Sudden deafness in one ear and roaring noise..

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Hi there. I am hoping someone on here maybe able to shed some light as to what is going on?

About a month ago i developed very muffled hearing and roaring in my right ear and it also felt like someone was trying to pull my inner out so a trip to the doctors confirmed that i had an ear infection and i was prescribed some ear spray to use twice a day for a week. After this time the pulling sensation had gone was i was still left with the deafness and roaring, another trip to the doctors and was told that sometimes after an ear infection it can cause the ear drum to swell slightly so was given a course of antibiotics. I have just finished the course of them and it doesn’t appear to be any better. My symptoms are the following:

Very muffled hearing along with roaring, sometimes almost total deafness in my right ear.

What i would call a headache in my right eye, which makes me feel sick.

Feeling disorientated and in a ‘bubble’ and cant hear everything that is going on around me.

Feeling short tempered with myself and everyone i come into contact with, just feel like being very rude to them and screaming.

Just feeling very much like a female Victor Meldrew , which isn’t like me at all!

Now a couple of year ago when i had an eye test it was discovered that my right eye has a slight convex shape to the eyeball which means that the vision from that eye is almost like looking through slightly frosted glass but nothing was done about it and was told just to leave it until as and when it became a real issue.

Could the two thing be connected or does anyone have any idea what could be going on?

Please help..Thank You

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    Hello Mazria,  Do you ear/ears feel blocked, if so that's why your hearing is muffled and the noise you are hearing too, the noise may now be Tinnitus.  I'm no expert, however, I have suffered Eustachian Tube Dysfunction for many years.  Did your problem start after having a cold, or do you suffer allergies

    I do know exactly how you're feeling as many of us on this Forum feel just like you are.  Bad tempered is an understatement !!

    Please give a little more info. at how you think this ear problem may have started.

    Do you suffer sinus issues and Post Nasal Drip....all these things contribute to blocked ears.

    Which country do you live in as every country is different in what you are given.

    I'm in England 



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      Hi anne05078.

      Thank you so much for your reply. My ears feel full and heavy but last trip to the doctor showed no 'gunk' anymore which is why she put it down to a spin off of the ear infection.

      I take an antihistamine quite regularly as I suffer from eczema ( which has decided to make an appearance in the last year !) and a touch of hayfever.

      Have never, throughout my life been able to smell properly and have never done anything about it as seem it as one of them things! 

      Have no idea why this ear problem may have started, haven't had a cold for well over a year, just woke up one morning like it sad

      Glad I'm not the only bad tempered one - what causes the bad tempered-ness to you think?

      I'm in England too.


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      Hello again, you're very welcome and if I can be of any help to anyone on here I'm more than happy to give my support.

      I think it sounds like you have an allergy for it to start out of the blue.  Strange, as today was the first time in ages both of my ears became blocked.  I've been out shopping with a friend and all of a sudden I thought 'oh no, we we go again'.  Maybe it's the weather.  It's been very nice today and even warm with lovely sunshine, so it could have been allergy related.  As soon as I got home I used the Flixonase drops and brilliantly they've unblocked, with a gently help of popping them.

      I take a daily Citrizine antihistamine and they certainly help by drying up mucus.  I rarely catch colds,

      but when one suffers Rhinitis is almost like a perpetual cold.

      The reason this condition alters our moods is because it's so bloody awful and unless someone has suffered themselves, no one know just how awful it is....even doctors don't seem to understand, probably thinking 'blocked ear' that's not life threatening.....but it does make for a very miserable life !!

      Sadly, due to this condition, many years ago I almost lost my life from Pneumococcal Meningitis through my ears being so blocked for so long the mucus sitting there turned bacterial, crossing the blood/brain barrier and bingo !!  I lost the sight in my left eye and my hearing is down in my right ear.  Plus occasional bouts of vertigo, being unable to lie on my right side in bed.  Even the dentist has to bring the chair up, as too flat and everything spins round.  So I always advise anyone suffering from ETD to be careful, particularly if an earache is present too, as potentially it can turn nasty as it did for me.

      I lost my sense of smell and taste years ago and that's something I've got used to.  However, since April having taken the Prednisolone, then the 6 weeks course of Flix.Nasules it's returned.  I'm so happy.  Usually after about 4 weeks it has always disappeared again, but this time, so far so good.  I think that's due to me being on the stronger Nasal Drops.  When our ears are blocked there is a lot of inflammation present too, hence the reason we lose our smell and taste....obviously my inflammation at the moment must have all gone.  I've had sinus surgery where polyps were found and snipped out....another reason for loss of smell.  I get very blocked up when I lie down at night on my left side.

      So that's it in a nutshell.  Not a nice thing to suffer this ETD and the sooner you get on the correct medication the better.  I don't think what you are using is strong enough.  Once you've got it under control and your ear/ears unblock, you maybe will get it under control.  Flixonase Aqueous steroid based nasal spray is the best after everything else has been tried first.

      You forgot to tell me which country you're in.


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    Forgot to mention.  Personally, I don't think your eye and ear problem are connected.

    Having said that   Ear, Eyes, Nose and throat are all connected.  But eyes shouldn't be a problem

    when you've got an ear problem.


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    Sorry, I see you're in fact in England too.  That's good, so the medication I'm using you'll be able to get too.  I've sent 2 messages, so read above as well.


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    Yes - I believe you're displaying what a lot of women have been trying to point (scream) out to a mainly male-oriented Otolaryngology sector, where most will avoid to acknowledge this obvious, serious problem.  Instead, be redirected to Psychiatry which makes this whole overall problem worse because the -true- cause continues to pathetically not get addressed! (when they could have). The symptoms lead to chronic. This is when they say next: "There's little we can do for that".

    Curious, if you feel all or any of the symptoms, (especially the roaring) gets to the insane level during your time of the month or have a change in hormones lately?   -V.

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      Eustachian Tube Dysfunction should always be taken seriously by doctors and ENT specialist.  Sadly, I was left too long and mine turned into bacterial Meningitis....something I wouldn't wish on anyone.

      Blocked ears usually results in permanent Tinnitus too.


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