Suspected Rotator Cuff Tear

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Hello... I'm going to try to keep this short:

?I broke my distal radius in my wrist 10 weeks ago, 6 weeks out of plaster.  After manipulation of the brake was unsuccessful, I had to have surgery to insert two k-wires. 

?On removal of cast I was informed I had developed Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). 

?I'm having weekly physio which is hindered by the CRPS.  Movement is improveing but very slow.  I hardly have any movement in flexing my wrist/palm back and forth.

?I informed my Consultant at the time of my last appointment and mentioned to my therapist that my shoulder is painful, they both said it's most probalbaly inflamed tissue.  This did not improve so I went to my GP who has informed me I most probably have a rotator cuff tear and referred me for a MRI/Ultra Sound. 

?In doing my own research (delightful Google) it seems one of the main causes of rotator cuff injuries is falling over on an outstreatch arm, which is how I fractured my wrist in the frst place.  I'm so angry as I don't understand how this was missed, especially as I've been complaining about shoulder pain.

?Anyway... Im waiting for the scan appointment and driving myself crazy with the thought of me possibly having to have surgery again. 

?I can't believe what damage I've done to my body.  I've never had anything wrong with me and before this was very active - gym 5 days a week... I was in the gym when I had this injury.  I'm on a downward spiral.

?Can anyone relate to what I'm going through?  Any encouraging words?


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    Just laughing (Not Really)  as I was just the same my shoulder was missed and again it was Physio who told me I had probably chipped my collar bone but it was too late do anything Consultant had taken no notice just it down to brusing when I fell they don't listen!!!! so again just lots of physio (It has come good now). It's just the fingers  have not picked up a golf club as I cant grip it since May andxI am devastated. Just keep smiling as when you get down it's harder to get back up.

    Wendy X

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    Yes, yes and yes ... 100%. I fell down stairs 23 weeks ago (mid May) and fractured my distal radius. I had surgery 9 days later after manipulation in A&E displaced. I had plate and screws which stay in. I was out of plaster after 4 weeks to start early mobilisation. Haha - mobilisation. That's a joke right? Even this late on I have hardly any movement. I have little flexion and extension which has improved a little but I am unable to supinate ( turn palm upwards) and little pronation ( turn palm downwards). I too developed CRPS and my hand swells, and discolours all the time. Pain in controlled on gabapentin and paracetamol/ibuprofen at present. I have physio weekly and perform it religiously 3 times a day at home. I also have shoulder pain and limited movement and am having physio on this too. So frustrating. Feels like everything is against me. Do your triceps/biceps hurt? Mine seemed to go into spasm. I use heat on these. Also my excercises have caused tennis elbow pain and have now been given a support for that too. I get pain and crepitus ( bone crutching) around the ulna site.

    I have seen a new consultant today for a second opinion and she has requested an CT scan and will probably perform a manipulation under anaesthetic to see if She can shift the joint. Watch this space !!

    I feel your frustration. I spent most days crying for what I have lost. I cannot work, drive, cook hot food as can't get out of the oven,wash my hair etc. I have referred myself to talking therapies as I feel I need to get out of this depressive cycle. I'm not I'm not giving up though but it's hard. Thinking of you. Just remember In the grand scheme of things you are still early days in recovery o for your injury

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      Vicky xxxxx  your reply is music to my ears.  I had an over-the-phone councilling session yesterday who reccommended I go to GP as I'm showing sure signs of depression.  I'm on top of it and am fully aware of whats happening to me but I'm struggling.  Tearful at the drop of a hat.

      Thanks Vicky... it's just nice to talk to someone who's in the same boat as I feel nobody understands.

      Lots of love to you xxx


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      Always here to chat too. I've only got physio on my wrist and shoulder to do 3 times a day and my CBT workbook to complete. Apart from that I've got nothing else to do!! Haha

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         you already know my story, lol but the only thing I didn't mention is when I fell on outstretched hands I was already having problems with my shoulder as I had dislocated it a couple months before, I went to the Emergency Department with shoulder pain radiating up into my neck and have burning sensation and they did x-rays and said that either I had bad Arthritis set up or tendinitis/bursitis or I could have tendon damage around my rotor cuff. The Emergency Room doctor said to mention this when I go for my second opinion and we're coming up on 4 months since initial injury on June 30. I do wish you all the best of luck and I hope everything gets straightened out with you, one thing I can tell you early diagnosis with the CRPS is a good thing if that's what it is because they say the earlier your diagnosed the better chance of remission. My son was diagnosed earlier this year it happened from Football injury. I know I hate to think of young people going through this horrible disease, my son has just turned 16 in July. May God Bless and keep you is my prayers for you. Keep us updated...


