Super Scared & Waiting--44 year old w/ 7cm cyst and .4cm cyst

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Hello from across the pond. I'm in the US.

I have been diagnosed w/ two complex cysts, fibrioids, and polyps.

Polyps tested negative.

Fibroids cause me to have very heavy periods.

The R cyst is approx 7 cm, the L is approx .4cm.

The R cyst causes stabbing pain at certain times during my monthly cycle.

All my paps have been normal.  I was on the birth control pill for about 18 years (I have no children), until a blood clot in my brain 5 years ago. I had embolization surgery to correct that issue, but ever since then, I have become a compulsive worrier about all things health-related.  (I guess brain surgery does that to you...)

Anyway, I originally saw my doctors because I thought I might be getting a UTI, as I was feeling an urge to pee more often than normal.  This seemed to happen at the same time in my cycle each month. Nothing unusual w/ my urine was found.  I went to my ob/gyn who said everything seemed normal, but if the feeling lingered I could get an US.  I pushed to get an US sooner, and that's when they foud the cysts, fibroids, and polpys.  I had another US--this time with saline infusion. They biopsied the polpys, which were negative.  They also were able to better see the cysts, which appear to be complex in nature.  They mentioned dermoid, but I have no confirmation on this.  My ob-gyn did a CA125 test, and the result was 30.3--although I know this isn't the best test.

She recommended surgery to remove the R cyst, ovary, and tube. She also recommended a D & C to remove the polyps/fibroids.  The L cyst removal is in question, as it is small.  She told me her colleague would do the surgery, as he does more laproscopic surgeries.

I also decided to see a Gyn/Onc for a 2nd opinion. Unfortunately, my US images were faxed over instead of sent via imaging, so they weren't that clear. She performed a pelvic exam and said she could feel the larger cyst.  She had concerns and said she really couldn't give me an opinion without seeing better imaging, so she ordered a pelvic MRI.  

I had really been hoping that she would tell me it was a dermoid cyst, and when she mentionened the possibility of it being something called a borderline cyst/tumor, I just went into a panic state.  If it's dermoid, they can just remove the cysts, along w/ my right ovary/tube.  If it's borderline, I will need to have everything removed--complete hysterectomy.

My husband brought me to the ER (emergency) later that day because of my extreme panic attack.  They did do an US, but did not give me results.  The gyn/onc has not called me about the results.  Maybe she is waiting for my MRI iamging?  I will have my MRI later today.

I am so worried--I can't sleep, I can't eat, and I'm scared to death.

 Please--is there anyone who has been through something similar?

I'm so sorry for rambling on.

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    Yes I have been through much the same.last November a complex cyst was seen on transvaginal ultrasound whichever as repeated in January and March,in March it showed changed and solid parts and nodules. concern was high and an mri performed within 2 days,I had appt two days later and Mri report was endometrioma

    Cyst and deep infiltrating please please do not worry until all results are in.they panic strickened me but we're only looking after me.let me know your results hope I've helped Michelle xxx

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    I had a complex cyst with mural nodules that is usually cancerous  Mine wasnt cancer. I worried and worried for nothing try not to because you dont know if there is anythng to worry about. I had a gyno oncologist too they are the best. Mine was a 37 cm serous cyst. I  will say a prayer for you biggrin

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    Sorry to hear. I had a 7cm cyst, both ovaries and tubes removed along with a D&C because my uterine wall was too thick. I had it done laparoscopically and it was easy breezy. I am also in the US thank god! I read all these post from these women and the Dr's open them up like when you have a c-section! Drives me crazy. They don't seem to be up on laparoscopic surgery. They have removed larger that 7cm. My doctor did say if she got on there and it was to big she would do a bikini cut. But every thing went great. Mine was diagnosed at my yearly exam. I got an US to confirm. She also did the CA-125 which was pretty normal and a blood test to see if I was in memopause, which I was. She gave me 8 to 12 weeks for the cyst to go down on its own which it did not so off to surgery I went. We decided to remove both ovaries and tubes while she was in there since i was in menopause anyway. It has 15 months since my surgery and I feel fantastic. No nearly as bloated, my weight has leveled off, my nails and hair look better than ever. I have people ask all the time if I had work done! Don't know what kind of cyst I had. She said it was filled with mucus and would not have ever resolved on its own. My surgery was at 11 am and I was comfortably back home by 1:00. Hope all turns out well for you.

