Suffered from bad breath for many years

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I constanly try to clear my throat and it feels like mucus frequently comes down into my throat. When I drink lots of water, it feels like food is cleared from my throat and is sometimes a little painful. There is often a thick coating on my tongue in the morning. I clean my teeth at least once a day. I floss, use a tongue cleaner and use mouthwash every day. I am baffled as to what causes it. I have regular dentist check-ups, gums and teeth are fine. I do believe I get reflux and this gets much worse if I eat citrus fruit/tomatoes/fizzy drinks so I try to avoid these. Tests I’ve had:-

Barium swallow: No problems found, no signs food could get stuck.

ENT specialist: Nose slightly congested and voice box was slightly red.

Stomach specialist: No H pylori bacteria. LES pressure ‘lower end of normal but not otherwise unremarkable’

PH monitoring: No excessive reflux found. Demeester score is marginally above normal

Endoscopy: minor gastritis

Tried basically every PPI/H3 blocker for acid reflux/Gaviscon but no improvement

Peptest – test was negative until after eating and then had a high level of pepsin.

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    Do you think it could be tonsil stones?
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      Some peoples tongue surface enables bacteria to thrive and post nasal drip makes it worse. Unfortunately this is a problem that can't be cured. I've had these issues for 30 years.
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      kjj I don't agree or disagree with you but please reference when you state 'facts'

      you cannot say because you've had the problem for 30 years therefore it cannot be cured (which is a good enough reason but doesn't deserve such conclusions)

      I also have a white coat on the tongue when I wake up and I believe its due to LPR.

      please check out studies and forums which will enlighten you about the relationship between PND and various diseases. for example I came across a study about the relationship between PND and GERD/ LPR which showed that 76% people with GERD had their PND cured through the Nissen Fundoplication surgery.

      however like I said you could be right but please elaborate on How is it that other people's tongue surface enables bacteria to thrive and obviously PND making things worse, is it because of insufficient saliva production by the salivary glands, is it because a person has a difficiency of a vitamin of some sort...or....

      Tommy don't give up

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    hi Tommy

    Iv had.....

    1. Tonsillectomy

    2. Adenoidectomy

    3. Wisdom teeth removed

    4. FESS- Turbinectomy

    Iv tried...

    5. DGL licorice

    6. alkaline water

    7. all of Dr Katz Therabreath products

    I took....

    8. quadruple therapy medication for Hpylori (was diagnosed + through endoscopy but got cured)

    9. PPI s

    10. antacids

    11. gaviscon

    I went through....

    12. severe depression ( was diagnosed but got better through taking stress and anxiety medication)

    I have....

    13. the whitest teeth in South Africa

    14. the healthiest gums ( according to my dentist)

    15. 'cleanest' mouth (meaning I brush, floss n scrape)

    Iv lost....

    16. my friends

    17. my girlfriend

    18. my confidence and authentic personality

    19. my job as a qualified civil engineer

    I'm now....

    20. going to see a GI/Physician to test barium swallow and Ph monitoring, check for zenkers diverticulum and hiatal hernia. Whether I test positive or negative I will fight to have the Nissen Fundoplication surgery done (it's ok if I do the operation and get dissapointed that the BB doesn't go away- it's jst worthit)!!!

    Iv gone through all of the above because of one guy his name is BAD BREATH. I can kinda live with the following symptoms but I can't live with bad breath hence I will fight it with all I got!!!!


    1. Post Nasal drip(famous guy huh)- actually my biggest symptom!!

    2. frequent heartburn and pain on chest ( only when I lie on my back)

    3. feeling of food coming up the throat after eating

    4. funky taste in the mouth

    5. fatigue and anxiety

    6. memory loss

    7. funny sounds in the stomach ( those u get when u hungry - I get them even when I'm full)

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      Bad breath 35 years now. I've tried alot remedies, advice and medications. Some showed minor temporary improvement but minutes later bad breath returns.

      Breath is worse when my stomach is empty.

      In my case I believe the cause/bacteria is coming from my stomach and grows on the mucous on my throat, tongue and whole mouth (post nasal drip).

      I drink kefir, clean my mouth and throat, do nasal rinse and have a decent breakfast. I have two small meals during the day, have a nasal rinse at about 12.

      If needs be I clean my mouth and try and get rid of the mucous during the day.

      From a 8/10 bad breath I estimate its 4/10.

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    Hello Brandon or Tommy, hope you guys were able to get cured. I have exactly the same symptoms and I am so depressed I get suicidal.

    Can you please give and update on your cases?

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    Infection in your sinuses or nasal passages can be one of the reasons. Have you tried a saline nasal wash? Suggest you to get it thoroughly checked with the doctor once,

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    Try blis K12. You can buy it on Amazon. It is a probiotic for the mouth and throat. Ive had bad breath for YEARS. Antibiotics were the only thing that helped me but the bad breath would always come back after i stopped taking them. Plus they are just bad to take anyways. Blis K12 is a strand of good bacteria. When taken everyday it populates in your mouth and crowds the bad bacteria out. This has helped me so far and Im only on day 3 of taking it. I know this will help. Bad bacteria is the culprit.

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