Suspicious ovarian lesion

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Have been tired, not sleeping at night, constipated & blood in toilet. Dr ordered X-Ray's, ultrasound. X-rays showed faecal loading, no small bowel obstruction or dilation, no pneumoperitoneum. Ultrasound showed something in left ovary so did an internal, found a 2.2cm solid appearing lesion raising the possibility of underlying neoplasm fibrous stromal tumour. Have had bloods done & initial results are clear just waiting on tumour marker bloods. Please help. I'm really struggling to get through until I can see a specialist. I can't stop dry retching & freaking out..I'm 42, mum of 4.

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    Hi Natasha,

    I had a large ovarian cyst, which was suspected malignant, I know it was septated with nodules and everything I read up on sounded awful. Truth is though until they removed it couldnt know for certain. Mine turned out not to be malignant.

    I know how stressful it is and the lack of sleep. Stress is probably adding to your symptoms as well. Don't google as it won't make you feel any better. Keep yourself busy. I was fortunate I have a friend who doesn't really sleep so I used to chat to her.

    Good luck, hopefully you'll get your results back soon x

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    Natasha, yes, you need to wait, which might be hard, but structures (as seen 'white' in ultrasound) are very, very common.

    Neoplasm is not same as malignant, it just comes from the Greek 'neo' (new) 'plasm' (formation), equivalent to Latin word 'tumor' (swelling).

    It does not say as to why the growth happens, if big or small, if benign or malignous.

    Or if a differentiated tissue was just replace with fibrous cells (=scar).

    (Was your lesion within a cyst or on its own without 'black' liquid around???)

    When you wait for tumor blood markers (CA125 and/or HE4) please read ahead since they are not good as a one off value, but establish a base value to compare with for a later measurments.

    I know a girl with an ovarian cyst plus tumor inside with a CA125 600U/ml... her tissues (not only ovary makes CA125) were releasing heaps of that protein due to an inflammation. Her marker dropped before surgery even to half value and her tumor was benign actually (histology: dermoid).

    The tumor in ultrasound together with CA125 value might have sounded very different in her case like almost certain cancer, but it wasn't.

    Also normal ranges are just a guide, one with CA125 50U/ml might have that value as a healthy person and sounds 'slightly out of range'.

    On the other hand some cancers do not secrete CA125 or HE4, so can be low and still be cancer.

    Blood markers are just one piece for interpretation and guide, especially valuable for follow up.


    the only definite interpretation for diagnose is histology.

    My story:

    I had a 3, then 5 then 9cm cyst with some structure inside and was told it did not look benign (just via plain ultrasound), I had no children at that time, so being told to get my uterus, ovaries, lymphnodes out in one session was not good news. Hence I asked (worked in cytology at this point) quite calmly to only take the tumor out and give it a propper histology work up, a typing, a grading and go from there.

    Sure enough: it was a dermoid cyst (teratoma) only, benign and my uterus, ovaries everything stayed of course.

    = There is no way to say what it is from an ultrasound or MRI scan, it gives a hint, but nothing is 100% until it's out, especially if some 'white' is in a 'black' cyst.

    That's why I told you my experience.

    Also I have the approach to life to rather tackle a problem than having it undiagnosed.

    Even if it was a bad one, it is now discovered, no way to hide or go unmonitored or untreated.

    Nothing is worse than flying under the radar (as it is easily possible in Australia since gyn check ups are not prophylactic here. I was lucky to be in Europe at the time of my tumor, that made no symptoms and by the time it would have, would have had a far more invasive operation and acute issues)

    Please stay calm, also for the sake of your children, until you know more and when you know more, go from there and please stay positive!

    All the best!

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    Thankyou so much, I'm sure if men had to go through this things would be done so much faster. I've been able to function a lot better & did washing & other housework. I've even had cups of tea & something to eat. I'm letting my 3 little girls get away with everything at the moment. I'm sure they're in shock!!

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    Hi, like you I have been diagnosed with a complex ovarian cyst at 4cm and a large amount of fibroids. I first had an ultrasound abd then a transvaginal ultrasound. Following this my doctor phoned me and told me I needed the CA125 test and a referal was made to a gynecologist. Like you I was utterly terrified I have 2 teenagers and I felt my own mortality fir tge first time . The waiting is the hardest part, I saw my gynecologist 2 weeks ago and she confirmed bloods normal which I was delighted with and I have to have a hysteroscopy within the next few weeks as my uterus is enlarged and I have a further scan for 31st August. I feel better now that I am getting things sorted, I do still worry about what their young to do next but I try and tell myself it's a process And they ate doing their job . Xxx good luck and try not to worry and don't Google, o suffer worth anxiety too and this is not the answer xxx

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      Thankyou, the anxiety & worry is the worst part, I have no fibroids my doctor said my uterus looks good, but I made him ring me with my initial bloods!! I don't have an appointment with the gyno as yet, just been told to ring Tuesday morning.

