suddenly intollerant to things that have always been fine?

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Hi all, just wondered if anyone had had this same issue.

I pretty much had all by IBS triggers down until last summer when i suddelnly started getting diarrhoea, which i'd never had before (always IBS-C). since then my stomach has been doing its own thing, i'll be fine for ages then randomly be ill when i havent had anything different. i've had two episodes of diarrhoea for a month solid where i've had to live of toast and crackers and even then that can go through me.

anyway, i've tried to work out my 'new' triggers but there doesnt seem to be much of a correlation.

the only issues i've found is anything greasy (duh) and for some strange reason, porridge. now i have been eating porridge for about the last 10 years with no effects, but for the last few months i found i was always having an upset stomach on saturday afternoons, no matter what i had for lunch. the only common denominator was that i have porridge in the morining as i go running on saturdays. so i tried different breakfast and running and was fine, tried poridge on another day and was ill.

I have no idea why this is as i use the same brand of oats and prepare them in the same way. now i am even more limited in what i can eat.

it also seems like mayonaise might be an issue for me too, and again i've eaten it for years.

anyone else suddenly become intollerant to stuff for no reason?

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    It's so strange isn't it?!

    Feel for you on the toast and crackers part. sad hope you manage to find some constant safe food soon!

    My ibs started 2 years ago and I started off as lactose intolerant and then after 4 months literally every food was going through so I just continued to eat "bad" as your body is Atleast getting the correct nutrients.

    I'm the same with mayo. Maybe you have a slight egg intolerance? Try Tiger tiger Mayo which is completely free from. It tastes similar but is watery. Mayola too!

    But with changes, I can no longer eat bananas. God knows why that is.. But I am stuck on the toilet for hours after a couple bites.

    Though one good thing that has came from this, papa johns pizza. For some bizarre reason! Only pizza I can eat without toilet trips..

    Have a few days where you can chill in the house with no plans and just try different foods and mark it in a diary of what has affected you and then go into further things like the ingredients of those that are making you bad.

    Wishing you the best of luck!! smile

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    Well IBS caught me all of a sudden, so yes I guess!

    I've seen suggestions that it can be down to your gut bacteria - get the good ones killed off and suddenly some foods are a problem. This makes sense to me. One of the things that can do this is chicken. Given that 70% of chickens sold in the UK haveĀ Campylobacter then it's no surprise that so many of us now have IBS.

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    Get it touch with your specialist nurse might be something goin on inside a infection I advise you not to ignore it I did for 1 year
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    I never had a problem then all of a sudden out of the blue I got diarohea which has lasted 10 weeks now and find I cant drink tea or eat bread it is very strange how it comes on suddenly waiting for a colonscopy which after reading on these forums other peoples ordeals sounds absolutely horrific so very worried about that i started drinking green tea and peppermint tea seems I am ok with chocolate for now anywaysmile Hope you get well soon
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    Just read your post and thought I would reply because what you describe is the same as me. I never had any food allergies or intolerances. My ibs started about 7 years ago.

    Anyway I have been fustrated the same as you not being able to link and correlate good I eat with ibs. 3 months ago I took penicillin for a throat infection, within 7 days my ibs completely cleared 100%. I was totally normal and had no symptoms. I thought I was cured as I felt normal for 2 months. In the last month my ibs has returned and have been feeling pretty rubbish... But I'm now well on the way to curing ibs and understanding what's causing it. I think you maybe the same as me. This is how to get yourself 90% back to normal (I'm still working on the last 10% lol). I think my ibs is either SIBO or H Pylori.

    1) cut out gluten, milk, soy, fizzy drink and coffee- They irritate your system. I'm 4 weeks into this and feel much better.

    2) buy digestive enzymes and take with each meal.

    3) get some mastic gum. I'm not sure whether I have SIBO or H-pylori (as the symptoms seem to be very similar) so I'm taking 1 months worth of mastic gum whilst on the gluten free diet to see how I feel. I'm 1 week into it and I've stopped feeling sick, my anxiety has disappeared and I have much more energy.

    4) get VSL probiotic. It's awesome. It will improve your digestion massively.

    my GP is the same as everyone else's. IBS is a set of symptoms and they prescribe medicine to deal with the symptom not cure the root problem. It's bacterial related

    In a lot of cases. I feel I've proved this in my case by having antibiotics and my ibs clearing up.

    Good luck and give it time. I'm still not 100% normal but getting better and understanding ibs better.

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      Hiya. Glad you've found something that works for you.

      I do not have h.pylori, I was tested for that when they thought I had a stomach ulcer. I thought I had sibo before but UK doctors won't test for it.since your symptom went away with antibiotics it sounds like you might have it, or an underlying infection.

      Probiotics made me more ill and I never found digestive enzymes to do anything. But I guess I could try again.

      Glad you're feeling better

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      Just because you have been tested doesn't automatically mean you don't have it.

      Do what I've said and you will feel better. I felt awful when I started eating gluten free, in fact felt worse... The first attempt I quit. Second attempt I pushed through it and proved to be worthwhile.

      Again I didn't think digestive enzymes helped me... Until I took them regularly and realised my stomach could digest greasy fatty foods better.

      What I've realised is diet plays a huge part, gp's are useless at helping people with ibs and tbh it's not a quick fix. I've had ibs for 7+ years and it's my life a lot, only now just starting to understand it and treat it. The only positive has been my understanding of diet, digestion and how in today's foods there is loads of crap which the human body has difficulty processing.

      Anyway good luck

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    Btw chrones disease is inherited has anyone in your family got it ? If you feel something is wrong tell your doctor don't ignore it make them do tests over and over until you get a result never give up if you feel something is wrong then it defo is I'm not trying to scare you but I know how it feels t.c
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