Sudden chills, nerve pain and upper abdominal pain

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Symptoms are:

sudden chills (feeling cold) followed by >

high stool output

lately, nausea and abdominal pain.. usually after eating. (a 5/6 on the scale)

some nerve pain, sore neck, myalgia type pain

trapped nerve in shoulder / neck area

wake up with neck pain

I had testing for celiac last year, my antibody test was negative (wasnt eating much gluten), my HLA test was positive (I have HLA DQ2 / HLA DQ8) and my endoscopy was inconclusive (again I wasnt eating gluten much so that may have screwed any results).

Only thing they found was duodenitis.

Together with the symptoms I have, I dont know what path to go down (?) Digestive? Cervical Spine related?

Does this sound like an infection? My neutrophil was a bit high and my lymphocytes were low a few weeks back.. Im worried. I had an 2 brain MRI's and that was normal

Celiac disease inflaming nerves? Neck disc pushing on nerves? vagus nerve dysfunction?

Anyone ???

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    Hi ry38223

    I have exactly the same symptoms which came on suddenly out of the blue. I still have them from.approx 2 weeks ago. I've also had a neck xray results not back yet. The nausea is starting to abate and stomach pain. The neck pain has eased a little worse when getting up. I have been using Ibuprofen and a muscular rub in cream on my neck both of which haves eased the pain and headaches. I am of the opinion it is viral and will go on it's own. Hope your symptoms will ease off soon best i felt today for two wishes...

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      yeah its torrid. I feel at the minute it semi-rules my life and is getting me depressed. if I had to be out, in a bar, and this happens, I think id iust panic.

      its either related to the digestive cycle and the vagus is overstimulated or its my neck that I have damaged at work, thus pushing some nerves to one side. or it could be 2 problems. i just feel its all related though.

      woke up this morning and the abdominal sickly-discomfort is horrible.

      last night my resting HR was 98bpm which is not like me.. almost as though I couldnt control it... and then on came the shivers.

      I have had this for far too long! going on a year now and it is DEPRESSING ME!! help

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    You are correct about the coeliac test, you are supposed to have gluten in your diet when you are tested.

    Are you on any medication at the moment? The reason I ask is because PPIs and a few other medications can make you grind your teeth or clench your jaw, you may not realise you are doing it if you are doing it when you sleep. This can give you all kinds of problems with headaches, shoulder and neck pain including nerve issues. I don't think the stomach issue would have to be related to the neck and shoulder pain, other than they both could be triggered by anxiety. Do you suffer with anxiety?

    People with bowel issues often get the chills before passing stools, that is not necessarily a thing to worry about. If you are worried about coeliac disease though, get another blood test done but make sure you have gluten before you take it. Another reason you could be getting gastritis could be that certain other medications could trigger it, like ibuprofen or stronger NSAIDs. You could also have a food intolerance or allergy, ask to get tested for these as well.

    I hope you find the root of your problems soon, there is nothing worse than having symptoms doctors can't explain. I would recommend seeing a physio to help manage your neck pain and get regular massages if you can it can make a lot of difference.

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      No medication. I dont think jaw clenching and some anxiety would produce these symptoms, and of such a stubborn nature also.

      I do indeed suffer from anxiety, BECAUSE of this. If my physical health was tip top and I had no worries, my anxiety - mainly social - would rarely creep past a 6 on a scale of 1-10. Although anxieties and some panic episodes have decreased the quality of my mental health, because of all of this. It does not help, thats for sure.

      Im pretty sure I dont have a fever / temperature when shivering / chills episodes come on, but then again, some infections can show no fever / temperature, H Pylori being one.

      I think I am going to go down the culture route, and get my doctor to look at any possible bacterial, viral cultures from stool, urine and blood. Then I can eliminate infection from the list.

      Its just progressively getting worse, and the shiver fits are horrible.

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      I suffer with bruxism from PPIs and I used to take ssris and my neck and shoulder would be in agony. I couldn't move my head to the right, I would often get craps and spasms in my neck and shoulder, I also got sharp pains, numbness and pins and needles in my hand and I often couldn't sleep the pain was so bad. I had no idea where it was coming from until I got botox for bruxism. After which the pain calmed down like never before after 3 days. I had been to so many doctors and physios before and no one could work out why I was getting the pain and I think some people would think I was just making it up. I found out by myself in the end and the relief I felt when the pain calmed down, I can't even begin to explain!

      Maybe it isn't the same thing with you, but I always feel I need to suggest it as a possibility when I hear people are having bad neck and shoulder pain.

      I hope you find out what is wrong soon because bad health and chronic pain is really stressful and I am sorry you are suffering so much.

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