Sutures opened up a little with bleeding

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Hello all,

this is day 16 post op and a couple of stitches broke loose and the scar opened just a little with a little bit of bleeding.

has anyone had the same issue?

so far the joint is still very stiff and I do the exercises as instructed. It is still swollen and bruised. 

At this point I stil need crutches to walk around the house .


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    Hi Mili,  I am also 16 days post op having had the pin removed from my right foot, which had a scarf & akin procedure done last April, and the left foot which has recently had the same procedure done. I have just had stitches removed an fortunately unlike you none have popped. Toe on left still very swollen though movement is apparently good.

    I had crutches this time round and found this helped a great deal initially though have not used for well over a week now. You might want to try having a shoe on the other foot which is similar in depth to the hospital 'shoe', if indeed you had this, to make walking easier and you feel  more stable on your feet and happier to try walking will happen:-)

    What I have found is that not only do we all recover at different rates so does each foot,  so just keep plugging away and before you know it you'll be walking without any discomfort. 


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    Hi Milimili

    i had a scarf/akin on my right foot on 5th October last.  I had all the stitches out on the 12th day and the nurse out paper stitches on as they hadn't healed properly.  After 10 days I went back and she put further paper stitches on as the wound had still not healed over.  I took those off after 10 days and there was an opening of about 4 stitches still.  I must admit I was really worried but kept putting a plaster on and evntually after six and a half weeks the wound healed completely.

    As people say we all heal at different rates.  My bones healed ok though and I'm virtually back to normal now.  I'm in my normal shoes and have almost all mobility back in my toes although walked around the golf course for the first time with my husband today who did 8 holes and the foot was a little bit achey but no swelling.  Will definitely get the other one done soon.

    Wishing you a speedy and good recovery.


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    Hi Mili, I had the same happen too me at around the same time. Part of the wound came open and watery blood was seeping out. I went a bit sick and envisaged the whole wound opening up and exposing my inner foot and bones - yuk! What I did was put a clean dry dressing over the incision and then re-wrap the foot with plenty of soft bandaging. I did that for about 5 days by which time all, had dried and healed nicely -phew! I blame myself for this happening as I can remember being on my feet one particular day, a little too long; at about 3 weeks. My husband 'told me off' and made me promise I wouldn't do it again. So, as frustrating as it is Mili, you need to rest that foot for longer. Walk a little yes, but get back to elevating as much as you can.  When your foot swells, naturally it puts pressure on the weakest point in your foot - the incision site - so hence the wound opens.  I am now at 8 weeks after my Scarf Akin operation and my patience has finally paid off. I have no pain - not that I had any real pain from the start; I am wearing my Ecco lace up shoes everyday for driving and supermarket shopping and sloppy big Crocs around the house. If my foot aches or still swells on occasions, I put on the tv and sit with a cup of tea and elevate the foot for 30 mins or so. I still elevate my foot in bed too. I also get 'nerve jumping' which I understand is quite common and I believe this can go on for a few months maybe, but this is not as often now as it was. I was shown how to move my big toe joint and other toes after my two week check at the hospital, and I did these exercises from about 3 weeks if I'm truthful, but really you find your foot starts moving itself as you heal and begin to walk a bit. I used my crutches up until about 5 weeks and then I walked around using mainly the heel and outer edge of my bad foot. Naturally everything will feel very stiff but it's amazing how quickly everything all at once starts to get so much better. Looking back I can say I am delighted with the way everything has gone. I can't wait now to get my other foot done - but that won't be until later in the year. It sounds to me like you are doing absolutely fine - just rest the foot as much as you can and believe me your patience will pay off. Best wishes. LadyPink
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      Hello Ladypink,

      Thank you very much for your reply, it is recomforting to know that your healing went smoothly and I can only hope for the same.

      i followed a similar approach regarding the dry dressing and I think it is healing slowly as  the wound as dried off and no longer bleeds.

      I still use the crutches and the toe is still very stiff.  At this point I cannot wear any shoes and I doubt I will be able to so for at least another 2 weeks.

      I see that you are at week 8 post op, and I'm glad that you have almost fully recovered,and I'm very hopeful to be in that situation soon!

      thanks again for your comments and recommendations.

      all the best,


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      Hi Mili, I'm so pleased to hear that all seems to be going well.Just stay off that foot and don't try putting it to the ground too soon. The less you do now the better the outcome.

      I can't believe how quickly things are improving. What ached and was stuff only last week is now fine. The foot is still a little swollen but that's all. Once you get that okay from your consultant at 6-7 weeks and you begin walking - with a bit of a limp at first - everything starts to get so much better. We are going out for a Valentine's dinner tonight but I'll have to wear trousers and flat lace up shoes (very sexy - not) as my foot is nowhere near ready for fashionable shoes just yet. I can wait for that day though the main thing is that I'm just thrilled with the results of the surgery.

      Anyway, keep up the good work - it sounds like your foot is slowly healing the same as my did. Keep it elevated as much as you can, which will give it chance to heal inside and the new bone to grow. LadyPinkX

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    I'm 24 days post op. like Ladypink at 21 days post op I had a mad day and decided to clean up. I was on my feet in heel boots for about an hour. subsequently I got a blister and now am told I can't wet my foot for fear of infection. I had stitches out yesterday (as when I was due to have them removed a week ago one wound was still bleeding) but the area of the wounds have thick dried blood on and around and the most horrendious thick dry skin peeling off (I had both feet scarf and akins). My feet look like road kill but I know under all that gunge is a pair of nice new feet. I have reached that position that feels like no progress is being made but I knew that is stupid. So moral of the tale; follow the rules, behave and have patience.


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      Hi Bev, Yeah we all think we're doing fine and do too much then have to learn the hard way, don't we.

      The stage your at now where you don't think much is happening goes by so quickly believe me. So hang on in their and carry on elevating that foot. I'm at 9 weeks now and all is fantastic. I'm driving, supermarket shopping, on my feet all day every day with absolutely no discomfort. Now I'm off to walk the dog. Be a little more patient and suddenly normality comes all at once. Best wishes, LadyPink

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      Oops forgot to mention - I'm in the UK - and I use E45 cream on the scars and dead skin, it's brilliant. Your foot will feel as smooth as a baby's bottom!! (It helps to soften he scar and make it fade too). LadyPink
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