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  • jak39724 1

    Hi guys I've had lumps in my groin and neck for some tjne

    I'm a 23 year old male and I've noticed I've had these lumps all different sizes in my groin and in my neck for a fair few years. I suffer with anxiety and I've never mentioned it to anybody or seen a doctor as I'm scared it could be serious I know it's silly that I haven't had it checked but I'm

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  • Rsams07647 1

    Pea sized node and allergic reactions

    Hi, I'm a 22 year old male. Recently I have had two reactions one which caused my face to swell and the other caused some minor swelling in my nose and lips as well as watery red eye. 2 months ago I also had an ear infection. Anyway for the last 6 months maybe year I have noticed pea sized lymph nodes,...

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  • ivan43035 2

    Swollen lymph nodes for 7-8 years

    Hello, I'm a 22 year old male and as the title says I have had swollen lymph nodes in my neck and armpits for almost 8 years. It started when I was around 15 years old with a one or two nodes getting swollen in my neck. The GP said it was nothing so I haven't paid any more attention to them. Over

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  • pam123 1

    Hard Swollen Lymph Nodes for years

    I have this very foggy memory of when I first noticed a bump on the back of my head in the summer a couple years ago (not very sure how many years ago though). I showed my mom and she said it was nothing to worry about probably a cyst and said she'll call the doctor but never did. Last year while I

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  • rebecca 82877 2

    Update! : Swollen Glands & Lump in Sternum area

    I've made two previous posts on here, and wasn't sure whether I should make a new discussion, or update the old one? Which do you all prefer? Anyway, my insurance coverage finally started and I'm getting some procedures done. My doctor gave me a referral in order to get a chest x-ray for the lump

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  • ophelia123 3

    Swollen Glands in neck? PLEASE READ!

    So a few days ago i had some neck pain, mostly stiffness. I shrugged it off. But then the next day, it started throbbing and my wrist started feeling achy and so was my was like is happening on my left side by the way. So the "swollen gland" is feeling so weird

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  • becky80409 2

    Swollen lymphnodes

    Hello, I posted on here a couple of months ago, in January I went to the doctors with a swollen lymphnode on my neck (right side) I was referred to ENT where they did a needle biopsy but the results were inconclusive, they then sent me to the general hospital where they were going to remove the

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  • monique 75590 1

    Swollen nodes both sides of my neck

    I have had swollen nodes both sides of my neck about a year ago but getting worse latetly I also have the feeling that my ears are falling off. Waiting to go see an ent. But I'm so scared. Also the lumps come and go and are soft. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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  • elizabeth43600 2

    Numerous swollen lymph nodes

    I noticed a painful lymph node on the bottom left of my right clavical about a month ago, it was painful to the touch and scared me. I went to the doctor and she said pain was good and if didn't go away to come back. The pain faded away but the lump remained and two weeks later further up on my

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  • juliabean33 2
  • emma39820 1

    Swollen glands in neck and groin and weightloss..

    Hi I have been to my doctor recently to investigate my symptoms which are, swollen glands in neck and groin, unintentional weightloss, fatigue. The doctor has decided to send refer me to haematology and said I may need a scan or biopsy due to the size of the gland in my neck. My question is

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  • emma39820 1

    Swollen glands in neck and groin and weightloss..

    Hi I have been to my doctor recently to investigate my symptoms which are, unintentional weightloss, fatigue. The doctor has decided to send refer me to haematology and said I may need a scan or biopsy due to the size of the gland in my neck. My question is what does this mean? I did ask the

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  • Poolaf 1

    Persistent Lymph nodes for over 3 years

    Hello, I am a 14 year old male with lymph nodes for roughly 3 years. I can vaguely remember the time where I felt my first node pop up near the back of my neck when I was 11 or 12. During that time I had no clue what a lymph node was and why there was this mysterious bump on the back of my neck. Slowly,...

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  • rebecca 82877 2
  • Corporate94 2

    Swollen Lymph Node Under Right Jaw

    Hi, About a month ago I suffered from a very nasty bout of flu which was very aggressive. My face came up in a rash and a lymph node under my right jaw swelled up to an ungodly size, about 1/5 the size of my fist. At the time, it was extremely hard and tender, caused pain in my ear and also at the

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  • kalie22358 1
  • shanur10575 1

    Swollen nodes under the jaw

    I first noticed my lymph nodes in 2006, when i caught cold, but that was only on one side of the jaw. It became smaller after that but never completely went down. Later in 2011 i was diagnosed with tuberculosis and lymph node on left side of the jaw again swell up . After 3 months or so it had gone down,...

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  • DesertStrom16 1

    What's my next course of action?

