SUBUTEX Last 6mgs any advice please!!!!

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Hi All,Thank p you if you are reading this....

well I was a heroin addict for 15 years. I stopped Heroin and methadone on the 13 march 2016 just over 17 months now.

i started on 18 mgs and have got it down to 6mg...

 Here's my problem I'm scared I noticed the drops  the last times.

Im not silly to think you do a drug like that and you get off lightly!!

I know what to expect but I don't in a way.

is anyone coming off a small dose or has done this before anyone recovering now or have done.

Please any advice on this will be a massive help to me😕

Thank you


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    Hi vicky 

             i will be honest with you ....coming off 6mg of subutex isnt recommended and to be honest isnt needed... subutex dosages go as low as 2mg so you have two more possible tapers which off course would avoid any unwanted side effects or withdrawal symptoms 

             i tapered off methadone from 60ml down to 1ml and then off,and that was oct 2016 and its took allmost a year to become "human" again ... however you have done so well kicking heroin and more so methadone ( as any addict will tell you methadone is so hard to stop )  and since subutex is primarily used as a "gateway" from methadone to clean ( at 30ml daily usage or below ) it should "in theory" be easier to stop from 

              personally i would look into the smaller dosages such as tapering down to 4mg and then 2mg .... but be aware you may feel "not normal" for many weeks ( if not months ) after stopping subutex ( and all opiates in that case ) .. this is as your brain re-adjusts to being opiate free .... obviously these are not like full blown withdrawal but symptoms include depression,anxiety,resentment,hostility and even paranoia 

              however as we are all different you cant predict how you will feel .. you may be fine and the inclusion of counselling and therapy can help you during this period 

             essentially the fear of the unknown ( or what to expect ) can cause anxiety in itself ... and some over the counter meds can help with some physical symptoms such as diarrhea and mild stomach cramps ... immodium for the diarrhea and buscopan for the cramps .... and even nytol for insomnia .....

              remember ... subutex has been your cushion for the last 17 months and when this "cushion" is removed you will feel different .. and trust me when i say it will take time to start to think normal .. it wont happen overnight,but remember every day is a day closer to being yourself again .. so thats a positive way of looking at it 

               i wish you all the best vicky and hope everything goes ok 

                  bri  xx

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      Hi there🙂

      Thank you very much for your advice 

      it is scary, I know things will be more vivid when I'm off it. It was when I came off heroin and methadone for sure!!

      A lot to think about I know that I can come down 400 microgrames at a time as I did from 8-6 mg. this is gonna be the last bit but poss the worse

      Its the last bits and the fear.

       Yes we are all different and as I said I know it's not going to be easy and it has to be the right time.

      I think you've said what I already knew, it's gonnaI'm 40 now. I have to start my life again due to leaving my husband of 16 years. So I'm with my very supportive mum. She will help me but she older now 70.

      its just when to do it and how... I've a few emotional issues to work out along side this.

       so I may give it a couple weeks and call my prescribing dr to reduce by 400 microgrames then another and down to 4 and see how I go.

      I am really glad that subutex has allowed me to stay off any opiates however I know that it's a synthetic drug hat could be worse.

      wow if only knew what I was getting into highnsight is a wonderful this isn't it.

      thank you for your advice.


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    I have come off every opiate going and am currently clean. I have come of various doses of subutex. It is not easy. I advise you to cut right down to 0.4mg before you jump off. 2mg is sometimes advised but it is too high.

    Given the amount of time you have been on it i would go slow. It will get harder as the dose gets smaller. Stay at each dose till any withdrawal symptoms pass. That varies from person to person.

    One more suggestion that has been a great help to me. Go to NA. The meetings are a great source of strength and only in there will you get understanding. Keep an open mind to it. Ignore the god bit.

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      Hi Sarah

      first of all Congratulations for being clean !!! May be ask how long and how you did it? 

        Think dropping it down gently 400mgs sounds they way to go. I have the time to do it, its just I know what's coming. Like yo said wait for each dose to properly have worked.

      I have no cravings or triggers Now as before I may have had. I know I s all around, but I have come this far!!!

      I do however go  to Add action where am but will look up my nearest AA meetings.

       Made me laugh about the god bit🙂

      Thank you very much for your advice and reply. 

      Well done in your achievement 



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      I am now 63 days clean. Thankfully my last relapse was only on codeine prior to that i was clean for 2 years after coming off subutex at 6mg that i was on after being o heroin. Over the last 25 years i have been clean for 11. The only thing that really keeps me clean is NA (not a big fan of AA as less identification ) and keeping busy. Boredom is a b*****d. I have a family now so i have everything to lose.

      I came off the 6mg of subutex far too quickly last time as i was in a rehab and they forced me and it was horrific. It took me months to feel human. I had severe anxiety and couldn t function. Previosly i have done slow reductions on subutex of 0.4mg and it has not been to bad as long as i go to NA to get support and talk about how i m feeling. I only ever relapse when i get complacent and think just because i ve put the drugs down i no longer have a drug problem. However long one has been clean they are always there when times get hard so easy to go back without support. I had 11 years clean then bad times came and i was back there. Been battling ever since.

      I never got cravings on subutex they may come when you stop. Subutex is a type of opiate so it is buffering you.

      Go slowely and you can do this.

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      Thank you for sharing your story with me and the forum....... you are doing great.

      you are right I do not want to go this too quickly as I never want to go back there.

      i had my last Heroin I can remember on 20 Feb 2026.. I have stuck to my script moved and left my husband who was using behind my back.

      I know this isn't gonna be easy but with the right timing and help I wanna do it I can't be on it forever.

      my body noticed if I haven't taken them for a while like hours if I oversleep ect so I can feel... The withdrawal then its just how bad.

      I know it's a synthetic opiates but can be stronger  than the heroin on the streets can it?

       What have I done I should have come of the methadone and did it all then. I had no choice really I needed blocking from it as it was too easy to relapse at that time.. my husband was using behind my back

       so I thought use this year and a half to get my life in order a bit.... that's not going well. I have reduced from18 mg.

      thank you 

      You keep it up too

      We Will get there I'm sure.

      im not giving up or in🙂



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