Supplements - Male, Age 35, aching every day and really worried.

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Hi everyone.

From what I've read so far this seems like a great community and I'm in need of help/advice.

Quick back story.

I'm Martin and I'm 35. I've been working since I was 15 years old. I've been working in building industry, very cold food factories, car industry - I am your typical workaholic.

I've got a wife, one daughter and we are expecting another child in few weeks time.

Everything I do I do for my family, their future and financial stability, while putting myself always at the bottom of the list of important things.

But, it got to the stage where I feel like 55-60 year old with multiple age relating problems. My hips hurt every day, my knees hurt every day, my feet suffer apparently from Plantar Fasciatis every day, my back is weak, I get testicular pain due to wear on my lower spine if I sit incorrectly, all my upper joints feel worn out, but not hurting.

I also suffer from psoriasis.

I do on average 12000-15000 a day, but in some cases as much as 22000 steps Monday to Friday and a fair few hours of sitting by the desk everyday. Weekends don't involve much walking, its either physical work around the car on Saturday, but nothing extreme and Sunday is resting in pain.

I do suffer sometimes from shortness of breath after exercise.

I've been admitted 3 years ago to hospital from exhaustion.

I don't smoke for 2,5 years now since switching to 3mg nicotine vaping pens.

I don't smoke. I don't take drugs. I don't eat takeaways.

We cook at home all week fresh meals, not even ready meals. We eat meat chicken or pork 3 times a week, fish 2 times a week and then pasta or other food for the remaining 2 days. I eat vegetables at least 6 days a week and when I do it is in large amounts, love vegetables.

I don't drink coffee, 5-6 cups of tea every day with 3 spoons of sugar each time.

In the past I've been drinking lots of full of sugar squash, and I mean huge amounts until I've open my eyes nearly a year ago after calculating daily intake of sugar.

By the way, I'm 6ft and I weigh 85kg, so I'm not fat or overweight, rather medium build, slim legs and average belly smile

I don't like sweets, but I'll have some from time to time and I drink also everyday sugar free squash juice.

I am at the stage where I'm extremely worried about my health and if I'll be able to provide for my family. Psoriasis is depressing, but not my main concern. It's the joints/knees/hips/feet pain which since last month is something I suffer from 24/7.

My hips and knees are worse when I sit and in colder temperatures.

My feet just hurt all the time since July last year. 

I am sick and tired of doctors telling me about injections or pain killers which I refuse to take. I don't take any medication whatsoever. 

I do stress a lot as well and get easily angry and sometimes depressed.

So I have recently bought and read a very good book about vital vitamins and minerals and decided to come up with my own list of supplements to take every day focusing on tackling current issues and preventing future problems. This list of supplements is focused on the following issues:

- Arthritis (prevention or easing pain if I already have it)

- Circulation

- Depression

- Digestion

- Energy

- Healthy heart

- Immune system

- Joint mobility

- Memory

- Men's health/prostate

- Skin care

- Stress

For nearly 2 weeks I've been compiling a ''shopping list'' of supplements on Boots and Holland & Barrett website. I've got 2 excel spreadsheets telling me what each supplement is for, how often to take, how often do I need to buy it, cost etc and second excel spreadsheet lists all the ingredients across all 23 tablets I'm planning to take every day across the day and total daily intake for each of them.

This is the full list:

Allicin 2800ug

Aloe Vera 5000mg

L-Arginine 40mg

Calcium 800mg

Chitosan 500mg

Chondroitin 400mg

CMO 100mg

Cod Liver Oil 500mg

Copper 1000ug

CoQ10 10mg

Devil's claw 1200mg

Evening Primrose Oil 600mg

Folic Acid 600ug

Garlic Macerate 1000mg

Ginger Extract  50mg

Gintko Bilboa Extract 2.4mg

Korean Ginseng Extract 75mg

Glucosamine Sulphate 2000mg

Gotu Kola 250mg

Grapeseed Extract 380mg

Iron 8mg

Magnesium 450mg

Manganese 12mg

MSM 916.7mg

Niacin 48mg

Omega-3 Fish Oil 1000mg

Pantothotenic Acid 18mg

Red Rice Yeast 1200mg

Royal Yelly 500mg

SAMe 200mg

Starflower Oil 410mg

Vitamin A 400ug

Vitamin B1 26.1mg

Vitamin B2 4.4mg

Vitamin B3

Vitamin B6 11.4mg

Vitamin B12 102.5ug

Vitamin C 80mg

Vitamin D 60ug

Vitamin E 43mg

Zinc 15mg

Selenium 110ug

Iodine 150ug

L-Glutamine 10mg

L-Glutathione 5mg

5 HTP 20mg

Boswellia Serata 100mg

Chromium 1040ug

Lipase 5mg

Biotin 50ug

ug stands for micrograms, couldn't find correct symbol.

