Suspect gallbladder problem but doctor's appointment didn't go well

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Hi, I think I might have a gallbladder problem but when I saw a GP today they said it probably wasn't because I'm young and don't have enough risk factors. They gave me antacid tablets and told me to come back in a month if it still hurt.

After reading about the type of pain and location from people with gallbladder issues, my pain sounds similar. Three days ago I got upper abdominal pain (in the centre and towards the right) suddenly about an hour after eating dinner (which was vegetables, potatoes and tofu, nothing that would trigger IBS). It was constant until yesterday and got worse when I bent over, breathed deeply, laid on my back, walked, moved in certain ways or pressed on my upper centre/right abdomen. It's not too bad now but those things can still make it hurt again. The pain's also moving round to my back a little. I've also been more gassy than usual and had some nausea after eating or when moving too much. 

I don't know what to do. I don't want to wait a month to see if it goes away like the doctor said to do. I've had stomach acid issues before and this isn't like that. I even took some Tums tablets which normally help with stomach acid problems and it didn't do anything. And stomach acid pains normally happen when I haven't eaten for several hours, not an hour after and they aren't made worse by bending, lying down, breathing etc. I also took some Andrews salts (antacid and laxative) in case it was just indigestion and it didn't help.

Has anyone got suggestions about what I should do? Does this sound like gallbladder problems to people who have experienced them? Thanks 

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    Unfortunately, doctors sometimes treat ailments strictly by the book.  They look for certain signs to point them where to go.  GP's sometimes know little about the digestive process, and they are apt to try to treat the symptoms without discovering the underlying cause, the easiest fix as far as they're concerned.  

    I suggest that you get a referral to a gastroenterologist who can give you the appropriate tests and who may be more interested in finding out exactly what's happening. You must be the one to press for the answers. 

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      Ah, well I'm doing okay. Found out last week that my uterine cancer has reoccurred, so have had CT scan, MRI, biopsy and PET scan, saw my doctor last week and will be seeing him again this week to discuss surgery and treatment plan. 

      Trying to keep on an even keel and not overload myself with anxiety, just accept and work with what comes.

      How are you? xx

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      So sorry to hear that Lynda. You were a real support to me after my diagnosis and I have read many of your posts, so I know how much you've helped others by giving sound, sensible advice. I suppose that does mean more surgery for you. Had you had symptoms or was it picked up routinely?It's quite a lot to take in but luckily I found as soon as you have a cancer diagnosis, treatment speeds up. I had surgery within three weeks of my diagnosis.

      I'm doing ok. Have CT scan on 11th September and see my surgeon on 21st. Hoping all will be well. Feel my GP should be doing something meantime. Always assumed that if you have cancer, they'd be keeping an eye on you. Never even had so much as a blood test since I was in hospital in March.

      Focusing on a family holiday we have booked and trying not to worry about what might happen. After all, worrying won't change the outcome either way. Keep in touch x

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      Thank you.  I'm grateful to have been able to have been of help to you and to others!

      I had been going to the doctor for my quarterly check up regularly, and was scheduled to have one on the 17th. No sign of anything amiss previously.  

      I actually found a lump in my abdomen and my husband took me right to the ER.  On August 6th, I had been on my laptop for a while, got up to ready myself for bed and felt a twinge in my abdomen.  I reached down and there it was.  I got a CT scan that night.

      On August 7, I had an  MRI and a biopsy.  The PET scan came later,  today, because the machine I was to have it on had been down for two days in a row, twice in two weeks.  I did see my doctor on the 17th, and right now the strategy is additional surgery and radiation. But we'll meet with him again on the 24th, hopefully to get a surgery date.  

      I do think that it's important that cancer patients, even those deemed "cured" be regularly monitored.  I hope your CT goes well.  As you know, we all need to be vigilant with respect to our own health.

      I hope your family holiday goes wonderfully well!  Enjoy it all!! xxx      


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    Could be gallstones. Any nausea, vomiting or diarrhoea?

    Before I had full blown attacks, I had night sweats, tiredness and loss of appetite. After blood tests, GP thought debilitating tiredness was due to vitamin D deficiency but it wasn't much better after taking a high dose vit D supplement. I'd also had a couple of blood tests that showed high cholesterol despite no change in diet and always had low cholesterol readings previously. Found out later that Vit D and cholesterol are processed by liver which is closely connected to gallbladder.

    My pain was central to begin with, then, as I got more attacks, I started to get right sided abdominal pain and pain in shoulder. Attacks sometimes lasted three or four days during which I couldn't sleep or eat.

    Go back to your doctor or another GP and ask for a referral to gastrology department. Being young does not preclude gallbladder issues.

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    Hi gwen01.

    Your doctor is totally in the wrong for dismissing your conserns becuase of your age. Im 22 and have been diagnosed with gallstones. It definatly possible you have them. Your symptoms sound very similar to mine. The pain can get unbearable. Im awaiting surgery to have my gallbladder removed at the moment. If i were you i would go back to your GP and demand an ultrasound! Hope you get the results you want/need xx

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    I had the same issue, doctors kept telling me I had acid reflux, I was so ill I had to go to A and E. In the end I had to have a scan that showed That I had gallstones and cholecystis that was so bad cause it was left undetected. I had simular symptoms to you, I know a few people who have and nothings done till last minute. Unless you have gallstones I dont think people understand how bad it is and how time consuming not just physically but mentally like it takes a toll on you. I have cholecystis again and I got told until I am on the floor rolling in pain A and E wont do anything basically. Its a vicious circle really. gwen01 dont push it to one side, if you have to go up A and E and they will have to give you an ultrasound eventually. I'm under a consultant now, had an MRI just a waiting game. Hopefully you will get somewhere soon keep pushing it, dont back down x

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