Swollen glands, no other symptoms?

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I'm new to this group..

I joined because I'm trying to get information regarding my swollen lymph nodes.

About me: I'm a healthy 30 year old mother, I don't smoke, don't do drugs (well, marijuana once in a while... Once every few months I would say) and I only drink occasionally. Im not on any medication and have no allergies to foods or products that I am aware of. No medical conditions or injuries either.

My problem is that back in February my lymph nodes on the right side of my neck were swollen big enough that you could see them. I waited a while and then went to the doctor, the doctor didn't do anything besides say "if they're still swollen in a week, come back"

I made an appointment a few weeks later, and they said "if it's still swollen in a month come back again"... Ookay then.

I went back AGAIN and this time they sent me for blood work, an ultrasound, and next is a biopsy.

It's weird because sometimes my lymph nodes are huge and hard, other times they're huge and soft and squishy and other times they're kind of small (still large enough to feel and usually see)

I didn't have mono or any kind of cold, I rarely ever get sick, haven't been overly tired, no side throats or fevers, weight loss or weight gain. My biopsy isn't scheduled for another several weeks.

So this is 6 months with huge swollen lymph nodes, it feels like a few more of them are swollen in the same area but nowhere else, just the right side of my neck.

OH!!! something important that I need to mention...

I started a diet, deciding I wanted to lose some weight. It was a no-processed-sugar diet. No bread, pasta, sweets, etc. At the same time I started running/walking nightly. By day 4 my swollen lymph nodes went away entirely. But then by day 9 or 10, keeping with the same diet/workout plan, they came back anyway.

Anyways, I have some severe anxiety issues as it is, lol. I'd rather hear "you're dying and only have 2 weeks to live" than not know what's going on lol

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    Hey so im going through a very similar thing i am 20yrs old and both sides of my neck are swollen and the ultra sound i had showed they were almost 4 times the size they should be i have had all the blood tests and CT scans and only after 2 months or so have shown signs of EBV (glandular Fever) apparently takes sometime to show up in blood work but there not ruling out the other big ones just yet so i am going for follow up scans and blood tests in 4 weeks and if it doesnt go down i will be having the biopsy. from what i have heard from my speacialist it could be three thrings its either an infection somewhere in the body in my case that infection is the glandular fever or the 2 bigger ones an auto immune disease or cancer but i wouldnt stress to much apparently there are 100's of reasons why this can happen.

    Hope this helps a little 

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    I am having a similar problem with the lymph nodes on the left side of my neck. I have been reading up on it and the swelling could just be caused hy something minor such as allergies. Another possible cause is a sinus infection. You should look up the sypmtoms of cancer involved with lymph nodes and make sure you are are not experiencing any if them.
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    Hi!  I was wondering if you ever found out your diagnosis as im having some similiar symptoms . Thank you.
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    Hi, how are you getting on?

    I'm in a similar boat at the min..it's been 10 weeks since I noticed the hard lymph node in my neck...anxiety has gone through the roof! Bloods have come back normal and the ultrasound has shown "multiple reactive lymph nodes", however I'm continuing to pursue as it's just not sitting well with me not know for sure and apparently the only way to know for sure is to do a biopsy. Hope to hear from you and others who are going through a similar experience.

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      Hello. Looking for answers myself. My doctor is baffled and is about to send me on to an infectious disease doctor in hopes of getting a diagnosis. I have the same story, several swollen glands in my upper body, no other symptoms, no infection or signs of sickness or cancer. Hoping someone has found some answers. Please share if you have figured it out. Thank you!
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    Hi, just wondering if you every heard or found anything else regarding you lymph nodes and symptoms. Almost a year and a half ago I had found a swollen lymph node behind my ear. Went to doctors multiple times, gp, ENT and hematologist repeatedly. Finally got at biopsy on it after 6-8 months it turned out to be a reactive node from a previous illness or whatever (thank god, finally some relief) not so much when you have bad anxiety lol I went back to the ENT not too long after because I still felt small nodes near the bottom on my neck on the right side. Doctor just told me to stop feeling for them “your fine” 

    Okay so I did my best to just let it go. Never had any other symptoms pop up. My anxiety calmed down a lot and I somewhat forgot about them....or at least just didn’t make them the focus of my life anymore. Now my anxiety is starting to rise again slowly I think because I’m pregnant ( my anxiety started last time after I gave birth to my first born) I have a tendency to check for lymph nodes every once in awhile and checked my collar bone area tonight I felt what to me felt like a small pea sized lymph node and instantly freaked out. Idk if it’s normal to just have These small nodes just sitting there. They haven’t changed in size or anything like that and I don’t have any other symptoms. It just scares me sometimes because I’m in nursing school and my teacher said that as you can feel lymph nodes easily in children you should NEVER be able to feel them in adults...how is that true tho with how many people can feel them on themselves...wouldn’t we all be sick? 

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    I also have this problem. I have found it happens when I drink beer. I had just a couple last night and woke up barely able to swallow. I also have noticed it happens when i am around wood burning fires..campfires and fireplaces. The fire sensitivity started after we had a fire during the night in our home severak years ago possibly keep track to see if situations..stress related...causes yours..or consider a food diary. I am super swollen today so I'm trying to determine if it was the beer or the fireplace as we were with friends..either way..it is crappy.

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    I tried to find answers here while waiting for my doctors appointment, never found any. Had my appointment yesterday, so I will share what my doctor said. 

    My left gland under the jaw/side of throat was swelling and tender, especially after eating. At night, it would go down a bit, remaining tender feeling. After breakfast, it would come back. No other symptoms. Did this about 3 days. 

    Doc said it was a swollen salivary gland with with a blockage, like a stone. Recommended heat compress and massage. If not improving in a couple days, take penicillin. If needed, see ear,nose,throat specialist. 

    I did the heat heat and massage and so far, I am seeing improvements, so I probably won’t need to do the penicillin or specialist appointment. 

    Good luck, all!

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