I don't know any honest professionals or health experts or supplement experts who could have a look at this list and tell me what they think. Is there anything what shouldn't be taken together, even if vast majority are minerals, vitamins or herbs.

I know I'll be going over recommended daily allowance on vitamin D to help with psoriasis, glucosamine and few other vitamins.

I really don't what to do and what I'm doing and where to go. I don't know if this is the right place for this discussion either. 

What I'm worried the most is my joints/bones and not being able to move in 5-10 years time without very strong pain killers daily, stroke, heart attack and my mental health due to all of this.

Any help or posting a link for this discussion somewhere else more relevant or contact details for someone who could help would be extremely appreciated.

Thank you very much for all your time smile

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    Wow! Do you honestly believe taking all that can help? My suggestion for you...?Go see an holistic dr. That is what they specialize in. They will set u up with all you need. That is way too many pills to take for one person. There is a case of overload. Which can be just as harmful. I have never been to a holistic doctor but I know someone who has and they just absolutely love her. They take like 2 hours or longer with you to get all the information about you and then they set out to give you all the natural remedies to help you out. I would definitely suggest doing something like that instead of going on my own doing something I really don't know a lot about. Hope this helps and I too am in that age range and I've got all the aches when I go to getting up I'm stiff but I know mine is lack of exercise which I am definitely going to get into a good regime once I retire from my job. And I look forward to retiring soon. There is so much more to life and enjoying life and family then work, work, work. Slow down buddy you'll find it's well worth it in the end. Your presence is way more important yo your family than the almighty dollar.

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      Also, as far as the plantar fastitis. (Spelling) my podi told me to wear good shoes and to put the toe o my shoe against the wall while facing the wall and bring your heel up and down. That helps that.
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    You are wasting your health and money on all these supplements. Most are unregulated because they do nothing and you still feel the same. You are still young enough to learn a new trade so you would not have to work so hard. Your health and life are more important. Good luck.
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    I recommend to look into candida and healing the gut. It’s our second brain and could be the cause of your issues. Especially pain. You mentioned your version of a clean diet but there is so much more than that. You don’t necessarily ONLY have to have digestive issues to have a gut problem. Please look into it. It would also save you from taking all of those supplements which can make you worse if you don’t do your homework. 

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    Good evening everyone

    First of all I'd like to thank you all for such a quick replies and apologies for late reply.

    So for Plantar Fasciitis I'm already wearing ActiveFoot insoles from day one and I always wear very soft and flexible Nike Free 5.0 trainers which I change every 3-4 months. I have been told it takes long time to recover with plenty of rest.

    I am not working any more at the same pace, I have calmed down a lot and changing job is not an option for many reasons.

    When it comes to that list of supplements not being regulated I have to disagree, 90% of them are minerals and vitamins from natural sources, not actual man made chemicals, but I agree it's a lot..

    Candida suggestion got me actually thinking and there is a possibility of that, but the only symptoms I have is joint pain and maybe tiredness and digestive issues. But I will have this confirmed most likely next week and if this is what I have, but without strong symptoms, I will have it treated immediately for sure.

    As for holistic doctor, I didn't know that my local osteopath I always use offers holistic treatments so I'm going to see him tomorrow morning.

    I'm still planning to start taking some supplements such as all vitamins, starflower oil, royal jelly, chitosan, glucosamine and few others due to no risk whatsoever, but as already said it is too much.

    I'm hoping to get some answers tomorrow.

    Thank you once again for all the replies, it is very much appreciated.


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    Hope you get answers!
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    Please see you doctor discuss all the supplements  with him and then only take it. 
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    Evening all

    Apologies for late reply, had a manic week.

    So. I went to see my 85 year old osteopath and there are some improvements already, but it will take time now to see what is what exactly. And I say that because my hip bones were out of position again, one side higher than the other which would prevent my plantar fasciitis getting better. At the same time my feet were affecting my knee and hip muscles. So in short terms a lot at the minute is down to muscles and lack of magnesium most likely. I have been straighten out for now, I've been given exercises to do every morning and evening, ordered new pair of insoles as well and I have reduced the list of supplements from 23 pills to 10.

    They are:

    - multivitamin with high dose of magnesium

    - garlic

    - glucosamine

    - horse chestnut

    - vitamin d

    - evening primrose oil

    - beta carotene

    - omega 3

    - cod liver oil

    - ginkgo biloba

    All from nature's best covering, healthy joints, bones, healthy heart and skin. That's all. No unregulated ingredients/supplements.

    We will see how this all goes over the next 4 weeks.

    Thank you for all the advice so far, it is genuinely appreciated.


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