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I've been taking Lisinopril 2.5 mg for 4 months. It's working well in lowering my BP, but I've developed the dreaded cough and have swollen ankles (but not excessively). The cough is getting worse and effecting a lot of my activities, and sleep.

I'm going to ask my GP to change to an ARB medication. I'd like to know which ARBs folks take? Which ones work best, and which have the fewest side effects. Hubby takes Olmesartan 10 mg and has mentioned sore knees. He also takes medication for Type 2 diabetes, raised cholesterol and cancer drugs, so I'm unsure if the sore knees relate to his BP med or anything else he takes.

I'm female age 71 years. I'd be grateful for any feedback from others.

Thank you.

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    i thankfully dont have HBP but a good friend does and she experienced the same coughing with LIsinopril she is currently taking Atenolol and hydrochlorathiazide Most of these medicines come with some side effects

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    I take olmesartan too, with minimal side effects, but it's also not the most effective thing in the world, especially by itself.

    I've never tried Lisinopril, but I do see a lot of people get the cough.

    The thing about the ARBs is they are dose-limited, above a certain point more doesn't help.

    I wonder if adding a diuretic to Lisinopril, even a smaller dose of Lisinpril, might be worth trying. I've taken olmestartan alone, and with hctz diuretic, and also taken the hctz diuretic alone - and in general, the hctz seems more effective than the olmesartan, with the combination best (and also throw in beta blocker as needed, which I know is not a common approach).

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      I noticed you mentioned that you take Olmesartan. Have you ever had any stomach issues that you have associated with taking it?

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      how much of each are you taking?

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      Mostly take 20mg olmesartan, have tried 40mg but doesn't seem to make much difference, according to the insert 20mg is like 90% as effective as 40mg.

      Take a tiny dose of atenolol, half a 25mg when I take it at all.

      On the diuretic I was taking a "full" 25mg hctz, but I've been trying half of that recently, not as immediately effective that way - but I haven't needed it much recently, so no chance to continue the experiment.

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    Hi, i found losartan much worse than lisinopril and ramipril, and the side effects longer lasting, now take small dose beta blocker with some extra bp lowering action, if it were not for the side effects all would be fine, but at moment have to stay on a bb anyway due to heart rate issues, so this is just about ok,

    warning - ACE but esp some ARBs can cause sun sensitivity, see warnings, this can make life almost impossible . i have not yet reported my seemingly now permanent issues as too busy trying to cope , this is not just about needing to put on sun cream.

    UVA light goes through glass, and fabric, unless specially treated, and seems quite resistant to suncreams.

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    Hi: You will find my advice a bit unconventional. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2015. I have followed most of my doctors advice . But, I have also been searching for the missing piece of the puzzle to try and answer why so many people are developing type 2 diabetes. My doctor told me that it was not my fault but that it is an auto immune disease with an unknown cause. But my research has turned up evidence otherwise. I used to drink a lot of diet coke. It helped me cope with digestive issues. But also I wanted to not harm my teeth with additional sugar. My research indicates that imitation sugars trick the body into releasing insulin. But there are no carbs to dissipate the insulin. Over many years of elevated insulin levels, the body then sends out specialized cells to destroy pancreatic beta cells, to reduce insulin levels. After years of this, eventually the pancreas is unable to produce enough insulin when it is really needed. Thus, blood glucose begins to rise.

    Potassium is critical in processing glucose, maintaining muscle function, heart rhythm , digestion, and almost every bodily function. The recommended daily intake is 4700mg. Most people get only a small fraction of that. I have been supplementing my diet with dark green vegetables like spinach and kale. Coconut water, pistachio nuts, almonds are also a good source. I also recommend juicing dark green vegetables. 40 oz of coconut water and 24 oz of green juice daily will provide about 4700mg. Potassium is also critical to maintaining blood pressure. It help the blood vessels relax and expand. Tonight I had dinner at a local buffet WITH dessert. Four hours after I got home I checked my glucose and it was 133. A month ago it would have been between 180 and 250.The best benefit is that there are no bad side effects. Only good ones. You will also find that body aches will be reduced, you will feel more energetic, and heal faster.

    I have just told you something that seems to be a secret that most doctors won't tell you. Doctors basically are tied down with recommending only drug therapy, that way they can regulate how much medication a person gets. But, If potassium is the answer to many health issues then I feel really bad for everyone who has had toes, feet, and limbs amputated because no one would tell them this secret. Let me know what you think. John

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      Well researched post.

      Hitting potassium targets is something that GP's seldom discuss with their patients. Seems crazy when most of what you purchase off supermarket shelves is loaded with sodium salts, a storm to setting off high blood pressure. In the USA food companies are required to add how much potassium (as well as sodium) is in the ingredients you choose. I have in the past contacted Cambells Soup Company who make V8 Vegetable Juice. Although loaded with sodium in the UK, in the USA they do a LOW SODIUM V8 which on the contrary is stacked with Potassium. Would make life a lot easier if Supermarkets, GP's, Hospitals, and Pharmacies canvassed Cambells to offer this to the UK market.


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    Thank you to everyone for your kind replies. My cough is a lot better now, so I've decided to stick with the Lisinopril for the time being. Seems like some of the alternatives have worse side effects!

    Another question, though. Hubby takes Olmesartan 10 mg and is experiencing painful knees. Could this be a side effect of his tablets? He didn't have this problem before he started on the BP medication. Or it could be owing to the combination of his Type 2 Diabetes, Statin, and cancer drugs?

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