Success on Citalopram😁

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I just wanted to feed back to you all how wonderful I am feeling week12 on citalopram 20 mg

This is my second time on this drug since 2013. With hindsight I should never really have come off it but stayed at a very low dose .

I spent hours..again ...researching the internet in the early stages. This time it took 6 weeks until I started to feel better. It had taken only 2 the first time

Yes I had all the side effects and felt much much worse whilst my brain waited to rewire  itself in those initial weeks

It may not be the drug for everyone but it's worked wonders for me 

So I just wanted to comfort and give empathy to those of you out there who are still on their journey

My path is now much straighter

Good luck all 

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    So glad you are feeling better Gillian.  When did you start to feel better and have you had ups and downs along the way?


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      Started to feel better at 6 weeks 

      yes I did have all the side effects and feeling worse than when I started  but from then I have got increasingly better and able to cope

      If I hit an issue in life now, I can deal with it better by employing tactics learnt at NHS cbt course, my meditation and mindfulness 

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      Hi Gillian

      I read your posts which really encourages me so thank you.

      I have been on 20mg of Cit for three weeks now, was on 10 for a year after dropping from 20 as I felt I could , silly mistake! I came crashing down 3 weeks ago after starting a new job, anxiety in the mornings is driving me insane and then really flat all day , can't wait to sleep but get anxious about waking up knowing the anxiety will be there!

      Any idea how much longer it will take for the Cit to stop the anxiety?

      I just want to be me again , get out of the house and get on with my life !

      Thank you

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      Hi Matt

      Goodness I so understand the ... am ok let's stop it now thought

      It still goes thru my mind now

      I am six months into my second time on 20 mg. it's so easy to think I can manage now ....WRONG !!

      Very early days got at 3 weeks

      Keep heart

      It took me 6 weeks this time before I started to feel the light slowly coming on

      Yes mornings were so much worse

      I would sit watching repeats on Netflix as


      I take my Cit first thing in the morning. I found last thing at night kept me awake

      It may have just been coincidental though as I was just looking for the answer and to be cured...😇

      As we all do

      Was exactly like yourself

      Flat in the day

      Possibly a bit better late afternoon early pm... I decided that was because the anxietys of that day had passed ....

      Now I great each new day with a joy and content I never had before

      I do not wake with that dark dog sitting there but ask myself gosh what's happening today

      So you can be reassured. It will pass but it takes a few weeks

      Please don't give up and do come back and tell me when your singing in the rain ?? and another success


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      Hi Gillian

      I am not nearly at 5 weeks on 20mg Cit (Saturday is 5 weeks not that I'm counting!) side effects just about gone now and I have been out walking the last 4 days , hadn't left my bed for 3 weeks before that , morning anxiety is still a big issue very unpleasant but generally lifts by the afternoon and evening in fact I have felt pretty good the last couple of evenings.

      Still waking up very early and can't get back to sleep but I'm sure that will improve too.

      Will need a couple more weeks off work and hope they hold my job for me , it's a new job so still in probation period.

      Keep telling myself I will get back to ME but it's hard to see it !

      Defo making progress and have an appointment today with a councillor for an assessment, that's making me anxious 😩.

      But all in all I am getting better and sticking with Cit was the right thing to do.

      Thanks for your encouragement it really helps me.

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      That's great matt

      It all sounds as tho u r going in the right direction

      Well done for sticking with it

      I still find I wake up and my mind starts to think and then it's awake then and I struggle to

      I find that trying to take deep slow breaths in and out focussing on soles of feet help

      Another idea is just to read a chapter of a bk to distract your mind

      Loads of people have that problem even if they aren't on Cit.

      Keep going and Tx for letting me know. It's like a double mutual support

      We can we can 😀

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      Yes same here, mornings right as I open my eye I feel the most anxious. Keep it up Matt. It's slow process but each week is better. I had a bad morning today and much of it brought on from external situation I'm facing. I'm hoping to get to the point where I can handle stressful situations without feeling so much anxiety. Here's to another week in right direction!!

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      I realise this is an old post but I was wondering how things are now? Better? I am on week 4 and although I am considerably better in relation to the start of this all .... I have the same issue with morning anxiety and throughout the day. For no apparent reason, which is so much more frustrating. I’m not giving up hope but I still struggle with the feeling of “is this ever going to stop” ???????

