Sudden appearance of blind spot in left eye only, lasting for 2 months now.

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Beginning of September, I woke up with a dark spot in my left vision only. It appears to "flash" when I open and close my left eye, in the same spot. I saw an eye doctor, and they took pictures of my retina and everything appeared fine. My eye looked perfectly healthy to them and they could not figure out why I have a blind spot. There is no pain, and the spot has not gotten any bigger or smaller. 

However, earlier today I noticed another dark spot in my left eye slightly above my old one. It came on out of nowhere, without pain or any headache. It also flashes when I open/close my left eye. 

A little background about me: I suffer from severe hemiplegic migraines, where half of my body goes numb during a migraine attack and it becomes difficult to speak or think clearly. Ive been suffering from these migraines since I was 8 or so, and now I am 21 and they get worse with each attack. I am wondering if these dark spots in my left eye are related to my hemiplegic migraines, or are some form of a retinal migraine - but doctors who I have spoken to say that retinal migraines should only last from 30 minutes to a couple hours. I am worried that this new spot in my left eye is going to persist for months, and I am also worried about another spot showing up. Has anyone had any symptoms similar to this? I am lost and completely terrified of losing my left eye vision. 

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    Hi Carly,

    I, too, have had that happen to me. Came on suddenly, Spring 2016, and in my left eye. Hard to describe it to someone, feels like something is there, also have a black floater in that eye. Went to see optometrist, he didn't see anything and then referred to retina specialist, he could only see that I had lattice degeneration but he explained that it wouldn't cause what I am seeing. So, I am still unsure of the cause of this. I suffer from chronic migraine (headaches and dizziness) and as this all started July 2015, I am still trying to figure this all out. But interesting that you have described similar case as me as I haven't read that before. Let me know if you get any more info on this. Take care.

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    I would be asking for a referal to a new specialist.
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    Morning ladies,

    How strange to read this! I have had i think the same thing for years! Mine started in 2007 and has never gone away but i can only really see it in the evenings.

    I have had numerous specialists from all departments involved - even when I had a mini stroke I was tested extensively and sent to a specialist eye unit where they did tests all day and no one can find a reason!

    I have just put it down to one of those things! And i hope it may give you some comfort that mine has been nearly 10 years and that I am ok!

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    I am not sure if we are talking about the same thing but I have these types of symptoms and it is related to auto immune disease. If you have other health issues going on you might want to see another specialist. I have an auto immune auto inflammatory disorder diagnosed 12 years ago. Before that I had a diagnosis of migraine with these sorts of symptoms. Lost a lot of my vision in one attack but it came back again.

    If any of you have gi problems or other issues going on it may not be simple migraine.

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    Hi Carly!

    I recently started seeing my blind spot looking thing in February of this year. Very nervous about it. Had two MRIs done on my optic nerve and brain. They checked out normal. Did a visual field test. Normal. No one can tell me what’s wrong. I did have a bad sinus infection when I got this dot though. Did you even get any answers? 

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      I had mentioned this issue in a post about 11 months ago and just want to give an update. After numerous visits to various eye specialists, I was left frustrated as each one had a different 'possible" reason for the blind spot. I had three different diagnosis! Ridiculous. This has disappeared as mysteriously as it appeared. The one thing all 3 specialists could agree on was that I had extremely dry eyes and to keep applying drops, 3-4 times a day. One specialist suggested that it may help improve my vision (blind spot). Well, I did that religiously and after a couple of months, it just disappeared, along with the annoying black floater. Whether all this was attributed to dry eye or not, I don't know, but might be worth a try. 

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    i feel like it is sort of an immense relief to have discovered this thread.

    this happened to me as well about 3 weeks ago, during the same time i had flu like symptoms (bad cough, 37 degrees Celsius temperature, runny nose, that sort of thing). this spot is only in my right eye, and it moves when i look, so it keeps the same distance from the point i focus on.

    It appeared 2 days after the flu symptoms approximately and now it is still here, hasnt got bigger nor smaller.

    i also have these "migraine with aura" from since i was a kid and i can remember. the exact symptoms are described in this article: 

    been to doctors since this spot appeared and they could only find some excavation in the optical nerve (after my OCT scan to the eye) and pressure in my eye at values 19/20, that being close to the superior limit. however they said this could indicate glaucoma beginning but not this spot, and that it has to be neurological.

    the neurologist i visited did an MRI scan to my brain and found only normal imagery for patients with migraines and suggested towards Vasculitis (hope thats correctly translated) or an auto-immune disease. 

    now the next step would be to search for auto-immune disease and another MRI scan.

    i am clueless and scared since i dont know what will happen with my vision.

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