Surgery worries for RVOT-VT

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Hi there smile

I have recently (2 days ago) been diagnoised with Right ventricular outflow tract tachycardia. I am 22 and so my doctor has advised that an ablation procedure would be best suited instead of mediacion for life. He has refered me to a Cardiologist to discuss the operaition however going over the procedure quickly with me.

I have avoided researching the surgery online as I know it will only scare me, however my doctor explained that I will be awake and under a local anesthetic whilst they give me instuctions during the procedure.

This is kinda scaring me a little as I have never had an operation before and the thought of being conscious through it is a little daunting.

Has anyone had this op before and can reasure me a little of it's success and their experience during the op? 

Thank you!

Rachel x

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    Hi. I've not had the proceedure - but have had electrophysiology tests which use the same techniques. For what it's worth - this is the process I had.

    After shaving the groin and giving local anaesthetic (no pain) an incision is made. Again I didn't feel anything. I did have an unfortunate reflex however (about 1 in 100 patients do) - my femoral vein is v v close to a nerve and when the small tube/scope was put in it triggered a nerve and I ... er.. kicked him in a rather private place!! redface.  

    It was plain sailing after that. I simply did not notice anything as the scope went into the heart through the larger vessels. Once in the heart I had a series a tests sending small currents across different parts of the heart to determine where my scrambled heartbeat came from. At times it felt very odd;  sometimes there was a sensation of pressure and at others my heart rythmn was (deliberately) changed. 

    So, you won't have all the diagnosis/seeing where the problem is bit - as they know exactly where they are going. I think they use a cauterisation technique in a tiny area for an ablation. I have friends who have had this done - again, extremely odd, but not painful.

    Alas, I could not have an ablation (although one was scheduled) as another illness (lupus) gave me another cardiac problem (pericarditis) and it was thought that control with flecainide was better.

    I've no idea if this helps? You can always ring the Surgeon's Sectretary and ask for some info to be sent asap. So that you can talk it through with your GP.

    All good wishes - and tell us how it goes. Btw it is entirely up to you whether you do this or not!

    Also the British Heart Foundation have very non scary information ;-).

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      Hi Florabunda!

      Thank you so much! I feel so much better reading the information you gave me! I was worried about the pain and the sensations but knowing very little is involved and falling asleep is common, I am so relieved smile

      Ha! I will pre-warn the surgen about my potiental flying limbs! :'D

      I'm sorry to hear about your newly developed conditions! I hope the tablets ae working out for you smile I am on the same meds at the moment.

      Thank you once again for the information which I'll have a look at and sharing you experience! It has been a great help and relief! I will be sure to tell you how the op goes :D

      Thank you! 

      Rachel x

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      Let us know! And yes the meds are working pretty well. Basically lots of things that were fine  eg blood pressure, shot up after menopause (not brilliant) but ta dah! The A Fib reduced hugely when my hormones didn't go up and down so much. So, I have a few blips - but they are pretty OK.

      All good wishes ;-)

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    Hello, I have had an ablation done and was a very simple op.  I found it very interesting being awake and had no pain.  You are sedated and if you are finding it uncomfortable, they can give you more sedation, they need you awake to beable to find where the extra beats are coming from.  I was on medication for tachy for a few years but had a job to find one without the horrible side effects, so doctors finally suggested an ablation.  I should have had it done earlier and I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't had it done.  For mine, the biggest issue at the time was the doctors had a job to 'induce' my heart to tachy which took a while, but no pain or discomfort at all and would highly recommend you have this done.  Hope yours is successful.
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      Hi smile

      Thank you for the info! It's good to know t's a farly simple procedure and nothing huge or what not smile I am feeling a lot more comfortable with this procedure now! Luckily I haven't ad any sie effects from the meds yet although I havent been on them for long so time will tell smile I am due an ablation within the nex 6 months, or so my Doctor has said anyway.

      I'm glad your ablation went well and also that you recorrmend it. I haven't seen or heard of any ablation beng unsuccessful wither so my mind is very much at ease now. 

      Thank you so much! smile

      Rachel x


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    Hi Rachel.  

    I have had two ablations for RVOT tachycardia.  It really was not too bad once you get over being wide awake and loads of people milling about.  It hurt a little bit, but nothing worse than the dentist. I was out next day both times.  Worked first time for 3 months until I over did it again. (my issues seem to be brought on by stress) and then second time pretty much nailed it. Still get occasional ectopic beats but nothing major. Can still run and cycle with no problems. 

    Good luck!


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