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    Understandable. It's a lot all at once and since you were floating along just fine when tbe blood clot happened. But you survived that, you are strong!

    I had 1 huge cyst (kiddie soccer ball) on each ovary. + multiple tennis ball sized as well. CA125 super high. I too had gyno/oncologist surgeon. I also had severe endometriosis everywhere. Initial exam was told to get affairs in order.

    First exam with surgeon he said not cancer. Said CA125 elevates for many female abnormalities, the majority of which are not cancerous. It's only a diagnostic tool, one small piece of the puzzle.

    Surgeon ordered MRI for surgical aid. Said US gives general info - size, shape, location. MRI gives more specific detail and sometimes can indicate type. But definite is never sure until they get in.

    So try to breathe and stay calm. Most of the things I paniced about were false, misinformation. Messing up my bp, my sleep, my strength, etc. All not positive for overall health. Especially while preparing for surgery. I lost over 10 pounds from tissue removed during surgery. Yay. Only incision was sore. Felt much stronger and more normal by 3 weeks post op.

    Call your gyn/onc office and ask if they received the 2nd US. Many times they haven't. If so ask if she has reviewed.

    Since the uterus sits atop the bladder the fibroids (depending on size) could be causing pressure increasing your need to go. I was going evey 20 mins before op.

    There are many types of cysts, again the majority benign. I would talk to your surgeon about cystectomy vs ovary. Current size is just above the concern size. Based on US which can be deceiving but preserving the ovary is best if possible. Even losing one can mess with your chemistry.

    Depending on size there are new procedures to starve fibroids to make them shrink without DC. Much less invasive.

    Drs. see this stuff all day everyday so it's old news to them. They sometimes forget how terrifying it can be. So make a list of all your concerns and review with your Dr., don't be afraid. This is all new to you and Drs. assume you don't have questions if you don't ask.

    Focus on calming activities- movies, music, walking outside. Feed your spirit while you wait. If the doesn't help ask for temporary medication to help.

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    First, thank you to everyone that has responded.

    I had my MRI yesterday evening. They performed it using a 3T machine, which I guess produces amazing images.  The doctor just called me w/ my results, which were consistent with the R cyst being a dermoid cyst--one that is actually a little bit smaller than what was noted from the US. I'm thinking that the MRI that I just had is much more accurate.  Here is what the results were: 

    "Right ovary measures 5.8 x 3.9 x 5.9 cm with dominant ovarian mass

    measuring 5.0 x 3.5 x 5.6 cm. This reflects a fat-containing lesion with

    mural nodularity noted posteriorly and inferiorly without discernible

    abnormal enhancement. MR appearance is typical for an ovarian dermoid.

    Left ovary measures 2.4 x 2.2 x 3.1 cm and contains a 1.1 x 1.7 x 1.5 cm

    mass containing blood products with hemosiderin ring. MR appearance is

    typical for an endometrioma, less likely a hemorrhagic ovarian cyst. No

    discernible abnormal enhancement is demonstrated.

    No free fluid is noted in the pelvis. There is no evidence for pelvic

    lymphadenopathy. Visualized loops of bowel are of normal caliber. No acute

    appearing marrow signal changes are noted."

    I have been scheduled for surgery next Wednesday, the 28th to have the R dermoid removed (and possibly the ovary--I will be asking the surgeon about this), as well as a D & C for the other issues. The doctor will look at the L side during the surgery, but most likely, nothing will be done for that side.  The surgery will be laproscopic, and assuming all goes well, I will go home the same day.  

    I'm planning on about 2 weeks of rest. Does this sound accurate?

    Thanks again, ladies, for being so kind to respond.


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