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Sugar spikes

I am diabetic and lately my sugar has been spiking over 200 on my glucose meter. My energy levels have dropped and I sometimes feel miserable. I workout everyday and walk between 1 to 4 miles a day. Any suggestions ?

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  • Bori

    Hi Bori.  Well, you've got two bases covered here, you're measuring your BG and you're getting the right kind of exercise.  How's your diet, are you counting carbs and limiting per-meal carbs, avoiding snacks, avoiding sugar and white bread?

    And of course, are you on any meds?  Sometimes you can do everything right but you need some meds, from just a little metformin, through a bunch of different pills and injections, right up to insulin.  Don't want to let that 200 go on too long.

    Have you talked to a doctor about it?

    • jx41870

      I am on metformin 500mg twice a day with a low dose blood pressure medicine to protect the kidneys. I admit my diet is not good but anxiety makes discipline very difficult. I am slowly trying to change my diet. I recently had to stop working out because of an appendectomy a few weeks ago so I am slowly getting back into decent shape.

  • Bori

    Medical procedures, almost any break in routine, can also spike your BG for days or even weeks until it returns to normal.

    If you're diabetic you can't cheat the diet and expect your BG to be good.  Metformin is not a license to pig out.  Wish it was! 

    See if you can stick to a carb count for just two or three days, and see if that doesn't work wonders.  Doesn't even have to be so low, my endo had me on 60-75 carbs PER MEAL and it worked fine, though with other meds.  I'm still doing more like 50-70 carbs/meal now, with just 500 metformin twice a day.  That's a good sandwich and a small salad, easily, it's not that tough.

    • jx41870

      Thank you and diet is the key and the most difficult. I will start to change my diet, I will start Monday morning with a high protein meal and low carbs.

  • Bori

    I can certainly recommend a low carb diet. My husband and son are on a low keto diet and I have joined them, although I still eat a few carbs.  I have cut out bread and potatoes and have been eating lots of salads with cheese, fish or meat and have only been on the diet for two weeks but can definitely see a difference in my sugar levels. Instead of them going up and down, especially after eating carbs, my levels are lower than they usually are and without so many peaks and troughs.  I haven't needed to give myself any quick acting insulin after meals and the two long acting  injections I give myself have needed to be reduced .  Before the diet I would eat a cooked meal and half an hour or so later would feel like snacking but eating more protein stops me feeling hungry so worth a try for anyone who wants to control their blood sugar as well as losing  weight. 

  • Bori

    Bori, any luck resolving this glucose issue?  Having the same issue, Type 2 for over 20 years. I eat healthy/good carbs, I also exercise and walk about 4 miles 5x a week. Driving me crazy too.  I have also had a virus for a few months, may have something to do with mine. Sometimes my sugar will shoot up weeks prior to getting ill for no reason like this. 

    • Je n

      You have some timing ! I was just measuring my sugar and it was 275. Soooooo frustrating. I ate a little mini wheats which are supposed to be high fiber abd I ate it with almond milk , the 30 calorie version. It's obvious that I can't have any cereal because my sugar spikes 100 pts. Very difficult to maintain my sugar levels. Thanks for asking, but I feel that you caught me with my hand in the cookie jar ! LOL !

    • Bori

      PS. Maybe try adjusting your Metformin? With your doctor’s ok, of course before making any changes. Have you tried adding another 500 of Metformin, to total 1500mg a day, or asking for the higher dose of 850, and taking that 2x a day? That might work … I am on the maximum of metformin and a very minimal dose of Pradin.  *Keep in mind Metformin is slow to react, takes a few days, if you change the dose. They insist that Metformin does’t cause low sugar, but in some of Diabetics, is causes low sugar, I am one of them.  Just in case, might want to pick up some glucose tablets the same day, if you change your medication. 

  • Bori

    LOL! Ohhhhh, I understand. I just ate four egg whites, and my sugar as a result is 220!  Those wheat cereal things you had spike me up too, even when my sugar is behaving, too many concentrated carbs right now for you?  We all seem to react differently to foods,etc. but usually, if I eat minimal carbs for a few days my sugar will usually come down.  You probably already tried that though. Frustrating, I understand!                                                                                                                                                                

    Have you tried the protein bars from Costco? It’s the “Kirkland  Signature” Brand of protein bars. They are made with the natural sweetener, stevia  and have 21g of protein, 15g of fibre and I think 3g of sugar. I have been living off of those bars, spinach and egg whites. Still at 200+. Could be stress, hormones, illness, I don’t know, but being a control freak, this high sugar isn’t working for me either! LOL

  • Bori

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  • Bori

    You should know all about blood sugar levels – the ranges which help to identify the risks. Maintaining and monitoring the BG is vital. Having a good anti-diabetic foods and practicing regular exercise play a vital role. 

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