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10 years ago..when I quit drinking....there were so many candy wrappers next to my bed....because I was craving chocolate so much.  This time...i wasn't immediately craving the "sugar".

​This time I have not been drinking for almost 5 weeks...and it took this long for the "sugar" cravings to set in.  I was at the pharmacy today and I saw some chocolate...I stopped and grabbed a bag...and then put it down (because in the last 5 weeks I have been eating EVERYTHING)...my clothes are not fitting me!

​But at 8pm sitting here in my pjs...I threw on an overcoat...over my pjs....put slip on shoes on...and went back to the store and grabbed those bags of chocolates.


But, I am blessed...that the desire for drinking has left me.

​The fear of drink has been re-planted into my soul.

​And the few pounds I am gaining...Oh well....at least I'm not 6 feet under!

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    While I've cut my drinking down quite a bit using TSM, I do find I'm heading for the cookies on a daily basis now. Before, I could take sweets or leave 'em. I even got a cookie sheet and started making a batch of Kruteaz cookies once a week. Well, since I'm not holding a beer can in my hand so much, I've discovered it's good for a lot of other things! LOL!
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      So the TSM...you have cut down your drinking.  Is that because it is not as enjoyable using the method?  Don't catch the same buzz...so you end up saying Eh...don't need anymore? 

      ​I'm not even thinking about drinking....its just that I took a no smoking pill that had the same effect.  I could still smoke...but it made it taste like sh*t...so the object was...a person would get sick of smoking and quit.  I didn't...I quit the pill instead...to get the effects I wanted from the cig.

      I think for me...the Sinclair Method would do the same...I would give up the pill to catch the buzz I craved.

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      It seems to vary from person to person, Misssy. There are the ones that drink hard liquor that speak of the "jolt" they get and that seems to pretty much go away with TSM. I never got a jolt from drinking, but I'm a daily drinker (for 30 years) and still feel the "warm and fuzzy" effect from drinking. As I've gone along, my craving has dropped and I still get the warm and fuzzy from a few pints, I just don't chase it from 5pm to midnight like I used to. There are a few bingers I've read about that quit taking the pill to get the old feeling back, but most of them so value the fact that they don't black out anymore, they find the trade-off more than worth it. As they go along, they find other things to do with their time now that their days/evenings aren't dominated by booze.

      I've seen a few binge drinkers come through that have been abstinent and have used their AA/SmartRecovery experiences to start TSM (as they felt on the edge of losing sobriety) and they seem to get control rather quickly. TSM quickly kills the "craving" part of it for them and their abstinence training gives them quick control over the "habit" part of drinking. They're able to have 2 or 3 drinks and then put it down almost right off the bat. Just like any other TSM'er, they realize that they'll have to take the pill every time they drink, or they'll fall back into the old trap and the wasted days and blackouts will return. 

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      For me...I just don't see it....and it is AWESOME that it is working for you and you still get the buzz without destroying your health and  your life!


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      It does feel really great.  Thank you.

      ​I feel human...before I felt like a "pickle"...never had an appetite....never cared about the outside world or anyone it.....I wash my clothes now...I make my bed....I clean the kitchen regulary.

      ​I still haven't had the desire to wash floors (although I did vacuum).  My b/f loves to wash the floors pretty regulary...so I am grateful for that. I just feel "clean"....and healthier...and I can't let stress or alcohol....destroy me ever again.

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      Right behind you on that. I've been the "lone drinker" for decades and hated the notion of having to leave the house after I started, unless it was to walk two blocks to the store for more beer. I REALLY didn't want anyone knocking on the door either. 

      Housework is getting attended to on a more reasonable basis here too. Glad to hear you have your friend lending a hand, helps everything feel better and better for a change, I'm sure!

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    It is natural to head for the sweet stuff when you give up alcohol. Nobody told me this, but I had to research it for myself. Most alcohol contains a fair amount of sugar, and when we stop drinking, it is that that we crave.

    We eat sweets like they are going out of fashion, and say to ourselves, well, at least I'm not drinking.

    What they don't tell you is, that the weight gain because all that extra sugar can push you into pre-diabetes level. My GP informed me after one of my six monthly blood checks, that I was heading that way, if I didn't cut the sugar.

    So take it easy with the sweet stuff.

    Stick this into Google 'do ex alcoholics crave sugar'.

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      Hi RHGB!

      ​I don't need to do the search of Google.  I know very well from the past that alcoholics crave sugar....I was just confused that I WASNT craving any sugar the past 5 weeks until yesterday!

      ​Last time I quit....I craved it right away.  This time actually I was more drawn to fats...like greasy food...french fries...fried eggs...corned beef hash fried...etc. 

      ​Last night the sugar craving became really strong...So strong I declined the sugar in the afternoon (cause I am getting heavier from eating all the fried foods)...which (eventually turn to sugar - those carbs)....but I turned down the sugar in afternoon...and went in pajamas at around 8pm to GET the candy....LOL

      Its better than going at 8...drunk to get the VODKA I guess.

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