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HI there . '

well since my post of a few days ago , re my husband and his prolapsed discs , we have seen the Physio today and hes referring  us onto a spinal surgeon. ( We live in greater manchester and so are being reffered to Salford Royal , which for our area is the back specialist centre)

Basically after 5 weeks of physio that has done little in the way of relieveing his symptoms and pain they have decided he needs surgery.

I am not an expert  at all , but it seems really silly to me that an MRI scan took so long . It confirmed and  prooved that the problem was much more severe than first thought , why dont they do the MRIs first to actually see for real whats going on?  Yes I know thay have to see if the problem heals on its own , but honestly surely they know just how severe someone is? Its beyond me that it can take so long , reading here we arent that bad in the wait , even though its been 5 months of a job .

 We now of course have to wait for the appointment to come thru which can take anywhere between 4 and 8 weeks we have been told.

And ......... then another wait to get some resolve and actual treatment , it seems endless. Meanwhile my poor husband is in a lot of pain >

ONce again I find myself angry on his behalf , he bless him is just in so much pain its all he can think about. He has enough to just get thru another day.

Im sure im not alone in the frustration of waiting .

Thank you to those of you who have been concerned and sent me messages of support , it means so much to know that people out there are listening and offereing their support.

SO for now its a watch this space , im sure ill be here again to vent !!

cheers , 



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    Hi jane, that's such a shame, the bottom line is it all boils down to money I'd say I had to be in hospital as an inpatient and what felt like at deaths door before I got my MRI apparently they are costly also... 

    I got sugery 3 weeks later, I'm sure your husband will get his surgery sooner than later. What pain relief is he on? I was on morphone for 6 weeks that kind of helped but had withdrawals I think! I'm now ten days post surgery and so far so good! I've just been a 20 min walk... 

    It's so painful and fruamstrating for the patient but also for the families to see someone u love in that much pain! It affected my whole family , hope your ok! X

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      HI Lorraine .

      Thanks  for your speedy reply and good for you walking ,  thats terrific news , your absolutely right re the MRIs , it would appear that cost is likely to be one of the main reasons they only do them after all other avenues have been gone down.

      We await  for his appointment coming up , there is a postive in that we now know we are going to get some kind of  treatment following the refferal. At least its being seen to rather than him just being placated with Physio, they dont like me there at all as ive caused a fuss and advocated on his behalf ! ( IM sure ive been labelled the Rottweiler wife ! but I dont care a bit , if it gets us n oticed and some action then so be it ! lol

      Y ou take care and continue to get well ,  as for your question  re meds , hes currently on amitryptaline , ibuprofen , omeprazole , dihydracodeine slow release , the DHC helps  with his pain but not his bowel ! unfortunately one of the side effects being constipation . As a result of that and being unable to actually sit on the loo for too long sorry to be so graphic but im sure you know the story re the sciatic nerve damage) anyways , he only takes his DHC if he really needs it , he doesnt want to become too dependant on it either.

      Meanwhile in some northern corner of england , im here . as always to cheer him along !

      I tell you , i havent known wether to laugh at the absurdity of it all or cry out of sheer frustration for him, for me , for the situation . Ive actually done a combination of the 2 in the wee small hours when hes finally managed to get some sleep , i have my wobbles and my tears flow.

      Thanks ever so much for the friendly concern ,

      very best wishes to you along the road to your own recovery .


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    Hi Iam glad he's got surgery and spin specialist I wish I could get mine out Been like this agony for 2 years n basically nothing's worked I asked pain clinic for another scan in March no joy got an epidural on 10th March and basically this as got even worse I carnt even walk 3 mins now, it's a joke they better come up with something in August, hope everything goes well xx

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    dont worry i will i carnt wait till august n see what crap they come out with , iam going to ask to see a spinal specailist carnt cope.thanx xx
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    At least you are now going to be seen by the right people but I hope that they do something  because on the Isle of Man they call it  chronic pain and leave you on pills 
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      It's not Good enough Ann.

      I am in extreme pain and left with the pain clinic, Injections etc...

      I do have an appointment coming in Liverpool with a Professor Nurmiko so I am hoping that something new may come after that

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      I know mate waste of time I had the injection in March n I go bk to the pain clinic in august its a joke if they don't come up with Somert New I want a referral to a spin specialist at Liverpool a the really bad pain as not eased off any n Im lied here it feels like all my legs broke from my hi down to my foot, can't even bare putting my shoe on as that feels broke too,how can they let us carry on like this when for yrs nothing as wworked, so it obviously not goin too, till they operate, hope you get summertime sorted, coz Ian ready to flip,as I feel like punching someone when the pains this bad x
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      i feel like my fingers and toes are in a vice it's agony and my pain in my feet goes half way up my shins. Then there is the pain in my neck and head I have now also got Tinnitus which is beyond belief and I have to where glasses because it's messed wth my eye sight.

      I have a copy of my MRI and I can see whats wrong it just seems like they don't want to see it

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      There Muppets it's all to do with money,the government only allocate so much n there to busy concentrating on the money instead of the patients, that's why they leave it as long as possible,its ok for them there not the ones in agony I carnt even walk my child to school anymore it's a joke Ian 38 n walk like Iam 88 , n u see people busing about in them scooters n they can walk better than us n on benefits,  n we carnt get sorted out,  it's the biggest joke goin
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      I was thinking it was only us on the Isle of Man who were having the problem due to money but obviously not.

      It's easy for them to put you on a waiting list and inject chemicals in to your body because they are not in pain.

      I was sent to a psychologist who asked how I was in my self  ......... I said I am F**king furious as I should have been referred 8 months ago but instead I have been left in pain unable to work.

      On a positive note as I was a manual worker and I know that I won't make a quick return to fitness I am now retraining on a course called "end which is a European Computer Driving Licence. This will help me get back to work asap when I can be up and about for a full day.

      Maybe this is something that you can look into.

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      Don't know I thought it wad just me at first but I've seen a few people with this n some of um have had the op they said if it in that much pain u just have keep on at them, I tried that n they didn't like it , doctor said what do you want me to do n I went mad carnt wait till August if I last that long, n as for the money they naffedd my daughter up n damaged her nerves she is now on depression tablets at 19 never goes out her room n now seeing a councillor it's a joke, so that's another reason I think it's down t. money , your not alone,  we'll just av keep at um wether they like it or not, and thanx for that hopefully we'll get to that stage haha I now it's not funny but if I don't we don't laugh we,d cry. Good Luck

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