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I have moderate copd and was wondering if anyone has tried any supplements and if they helped.  Read a little bit and it mentions flaxseed oil as helping with inflammation.  Never been one for supplements but will try anything that could help some.

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    Hello Arlene

    I've been on a 5 year journey with this....not knowing what was causing my copd...but now I know my problem is specifically mold in my lungs which is actually much more common than people realize, and is rarely diagnosed by doctors. Mold is sneaky and difficult to detect in homes, workplaces, barns, etc. but many people with copd symptoms have actually had either a long-term exposure to hidden mold, or have been subjected to massive amounts of mold spores in just one or two events.  Before it was determined that this was the problem, I eliminated all the usual food suspects that cause allergies (didn't help me), had no animals in the house (didn't help either,) and took massive quantities of supplements that should have helped relieve allergies (that didn't help much either), although I do take supplements to support healing such as a top quality vitamin/mineral (don't take brands sold in stores...ask a naturopathic md. I don't think I'm allowed to mention the brand I use here but you could send me a message)  beta carotene, omega 3, probiotics, b complex, alfalfa, coQ10, NAC which is n-Acetyl-L-cysteine, olive leaf extract, and artichoke extract.  I've heard that L-gluthathione inhaled thru a nebulizer is very helpful.

    NOW....what I have discovered that has helped me the going off sugar and carbohydrates. It sounds radical, I know. And at first I was not willing to give up my beloved sugar and carbs...but, once I researched it more, and read testimonies, I decided to give it a try since nothing else was helping. I decided against traditional drug therapies because they treat symptoms but do not target the cause. One of the most powerful testimonies was by an engineer who cured his mom who was in stage IV (that's pretty much the end of life stage) by completely changing her diet eliminating sugars and carbs. I was desperate, since I am in stage III. After 2 weeks, I noticed a significant change in the reduction of my symptoms (ie. previously I would spend 2hour sessions coughing up alot of congestion in my lungs 3x a day) sometimes longer. That was 6 hours lost out of every day of my life. Exhausted, unable to function, my quality of life was quickly deteriorating. I was taking between10-20mg prednisone and 4-5 bronkaid (ephedrine) tablets a day. Now, after 3 weeks consuming  no refined sugar (limited natural sugars in fruit...only 1/2 of a fresh fruit a day) and very limited carbs, I have NO MORE coughing fits, and only take 1 bronkaid (if needed), was able to get down to 5mg prednisone, and now I have just started my first week on no prednisone.  Whenever I do feel the need to cough, very little comes up out of my lungs. This is remarkable! I had no idea how toxic sugar is to the body. I know it sounds impossible...I thought so too, because I'm a sugar addict. But I found many substitutes when the cravings would hit.

    There are many other herbal supports for copd. The American Association of Naturopathic Physicians can help you find a practitioner in your area. ( I found one thru this site).  A physician practicing holistic & naturopathic medicine seeks the CAUSES of your illness and works to target the cause rather than simple treating symptoms with drugs. If you have trouble clearing the congestion from your bronchi, there is a device called a lung flute which uses sound waves to dislodge the stuff and helps you cough it out easily. My dr. wrote me an Rx for it and so I am going to try it as well.

    Another helpful therapy is the Buteyko method of breathing. Find this online and on you tube. Watch several...they all have unique tips to share. This has also helped me alot.

    I hope this is helpful for you too!

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      Thank you for this post uptown, it is very informative.  I am a sugar addict and have gone up an down throughout my life with consumption.  85% cacao dark chocolate has taken away my sugar cravings completely.  I stand amazed.  It tastes horrid, not at all like the luscious milk chocolates.   70% cacao is the lowest you can go an still derive all the amazing benefits and it is more tolerable to the palette. 

      Another diet consideration I do is limit, if not quit all, dairy products.  Dairy produces mucus and as all fellow COPD's know, mucus is our enemy.

      I am going to re-read your post and take notes.


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    I found the fact that fruit is bad for you I eat LOADS  of fruit...always have...not sure if I could cope on just half a fruit a day...i dont eat sugar in any other way....

    I too have also cut down on dairy...and this REALLY makes a difference to mucus production ( well in me anyway)  I was constantly blowing my nose before, and now I hardly ever have to blow it.

    Has anyone else got any info on fruit being bad for you?  

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    I take the Vit D & the Vit C   AND I have cut out sugar  ( except for fruit which I LOVE)  but carbs !!!  as well !!!!    oh dear  not sure I can do this  smile  smile
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