Suicide by Remeron

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My 23 year old son committed suicide by an over-dose of Remeron. The medical examinor did not know how many he took, but there was no other drugs in his body. It is NOT a safe drug ! I am heart-broken.

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    Dear Marcus's Dad. I am very sorry that your son has died. You have aright to feel upset and angry about this and maybe looking at answers as to why your son took his own life. I am sure that the online community send their condolences too. If your sons suicidal tendencies increased whilst he was taking mirtazapine then you might wish to take this up with your sons doctor or psychiatrist to see if he was being supported properly. Mirtazapine has been useful for me in alleviating severe depression. I have support of my GP and my psychiatrist. Any anti depressant or pain killer taken in overdose can damage vital organs and or kill you. The drug companies cannot be blamed for that. Mirtazapine should be safer than the older anti depressants as it has had more rigorous testing although we dont know how these drugs affect us in the longer term.
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    i am so so sorry to hear about your son words cannot describe how sorry i feel for you , im on this medication and to tell you the truth im thinking about coming of this drug as it dont seem to do anything for me im just as depressed as i was when i was not taking it and im on the highest dose , everyone that reads your post will be heartbroken to read about your loss , like i said im so sorry to hear about your son its horrible to hear such things , all my love carter x
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    I was on venlafaxine for 3 month but it made me feel like i was gurning so im on remeron 30mg and i cant stop thinking about dieing! I dont want to be here feel like i am in hell
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    I am on 30mg and im sat here googling if i can die if i drink enough vodka with it! My temper is stil bad all ot does it help me sleep but when i wake ..i feel like im in hell! Am i alone on this!
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    I want to die too.  It is Christmas Day and I want to die
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      Hello lotte. And hello everyone.

      I am on Mirtazapine 30 mg + Valium 10mg + Citalopram 40 mg/day. I am depressed since 2015 after a serious nervous breakdown caused by finding after 8 years that my dear ex partner used me for 8 years for money, house and sex (when she was not having it with someone else).

      I tried to kill myself 2 times: 1 with the old hanging and 2 ingesting morphine. Both the attempt failed cause someone did not minded his own business.

      My GP and the psychiatric center in UK left me with no help just told me to attend a course online with a local help charity association that had the next course starting in 3 months after my last visit in 2015. They simply dismiss my case and left me with tons of medication and once a week a 30 mins psychological support from a 25 yo. So I came abroad to find help. Here I went for 4 weeks in a psychotherapy center but the result was so poor. Since then I am in an out psychiatric wards, unable to work and I have agoraphobia now so I can not get out my house, just if someone I really trust is with me and even then is really difficult to go more than few kms without having multiple panic attacks.

      I feel there is no light at the end of the tunnel. I will go this Monday for 8 weeks rehabilitation. All my so called friends left me like if they think depression is contagious.

      So I feel that is just question of time for me.

      I hope it will be better for you all soon. Please try keep strong. Till the end.

      Love you all 

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    I am so sorry.  I was always a happy upbeat persona and have had severe dental damage and want to die myself.   I pray for youand for all,those who are filled with such an unbeatable sadness.  
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    I read your post and I know exactly how he felt. I fell at home and the pain is unbelievable. All that I can think of is I don't want to do this anymore. You feel like the world is closing in around me. My doctor put me on remeron when I told her I was sucidual.  It's supposed to be helping that's a joke. I know the pain your son suffered and I had my grandson hang himself last year. I know this pain and I'm afraid it's in my future. I feel lost.

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      I'm so sorry you're feeling so unhappy. I hope you have family and friends that are there for you. 

      There's always someone that will chat with you on here. 

      Good luck and stay safe. 

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      Thank you vikki87350 for your kind words. I asked for help from my primary told her how I felt. She put me Remeron. I had a bad fall two weeks ago the pain has caused me to become so depressed. I didn't brake anything but osteoarthritis and bone osteophytes are in my hip .  She( nurse practitioner gave me tramadol which did nothing for the pain. I called and ask for something a little stronger and the doctor on call gave me five milligrams of hydrocodone which took the edge off. When you in your seventies it's so much harder.  My primary had the nurse call me and told me to make a appointment with my orthopedic. I did two weeks was the first appointment. I called athritis doctor her nearest appointment was May. I called this morning and ask for a refill on the pain meds until I get to see the doctor. I've had one prescription for pain meds in eight years when they fused my neck. I was told my doctor was off this weekend and would be back Monday.. I asked what am I suppose to do her words were HAVE A NICE DAY. it's sad.

      I also have stage four liver disease .Do you think it matters. What's happened is Fox news has been do stories on doctors writing pain meds and I guess that's more important than the well bring of their patient.its a sad day when the news runs the doctors. I so sorry to unload all this on you but I don't have anyone else. I have three sons all OVER THE COUNTRY. Two daughters who have their own lives and familiy. 

      I'm in the background. Thank you for listening.

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    My son died from an overdose in june 2016, not mirtazipine though.

    It's me who's taking mirtazipine because I'm grieving for my boy, it hurts every day and I have no one else now. No other family, there's just me and I'm wondering why bother carrying on.

    I'm in emotional pain every day, I'm on my own in this house all day every day, I had an accident in january and broke my wrist, needed surgery of pins and a metal plate to put my bones back together. When released from hospital I came back to an empty house and for the first time in my life I was afraid to come home. Because of the pain I was in from the surgery and how difficult everything was using only one hand.

    I've not got the life I thought I was going to have but I have got the life nobody wants.

    Why should I carry on, I miss my son, I'm always on my own, I'm getting older...... we all are..... and breaking my wrist is just a sign of things to come.....

    I'm never going to be happy again, I'm not getting any younger, my health is failing..... why am I dragging my miseable life out until the bitter end?

    I just don't know what to do or think........... but having read your posts, some 10 years old. I'm wondering if the mirtazipine is what's making me feel so bad. the thing that's meant to be making me feel better is making me feel worse!

    I wish I had someone to talk to I never know anyone else's point of view

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      Nat you must copy what you've just written on here and go see a psychiatrist and show them your words, your feelings.

      Mirtazapine is an awful drug and there's different types that can help you.

      I understand your pain and your not alone. I think most people feel that when we were young and our children were young in our lives we had a little of a lot, where now, all we have is a lot of a little. 

      I know I'm anxious because of my empty uncertain future but what I don't forget is that how I feel today will be different to how I'll feel tomorrow so I don't give in and now I'm very slowly meeting new friends after 10 years of depression after my soulmate died when I was only 32. 

      Don't give up on yourself, 

      Keep Strong 

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      Oh Vikki

      thank you for your kind reply. I don't see a psychiatrist, I don't see any mental health professional and I've never been referred to one. I just see my GP.

      I think I will do as you suggest and write  down how I feel, I can't carry on feeling this bad every day. Nobody could, its awful.

      If I thought things just might change, not even that they will but if they just might that would help.

      you are right though, mirtazipine is an awful drug - but the doctors here in UK seem to think it's the best thing ever - like they did about Prozac at first, and are doling it out to almost anyone for anything. Like they did with Prozac, it makes you wonder why.

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