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      I agree!  We are in the same boat.  Google made me sick to my stomach...  BUt it's human nature to read.. this place is better... Really helps to chat with others about what we're going through.

      I have a cystic neoplasm of the left ovary with a mural nodule.  been sick to my stomach for MONTHS.  Surgery coming up soon.

      Be well.

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    Sounds like you're in much better place. Yay! I wish this forum existed when I was going through mine.

    I was SEVERLY constipated. Over the course of 6 months saw 3 Drs. took x-rays and was dismissed as normal, eat more fiber. I was using laxatives and eating mostly fruits and veggies. Continued suffering.

    Annual gynecological visit my Dr., in the middle of pelvic exam, bolted up without a word. What seemed like hours later, he came back with a script for Tomoxifen. He told me to move up the date of my daughter's wedding and get my affairs in order. THEN he gave me orders for tests and referral to surgeon! All questions were answered with 'wait till the tests came back'!

    Took previous x-rays to surgeon who immediately put my terror at ease. Showed me huge cysts, which even I could see! Told me why he was 97% sure not cancer. He was right! Explained likely cause of constipation...... He also ordered a CT.

    I had SEVERE endometriosis, previously undiagnosed. Was choking my colon. HUGE ovarian cysts on both ovaries, even was choking off blood supply to left kidney which would have died within weeks!

    All my previously dismissed 'vague' symptoms where explained and resolved. Recovery took time but was functional when I got home. My CA 125 was off the charts but not unusual with endometriosis. Cysts were encapsulated by endo growth and got larger with each period.

    So stay calm, focus on your girls and joyful activities. Don't let natural fear take over. It just saps your strength and your time. Your Dr. is building a treatment case with the tests. Just because some numbers may not look good doesn't alone mean a bad outcome. They can't be 100% certain until the actually remove the offending tissue.

    Once you get home fatigue will be the worst part I think. Get some temporary help with the girls so you can rest. You'll be surprised how quickly you'll improve but don't overdue. For once let others do for you.

    I agree with you if men went through this.....women troop through no matter what. So care for YOURSELF while you're waiting for your results. Soon you'll see the specialist and you'll have a treatment plan. You're strong, you've got this! Once resolved you'll know your fears were unfounded and be stronger for it. When fear consumes me I now use it to get stuff done and focus instead of panic like I used to.

    Best of luck, you're in my thoughts and prayers. XXX

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    Natasha.  I am in a similar boat as you.  Emotionally it has been rough.. I have been diagnosed with a cystic neoplasm of the ovary with a mural nodule..   Just wanted you to know that you're not alone.  I have been in an out of the bathroom with stomach aches in between transvaginal ultrasounds, endometrial biopsy, another ultrasound, ca125 blood tests - and now - surgery next week.  I have fallen into a depression but I am trying to reach out to others who are going through this.., I lost my right ovary 20 years ago... now I am about to lose the left.

    I will keep you in my thoughts  but PLEASE keep posting.. I will try to do the same.


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      Honey, it will be ok. Please try & look after yourself. Good luck with the surgery, I'm sure you are in good hands. I'm out in the country & the specialist doctors in the closest town are fantastic. Keep in touch & let me know how it all goes. I'll be thinking of you ??

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    Hello lovely ladies, I can't begin to thank you enough for your kindness & support. Thankyiu so much for replying to my post. Well I barely got through the weekend, on Tuesday morning I got a call from the specialist for an urgent appointment that morning. Of course that scared me even more. He told me that my bloods were excellent & that it was a fibroid!! He has recommended I have another scan in 6 months. He also said it was found by accident as cysts don't usually show any symptoms. He then told me to go back to my GP to discuss my other health problems, he thinks I'm in pre-menopause. I cried & cried, I was so relieved. He also asked me for the contact details of the local GP who told me I had a rumour & it was serious!! I'm hoping he gives her a mouthful.

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      Thank you so much for the update!

      That's good news!

      Yes, your GP needs a bit of hint how to read results (e.g. neoplasm meaning does not say if benign or malignant, hello) and how to translate it, break it to the patient anyway

      (usually they do not tell each off)

      All the best!

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    So glad to see you so jubilant over a fibroid. ;-)

    So much easier to deal with and tolerate. Also glad you found a specialist willing to follow up with your GP. My surgeon followed up with my gyne and taught him a thing or two about premature diagnosis!

    Hope you're sleeping better and overall feeling good.

    Thank you for letting us know how you're doing. I've been wondering. Do take care of yourself and your wee ones! Best wishes for your good health and resolution on your issues.


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