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      Hi Moaney

      I am on week 4 also and upped my dose of Cit from 10mg 3 days ago and am now coping with awful nausea. Before that I was really anxious in the mornings. I know the feeling of is it ever going to stop.. but I have been here before and it does.

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      Hey rachel77333,

      I am on 20mg and I’m so reluctant to up it with fear of symptoms coming back. The worst for me was the hieghtened anxiety. I couldn’t go through that again. I was starting to feel better but had a bit of a set back with a personal issue that arose bang in the middle of all of this suffering already. I’m trying to convince myself that it is this that has set me back and not that the meds aren’t working. Do you feel like it’s going to work? I need so much reassurance just now 😖

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      Hi Moaney and Rachel.  In the spirit of reassurance I’m here to tell yes, it will work!!

      It’s difficult at times I too had the terrible morning anxiety. I’m a year into 10mg of Cit and been looking for work for 8 months so very stressful but the anxiety is controlled. It took 6 weeks on the same dose for it to begin to level out and then each week after that just got better and better. The key is giving the same dose the full 6 weeks minimum. This drug is more about time to get your brain levels right than it is about dose strength. Each team you change dose the clock resets and it’s like starting from the beginning. Stick with it. Excercise, surround yourself with constant positive input audio books podcast music whatever it takes.  You can do this!

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      Thank you....!! Everything you have said is bang on. When I’m in my rational head I am positive it’ll work and that it slowly is. But then the bad days come and my irrational head starts with the “this is never going to end” thoughts. It’s a rollercoaster ride. 
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      Thank you for taking the time to answer. Perhaps I should go back to 10mg then. I had horrible anxiety but it did go away as the day went on and i could get on with things whereas this nausea and tiredness is so dehabilitating. I couldnt drive at the mo. We'll just gave to hang on then Moaney and it will get better

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      You are welcome. This site was so helpful to me last year. I feel it’s only right for me to help as well. And you are right just like a roller coaster. But the dips and rises get less aggressive as the weeks go on. Everyday that goes by is one day closer to your recovery!!! You both can do this!!!! 

      As for changes in doses please run all that by your Dr first. Keep in mind some Dr’s are better than other at this too, it’s an art not a science. It took me a while to find the perfect Dr for me. One who specializes in anxiety. 

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      Yes it does get better and even more so after a year and you think oh I could stop these. Err no that’s why your aok! Not doing that again 

      Everyone’s differant but I know my current GP is a taper it quick person!

      Fernando what was that getting to sleep algorithm you had? Not the 54321 get up thing which is the motivator but something about 4/6/8 or similar. Was to do with getting to sleep ???

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      Hi Gillian!  I agree after a year even better just staying on it. 

      As for the sleeping algorithms I’m not sure I think that was someone else. I do recall the 54321 take action which is the 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins. Highly recommend her story. 

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      Audiobooks that really helped me get through the tough times and build a foundation of behavioral strength and tools to lean on in collaboration with the medication are: 

      Freedom of Nervous Suffering  and Hope & Help for your Nerves by Dr Claire Weekes

      Anxious for Nothing & God Will Carry you Theough by Max Lucado

      The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon 

      The Greatness within You by Les Brown

      Being In Light by Marianne Williamson

      The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor

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      I'm on 10 MG Celexa going on 3 weeks after being on different MG Celexa over 11 month , long story . Just got down from 20 MG after being on it for 5 month with high anxiety and bad side effects. So we decided to go down to 10 MG . My side effects got less but still have anxiety and crying spells is that normal ? I still get headaches, nausea, shakes and so on . They come in the morning really strong then lessened though the day . So I got on this medicine put on because I was sick , with being sick came anxiety and depression that's how it works . So I was told after all this time 11 month different MG to get off the Celexa because my brain is back to normal making its own seritonen again . Anyone here been though anything similar?

      Help please let me know , thank you

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      I have to say this forum has been really helpful in my recovery. I realize most the posts are from long ago but hopefully people still check it periodically. The forum has provided me with encouragement when I have days where I doubting I am every going to improve. I am starting week 5 of 20mg of CIT. I was on it for about 5 years, but it stop being effective so I switched to various other meds that never provided the boost to get my life back. I am praying and hoping this will do the trick.

      Babysboo, from what I know, your body has always made serotonin, it just wasn't enough. The medication helps your body produce a larger amount to make up for the depletion you have been experiencing. You, undoubtedly, have already made your decision on what to do. I would love to hear how you are getting along now.

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