial ailment but I am now worried about her being able to catch her breath when she sleeps and she now has the added pain from her periods every month too.I have read this condition often leads to asthma in later life as an added worry for me.

Thanks for taking notice from a concerned mother.

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    After reading about your daughters problems I sympathise with you. Im 41 years old and cry with frustration of a constant blocked nose in which I have suffered from for nearly 4 months now. Despite many nasal sprays and decongestants and anti-biotics I still havent found a cure! I also suffer terribly with headaches related to my blocked nose. The only slight relief I have found is by inhaling menthol crystals, they are quite strong but give some relief. I hope your daughter feels better soon.

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    I've had this condition for 4yrs, i've just had an operation, called F.E.S.S ask your doctor about it that might help alot with your daughter, it unblocks your sinuses, she will have to be VERY patient after the operation as you don't start seeing results for a good few weeks. Listen to the surgen very carefully after the Operation as there is a few things to do after she has had it done. Good luck

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    I can sympathise with your daughter. I was diagnosed with a slight Asthma about 6 years ago. For 2 years I was still unable to control the Asthma, my nosed seemed be blocked all the time all year round. I saw a ENT specialist because I had this thickness in my throut (Mucus) he told me the mucus was very thick and suggested inhaling menthol to thin out the mucus. I then saw another specialist about my Asthma. He advised me to use a steriod sprey to help unblock my nose. I felt relief for most of the year, but about March each year thye muscus seems to kick in again. This year it started again in March, I wnet to the doctors because I had a chest infection, but i just think it was a bad case of Rhinitis. I have gone back to the doctors numerous times since to try to get some relief. It's July and I still have the problems, but I have found some relief by taking Potters Pastiles, sounds stupid, but I feel the fumes from the sweets going up my nose and within 10 - 15 mins i feel the mucus breaking up.
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    I don't know if this is similar & Not sure what i have got, but definately been waking up with a blocked nose (usually one nostril in particular) & subsequent dry mouth and/or sneezing ... will will often drag out into the day, this has been happening before the change in season so i don't think it's pollen related, eased a little after a super-hoovered but still there - could be mold caused maybe. I did a change of season basic March detox, whereby i stayed off alchol & tea for 2 days then continued to do this & slowly drank the following: 100ml of freshley squeezed lemon juice - which is about 3 lemons - into 150ml of room temperature water with a bit of fresh ginger & a very small garlic clove whizzed up in it, first thing on waking, followed by a 15min gap & a peppermint tea before having my breakfast - did this for 5 days ... on the 4th day my symptoms had vanished - breathing was easy through both nostrils (also on this day i'd spent most of the day out in the sun in the country, so that may be a variable involved, but that isn't totally unusual for me). It's been about 2 weeks since symptoms 'vanished', had a bit of sneezing here & there, a bit of a blocked nose now & again but they are so much better - i can always breathe through my nose without needing to open my mouth (something we really don't appreciate until we find we can't do that!), not been waking up with a dry mouth & don't feel like i've always got a cold. So impressed with the lemon concoction, i've continued to squeeze half a lemon into some room temperature water and drink first thing every morning, from things i've read since lemons are suppose to be good for respiratory system & they have an 'alkalising' effect on the body reducing general inflamation. I've also read some stuff about Vitamin D3 being good for people who have autio-immune problems (which i also have), sinus infections (& much more) ... so maybe the day in the sun helped too! Just wanted to share this as didn't come across the lemons or D3 when i was googling: 'wake up with blocked nose', 'wake up sneezing', 'one nostril always blocked'... hope it helps.
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    Everyone gives their home remedies but they don't actually work.

    Your daughter if she has swelling needs to have surgery to remove the anatomical problem. Only then will any drugs prescribed work.

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