Surgery rejected, awaiting blood test, what happens now?

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Hi all,

Really starting to get a bit frustrated with how long everything is taking and how no-one seems to know what they're doing. Here's a brief run-down of what's been happening because I just need to rant:

  • Been having pain attacks since August 2018
  • Went to A&E in October where they suspected kidney stones
  • Whilst waiting for my kidney ultrasound, I had more attacks and an out-of-hours doctor said it sounds more like gallstones and that they'd check my gallbladder too when I have my ultrasound
  • Had my ultrasound in January, I asked them if they'd be checking my gallbladder too and they said no because it's just a kidney scan. I pretty much begged them to check it so I didn't have to wait another 6 weeks for yet another ultrasound so they did and found gallstones, but put in the report that it was an 'incidental finding' because they weren't supposed to go looking at my gallbladder (no stones in my kidneys)
  • My GP called me a week later and was being very reluctant to diagnose me with gallstones and was still fixated on the idea of kidney stones, suggesting a CT scan to provide a clearer image. He said that the gallstone finding was accidental and there was no sign of inflammation of the gallbladder or ducts (not sure why he'd insist the problem is my kidneys when they came back clear on the scan, but gallstones are visible instead)
  • He eventually referred me for gallbladder removal surgery after I explained my symptoms again
  • Today the GP surgery phoned me and said my referral has been rejected because I need to do a blood test and another ultrasound, so I booked a blood test for next week
  • Shortly after that the Referral Service at the hospital phoned me offering me an appointment to discuss surgery, and I said "I thought it's been rejected". He said they originally sent it through without the ultrasound but it had been re-sent now. I mentioned the blood test and he said that it should be OK as long as the results are back in time for the appointment the week after next, but then he phoned back to cancel saying they need the results first

So now I'm wondering if I do actually need another ultrasound too and they just haven't realised. I'm wondering what happens if my blood tests come back clear - will I get refused surgery because my case isn't deemed serious? Will I still have to have another ultrasound (a gallbladder-specific one this time)?

I feel like I'm getting messed around 😦 I just want it all sorted out so I can go back to eating normally and not living in fear of having another attack.

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    The shambles is what this looks like and 'they' most probably have never heard of dissolution of gall bladder cholesterol stones either by ursodeoxycholic acid treatment....... It may well be worth researching............ off handed removal of the gall bladder is plain stupidity.

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      It is a massive shambles, I think surgery is just the go-to option for them because they seem to think that you don't need your gallbladder and it's a relatively simple surgery but I've heard of so many people having problems afterwards.

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    Hi there

    i am so sorry that you have been in this situation but PLEASE do not think that gb removal is a cure all, a surgeon must be absolutely certain that you need this, you may be left with a lifetime of problems!!!

    I know u are desperate for answers but don't jump into surgery, removal of an organ is a big deal.

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      Yeah this just feels like a crap situation, I lose either way. Leave the gallbladder in and keep having attacks, or have it taken out and end up with other problems. Not sure what to do really.

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      "Why not research the Urso and if you speak to a specialist who knows about it you can be dissolving your gall stones while you wait to have it out?

      On the other hand if you are like me your stones if they are cholesterol type they will be reduced in size by half if you take the urso for 4 months!

      Speak to most chemists who seem to be more aware what's what much more than some doctors...... Note I said SOME. My gastro surgeon is the best that why he gave me a script for urso and I've never looked back = no symptoms still have a functioning gall bladder with a stone 10mm that was 17mm........

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    Pretty crap all round really! When you have an abdo ultrasound for suspected gallstones they check your kidneys, pancreas and aorta at the same time, so it should be the same if they suspect kidney stones.

    I'm suprised your GP referred you for surgery without seeing a gastro 1st, but then thats about a 6 month wait ( well at my hospital anyway)

    Most people with gallbladder problems have normal bloods.

    Good luck the NHS isπŸ‘Ž

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    I whole heartedly agree with all the comments the NHS is a mess! GPs are useless, I was messed about for three years, hundreds of visits, waiting for appointment etc. If you have the finance go private, find out who the best gastro consultant is though.

    In the meantime you must be brutal with your diet NO fat at all, drink nothing but water, at least your attacks will settle, if you want any help with how to stay healthy on a no fat diet do ask me but it is tedious but you will be pain free.

    all the best x

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      Hi Joanna, thanks for replying. Yes it does seem a lot of people have been messed about, sorry that you were one of them! Did you finally get your surgery? Did you have to go private?

      The attacks have settled by me eating low fat x

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    Yes, I got fed up with it ruining my life, I had extreme gastritis all the time, reflux, I had my hiatus hernia repaired as well.

    Finally this June I researched consultants and had my gb removed privately, at huge cost!! because mine was not considered emergency (non functioning) I was looking at another 18 months minimum before I would be considered under the NHS.

    Like I said do not leap into surgery, it can be a long hard road to recovery, do as much research as pos.


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