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I just thought I'd share a brief outline of what I've been through with SVT.

(Age 15 - 18) - Noticeable fast heart rate, always put down to drinking coffee or simply not thinking anything was really too different to anyone else. Symptoms not really debilitating. 

(Age - 18) - I started getting episodes of a fast heart beat. Heart would usually go up to 160 - 180bpm. Usually lasting no more than 2 hours then would completely return to normal. I'd feel tired afterwards / washed out. No real symptoms except slight light headedness (especially if trying to walk during an episode, abit panicky, slightly pale in face.) Main triggers would be anything from completely nothing, to smoking and drinking often causing an episode the next day (rarely the same evening) 

(Age 19) - I was out one day and felt the racing heart occur (was lying in the park) began to walk felt the sympoms, but it felt faster and a lot stronger this time. Called Paramedics was taken to hospital and given adenosine to convert heart rhythm to normal. This was my first diagnosis with SVT.

(Age 19 - 20) -  During this time In my life I had episodes as frequently as twice in one week, to nothing for a few months. With similar triggers as above, and even with cutting out those above I would still have symptoms albeit less frequently. Heart rate would always reach around 180bpm each time, a regular fast rhythm, sometimes reaching nearly 200bpm. Again during this time usually lasting a few hours less commonly shorter times. Valsalva manuvers to convert at home were tried but never sucessful. I was put on Bisoprolo beta blockers 2.5mg, this didn't really seem to make much difference either.  Felt very limited mentally, with air travel, wanting to do much, depressing situation. Most of the above episodes, 10+ resulting in A&E visits or 999 calls to convert rhythm in hospital using adenosine. 

(Age 21) - Had my first attempted Catheter ablation procedure, wasn't sucessful due to them not being able to trigger the rhythm while undergoing the procedure. 

(Age 21 - 23) - Tried to get on with things after this attempt didn't work, episodes would occur but abit less frequently during this period. Didn't continue to take medication. Episodes would usually be triggered by something making me jump almost like an adrenaline rush, and then a skipped beat and I would go into SVT. Episodes anyhwere from an hour or so (i'd then visit A&E / 999) or just a few minuites I'd sit down and it would revert to normal.)

(Age 23) - Doctors reccomended I have 2nd attempt at ablation as occasionaly this is necessary, again they where unable to trigger the SVT during the procedure. 

(Age 23 - 25) -  In this period my attacks seemed to be limiting themselves to as mentioned before only when I get an adrenaline rush or a sudden scare, an attack happening maybe 1/2 times a year. Occasionaly I'd have an attack where my usual heartrate of 180bpm during an attack would spike up to say 220bpm for a few minutes then drop back to 180bpm then go back up. Attacks between these years most commonly abit shorter as well, some only a few minutes long before converting to normal on their own. (Working out in gym fine -  never triggers, maybe occasional skip felt if dehydrated or lying down after eating)

(Present) - Im currently 25, I've just had my 3rd ablation this time around they could not trigger my rhythm during the procedure yet again. However after extensive heart pacing and testing this time around they where able to undergo what they said was an 'empirical ablation' removing some of the tissue they believed to be causing the problem (but couldn't tell me more certain that they where sucessful)

That was February this year, Ive felt actually a lot more relaxed since, wether this is simply because I've had something done and it's acting like a placebo remains to be seen. But I've been in situations where  I was convinced I would of had an episode but I didn't so I'm remaining optimistic. The first couple of weeks I felt all sorts of skips and beats but they said this is normal as the heart is healing. I occasionaly feel the odd sensation of my heart skipping a beat but I'm told this isn't uncommon for people to feel even without having SVT. 

If I could pass on any advice I'd say the main things are not to let this condition get you down mentally, look after your body and stay healthy & understand and read about what exactly is happening to your body when this is happening to you as for me that did give me some consolation as I felt at least I could understand more about what was happening to me. 

I hope this will be informative to some of you. Please ask me any questions, I'll also update this if I remember anything else as I'm sure there are events I've missed. 

Good luck to all.




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    Thank you for this. So interesting to hear other experiences. I just had my first unsuccessful ablation and will be seeing my specialist the first part of Aug. It was so disappointing. I was diagnosed with AVNRT in February.

    Thank you for taking the time to do this

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    Dear Ash

    Thank you for your account of things, lets hope it has done the trick and you won't have anymore episodes! My son was diagnosed with svt (he is 21) it seemed to be like you said the adrenaline rush I think that sets it off, he once argued with his girlfriend and the next thing she was calling the paramedics as he had passed out. I'm not sure if that was part of svt but they diagnosed him with that after having him fitted with a loop recorder. He had a failed catheters ablation last year. Strangely enough thankfully his episodes are very few and far between and I dont think he has passed out since, sometimes he says he has a minor flutter or something. He continues to have the loop recorder fitted, so I do n't know what the next step will be!

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    Hi Ash, a very well documented article of your svt. I ve had svt probably about the same length of time as you. Main triggers for me alcohol caffeine and anxiety. Cut out caffeine and only drink de caf now and don t miss it at all. alcohol cut out not an option ! I'm now 64 and stopped work ha ha and my anxiety levels have fallen rapidly. I have had no episodes for 6 months now. I do regular exercise. I had an ablation that did not work same as you. Now on beta blockers 2 a day bisoporol with no side effects as been taking them so long. Now don t feel the need for another ablation as things have settled down. To everyone out there don t let it get you down other people don t understand what your feeling unless they have had the condition. I m still going strong after hundreds of episodes !! Hope Ash your most recent ablation is a success and let me know how it works out. Take care Paul.. 

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    Hi Ash

    I had/ have AVRNT, had my first ablation in May. All was ok then last week had a strong palpitation. Like it was before. Shame.

    It is really good to know that other people are out there and talking about this kind of thing. It helps, it is not so bewildering anymore.

    There are so many options that I was not aware of for the future.

    Thank you.

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