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So I've had issues with my sugar getting low for a while now. My doctor has been monitoring my sugar for a couple years, borderline diabetic. My Dr tells me to not worry about it getting low and not to give in to the symptoms because my body will recover on its own and I have enough sugar stored that I will be fine. Says if I eat or drink when I feel the symptoms then I will give myself diabetes because I'll be over time raising the blood sugar levels. So my question is......have any of you experienced the same advice and symptoms? Super dizzy, shakey, confused, weak feeling, clammy palms, tired. Ive noticed if it gets below 70, even after I get my sugar back up, it seems like the rest of my day I feel off and tired. Is that normal? So at 67-69 I feel like I'm going to pass out. Should I really not eat or drink like the dr said?? I'm having a hard time with this.

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    I don't think I like what your Dr is telling you?!

    Low bld sugar can be fatal if it lasts long enough.

    I've just heard that here in Canada that if we go below 5.0 (50 for you?) that we aren't even supposed to drive as we're a danger to ourselves and to others. I haven't researched this yet but my

    source is usually reliable.

    I wonder if you need to get a second opinion? Who wants to live

    like you are, I've had most of the same symptoms when too low

    but I've been told to eat something immediately! Not a good


    Good luck, I'll follow your posts. Susan

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    Im diabetic type 2, I had all the symtons you describe, so my doctor has been giving me B12 shots one a week for 6 weeks, i just had my 4th shot, and feel much better
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      Hi, I was wondering why a Vitamin B12 shot? How did you feel

      after you got it? I haven't heard of this to manage Diabetes.

      I used to take oral Vitamin B Complex 100 to try to hopefully increase my energy level, unfortunately it didn't help!

      How did you know that it wasn't a low bld. sugar? Does it help

      to control low bld. sugar levels?

      Sorry for all the questions, I've just recently been put on Insulin

      and I'm always searching for help. Thanks, Susan

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    I help my mother manage her type II diabetes with diet. Even when her blood sugar  doesn't test low, she has symptoms, is very irritable, etc. I find that if I give her small meals every two hours or so, she does much better. This is a good practice for all of us. The key is to shift from the mentality of a huge meal we're used to, to small meals. You basically take the same meal you'd eat in one setting, and dived it into small portions. This seems to help keep things more balanced. 

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    Hi again, I thought that I'd let you know that late this afternoon I

    had my 1st very low bld sugar test. I was 2.2, I don't know if you

    know those numbers. We are to between 5 and 7.

    Anyhow, I was aware that my whole body was sweating

    profusely, my arms were so heavy I couldn't lift them up!

    I was shaking and becoming very wheepy.

    Luckily my husband came home and told me to do a bld sugar

    test. Somehow I did it & it was 2.2. He immediately brought me

    2 clemintine oranges & 4 jube jubes. 10 mins later I tested at

    7.0, what a difference.

    I'm sure that I would've done the right thing on my home but I

    did find it difficult! My symptoms are like yours and there's no

    way you shouldn't take things to correct it. Susan

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      Oh I'm glad you checked it and was able to get it back up. It's so scary and miserable. I'm trying to get in the habit of eating differently. Eating smaller portions more often. We'll see how the goes. I'd love to work with a nutritionist for a bit. I'm going to check in to it, It will depend on the cost. Stay well!!

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      I don't know what Country you are from but I'm extremely lucky

      that here in Ontario, Canada we have free access to a Diabetic

      Nutritionist and Nurse. I hope that you do too, your Dr. will know.

      They have an oncall system that we can also call or go online to

      the Canadian Diabetic site that has a tremendous amount of

      information and if you can't find your answer you can contact


      I prefer the 1 on 1, you go as long as you both feel that you need

      to! I hope this helps you, Good Luck, Susan

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    It depends on whether you are actually hypo or just that you have been running higher than normal blood sugar levels and when they start to go down you get the symptoms of a hypo without actually being hypo.   With a sugar reading of below 70 then that's equal to 3.9 which is hypo - "make 4 the floor" being the advice.   You should, therefore, raise your blood sugar, however, if you are used to high sugar levels and you get hypo feelings, if you test and find that you are not below 4 then you are not hypo and shouldn't give yourself some sugar. This is called a False Hypo.  Yes,treating it will get rid of the hypo feelings but you should just ride it out.  When I was first diagnosed my sugar level was 22mmol (400) and even when I went down to 9 (162) I was getting all the usual hypo feelings but had to try and ignore it, very hard but had to be done.   Whenever I've had a hypo, around 1.5 being the very lowest I had been, I felt very tired for the rest of the day.  We're always hearing about how high blood sugar levels can cause all sorts of problems but my diabetes nurses have always been far more concerned about the hypos.  Lots of raised sugar levels aren't good but they don't seem to mind the odd raised one, especially if you know what's caused it (sly cake etc)

    Regarding B12 injections.  Metformin is commonly prescribed for diabetes and I have been on them for years but last year I had a blood test done and my B12 was lower than it should be so I had several injections which seems to have brought it back up.  Metformin is apparently well known for causing B12 deficiency, something they don't tell you when they put you on them. It is sort of mentioned in the paperwork though.  It's just another drug that causes a problem that needs another drug to correct the damage done.

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      Spindles thankyou for your comments. The false hypo seems

      to make sense when you think about it. There have been times

      that I was positive that I was hypo but my sugar was normal

      after it had been running high.

      Also, I sure didn't read all the side effects of metformin! I will

      ask to have my B12 checked, somethings gotta help the

      fatigue etc. Thanks Susan

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