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      Hello Eva,

      ?So sorry to hear about your Son... must be the worst thing seeing your child in pain so.

      ?Even though the consultant said I have CRPS, he hasn't done anything about it and my PT is concentrating on getting my wrist moving (which I do want more than anything).  Should they be doing anything about it?  I read there isn't a cure... it'll just go on it's own or you just have to live with it. 

      ?I need to have a word (again) with my therapist next week.

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           They have a lot of treatment options out there, just make sure you find a doctor who is familiar with CRPS, There are a lot of doctors/People in general who don't even know about CRPS, I had that problem with my son the only way we found out a diagnosis as quick as we did is my Chiropractor was seeing my son doing adjustments and when this started with my son he recognized the symptoms because he had went through this with his daughter 7 or 8 years ago and he said it took him and several other doctors a while before she had a diagnosis. One thing he told my son to do until we could get him to a doctor that could handle the CRPS, was to take a combination of Ibuprophen and Benadryl as my son had excessive swelling and as I'm sure you know Ibuprophen is good for inflammation but what a lot of people don't know is that Benadryl is wonderful also for inflammation, because histamine is what causes inflammation and Benadryl is an antihistamine. My son also takes B-12 because it's good for healing your nerves and I've heard some people that have CRPS also take Vitamin C especially if they are going to have to have surgery because that is good for you immune system since when you have CRPS it's like your body is fighting itself and it affects your immune system. I have did all kinds of research on this since I found out that my son has this horrible disease and yes it is hard to see my son like this and know as a mother I can't really do anything about it. But the sooner your diagnosed and and put on a treatment that works for you the faster you will feel better.My son also takes Lyrica for the nerves. It's awful that this disease has been around over a hundred years and they haven't figured out how to deal with it . I couldn't find a doctor that really knew much about it so I finally told my Chiropractor that I wanted to use the same doctor that he used for his daughter even though the trip was quite long we traveled 131 miles one way, once a month if not needed sooner because you have to get whatever treatment works well for you. The reason I told you about the things for inflammation is my son seemed to start doing much better since with CRPS your nerves have all that inflammation around them and I think maybe the nerves themselves are inflammed. I just know that inflammation is a big part of what goes on when you have this. I found something that helped with information that I would've never thought would and that's YouTube, if you put in RSD/CRPS on YouTube search it will have all kinds of testimonials from different people and what they went through their story in other words and some have had it for long enough to know some great things that has helped them and sometimes the same things that helped them gives you ideals on what your going through yourself. I hope you all the luck in the world and know that you will be in my prayers, because I've seen what my son has went through and I hate to see anyone go through this. God Bless You and Keep you is my prayers to you hun. Keep us updated so we know how you are...

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    I take high dose vit C (1,000mg/day) and gabapentin for the CRPS. I also take vit D.

    I was told yesterday after my second opinion that the reason my wrist doesn't move is due to the CRPS , so if the consultant thinks you have it then you need to get referred to the pain club mic or orthopaedic consultant who specialises in hand/wrist and is familiar with CRPS. Also if you do have CRPS just be aware that icing you wrist with cause more problems and increase the symptoms of CRPS. It's contraindicated although the swelling is usually bad and that's what they recommend usually. Heat is ok but Ice isn't.

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      Vicky and Eva… Thanks SO much for your advice both of you.  Like I say, I’ve had no real specialist advice on how to deal with this and I’m upset and angry.

      I know the NHS are stretched, resources are low and the Fracture Clinic must be one of the busiest depts in the hospital but it’s run like a conveyer belt and I don’t think the consultant has had time for me and any after issues like CRPS and at the time, when he mentioned it briefly, I was just satisfied that what I was experiencing was “all part of it” so didn’t pursue it.

      I’m seeing my PT on Monday and I’m going to ask him to refer me to hand specialist.  I’ll let you know how I get on xx

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