Swelling after root canal —been on antibiotics already for 6 days!

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I had a root canal done yesterday. My debtist put me on amoxicillin after seeing an infection around the root, so I have been on that for the past 6 days before I even got the root canal. However I now have swelling in my cheek and up near the top of my gum. I am super worried this will become an abcess since that it what happened when I developed an abcess before. How could this be happening if I am already on antibiotic?! Anyone else been through this? Should I be concerned? When I had an abcess before it was intensely painful...

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    You could be exactly right and some times the antibiotic may not be strong enough or the right type for the type of infection. Call the dentist and he can help with a stronger one or a different type of antibiotic to match the strain . 
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    How is yours now? Mine is painful, only first part done.  Gum hot and sore around it.  Dentist cant see abscess on x ray but something wrong. Given me flagyl. Its strong. Said use it if it is too painful. How do i know?
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      Hi, mine is getting better. I did in fact have an infection starting and the amoxicillin was not working. So they switched me to clindamyacin. Finally after a few days my facial swelling started to go down. I had been so swollen my eye almost couldnt open on that side.. the pain was terrible. 

      So you had the root canal done? You should have some discomfort for at least 3 days after a canal, but unless you have an infection it shouldnt cause swelling or anything like that. If it sarts to swell (it will be very obvious) then I would request an antibiotic. Use ice for the pain.. I used a bag of frozen peas on my cheek :-) 

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      Despite the Flagyl causing nausea, always take with food. Please persist with the flagyl.

      In regards to pain? Pain is different for everyoneas everyone has different levels of pain tolerances.

      But if you are still experiencing pain, 10 days after the proceedure, you NEED the antibiotic. Please read my comment below for a more detailed treatment plan, but always seek a Drs opinion first and foremost. But my post will give you a guide for appropriate treatment.

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    Often, it can take 12-24 hours until the antibiotic kicks in and takes full effect. But 6 days is way too long. You need to present to your local Emergency Dept. - as you need stronger antibiotics. Often, Drs or Dentists will give you a high “loading dose” which would be two antibiotic tablets instead of one. Your Dr should have you on two types of antibiotics if you are prone to abcesses. I would highly recommend Amoxycillin and Clauvulanic Acid 875mg/125mg - otherwise known as Augmenting Duo Forte (twice daily before food), and also Metronidazole - otherwise known as Flagyl 400mg TDS (three times a day after food as it can often cause bad nausea). However this will ensure that you have covered both aerobic and anaerobic bacterial infections.

    Also, whilst ibuprofen and paracetamol are recommended, if you are in severe pain, these are absolutely useless unless you have a temperature. And from what you are describing symptom wise, in my opinion you have a massive infection that left untreated can make you extremely ill and even become

    Septic. So seek Emergency treatment immediately. Your Dr will immediately prescribe you antibiotics. I would also ask your Dr to prescribe you Amitriptyline on a

    Short term basis until your infection has been resolved. Put the tablet directly onto the tooth or in the socket. Often, it is enteric coated, which basically means it has a very hard exterior coating with the actual medication inside as some medications are designed to target specific receptors in different areas of the body and because our digestive juices are so acidic, the enteric coating protects the tablet from these digestive enzymes to ensure tablet isn’t digested and destroyed by these quite powerful digestive enzymes and reach their target area. So I would suggest you either break the tablet in half, or even crush the tablet and place it directly onto the affected tooth, or into the socket and it provides pain almost instant relief as it is a very underused powerful anaesthetic in dental pain. It will provide you with relief within minutes, and personally, it provides it to almost the extent of the actual anaesthetic needle they give you to numb the area before the tooth extraction.

    But I cannot stress the importance of seeking treatment immediately. ALWAYS seek a Dr first, as you may have allergies I’m not aware of, so - MAKE SURE YOUR NOT ALLERGIC TO ANY OF THE ABOVE. It is normal to feel nauseated by the flagyl, so do not stop taking it by thinking your allergic to it.  

    From your symptoms, I personally think you may even need IV antibiotics for the first few days, as 6 days is bordering on dangerous

    - especially as the affected area can easily enter the bloodstream and it’s close to the brain. I’m not trying to scare you unnecessarily, but you need immediate treatment.

    Good luck. And, always make sure your Dr is aware of all your regular medications and ALLERGIES. I cannot stress this enough. And ensure that you seek an actual Dr, not a Drs resident. Sometimes you need to be direct and demand what you want, as sometimes Drs assistants are hesitant to prescribe stronger medications without having their Educating Dr assess you first. 

    And please, let me know how you progress with the recommended treatment. Good luck!

    Also, my advice may not be appropriate for everyone due to allergies or if a patient has other pre-existing conditions. So also inform them of your full medical history before they prescribe you any medications.

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