    Hello all, I recently noticed a lump under my jaw a few weeks ago, but shurgged it off because I didn't think it was a huge deal. Fast forward to yesterday, I noticed the lump again, and decided I should do some research to find out what it is. That led me seeing the doctor today, and the doctor

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  • miya28032 1

    4 day ago the lymph node behind my right ear swelled

    4 day ago the lymph node behind my left ear swelled, by the end of that day another bump showed up behind the same ear. the next morning i woke up and the base of my skull had 2 lumps and slightly above that was swollen with one large lump in the middle and the swollen area hurt, the next day i

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  • aaron95045 1

    Hard lymph nodes for years

    Hi everyone, I am a 28 year old male. I first noticed I had 2 hard lymph nodes over 10 years ago when I was in high school. One is directly below my left ear and is less than a centimeter. The other is by my left clavicle and is about 1 cm. Back then I had bronchitis at least once a year and

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  • td22 2
  • grace2708 1

    Cervical lymph glands help

    I had cervical biopsy last week dodgy cells however they couldn't see anything and told biopsy precautionary. Now i have swollen lymph nodes in neck . seems like the cervical ones in diagram me i am ill with worry about cancer . ordkes this mean i may have caught an infection please help

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  • rebecca 82877 2

    Several Swollen Lymph Nodes!

    I've made a post on here before, describing my symptoms and when they started. However, to sum it up, I've been dealing with my illness since July -August of 2016. Although before that, I was experiencing some migraines that I now think are linked to what I'm dealing with now. Anyway, I have a

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  • sunrise54 2
  • hjo 1

    HELP! swollen/painful glands and many other ongoing symptoms

    I am new to this group and am getting very frustrated about some weird ongoing health things that no doctor really seems to be concerned about. About a year ago (March 2013) I started to become fatigued and achy and just had no energy. I was always very active and enjoyed working out and would

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  • selena27900 1

    swollen in my lymph nodes , i needs extremely help

    i'am 21 years olds ,, i have noticed a swelloen lymph nodes in armpit before a year ago and i did an ultrasound pictures and it sized only 2 mm and now after i did another ultrasounds pictures and its sized 13 and BILATERAL wich means its not reactive .. painless and palpable no medical history or

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  • nikkinicole91 1

    25 had this problem for two years.

    Hey hope i can get some advice here, came across this and was nice to see others with this problem. I to have swollen nodes on the top of my neck. Ice had ct scans that came out normal. I have extreme anxiety always have so its no help. Did anyone else have the problem swallowing and having head

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  • ryan31599 2

    One Swollen Lymph Node Under Chin

    I've had an interesting last 8 weeks! I'm a 26 year old male, who is overweight (6'2 and 225lbs). About 8 weeks ago, I found a swollen lymph node under my chin.  I haven't been sick in forever, so I googled what it could be. Worst choice of my life - hands down. I've had a really strange set of

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  • td22 2

    Daughter with swollen lymph nodes throughout abdomen

    Symptoms for 2 weeks lymph nodes throughout abdomen, constant abdominal pain worse at night & in morning, elevated liver enzymes, lower and mid back pain, slight fevers on & off everyday, occasional groin area pain. Blood, urine & stool samples all fine! Only place with swollen lymph

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  • mrjingles 1

    Extremely paranoid. Swollen neck lymph node ++

    I am a 24 year old male. I am in good shape, although my diet isn't the greatest. I also drink a lot of beers and I have smoked weed practically every day for the past 3 years (I've never smoked a cigarette). I haven't smoked in the last 3 weeks but I continue to drink. I have been dealing with a

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  • Daviess__ 2

    swollen lymph nodes behind ear and jaw?

    Had my tonsils out last year and have had glandular fever for almost 3 years now. Started getting better after tonsils came out but now suffering from swollen lymph nodes for no reason? Under jaw and behind ear? Very painful and not aware of any throat/ear infections? Anyone else suffering?

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  • stephanie221 2

    Lymph nodes everywhere, collarbone included + symptoms?

    Hey everyone I'm new here, I am 20 years old and for a year and a half I have been experiencing symptoms and lymphadenopathy. I have been to multiple doctors/appointments but no doctor seems to take it serious enough. It first started with severe lower abdomen pain last year in May which then lead

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  • newbie87 1

    Cannot get a diagnose for my symptoms

    Hello, For the last 7 years I am struggling for a diagnosis. After a sexual encounter I got sick but slowly recovering from worse to current condition. My current symptoms are: - fatigue, got used to it. - eye floaters, don't bother me - persistent generilized Lymphadenopathy(no pain, nodes size

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  • Brahmabull16 2

    Lymph nodes from chest x-ray

    Hi everyone, for a weeks I have had this chesty cough, when I first went to my gp she said it was just a chest infection and gave me antibiotics, after 2 weeks it was still their, chesty cough and a slight shortness or breath. I went back and he gave me stronger antibiotics and sent me for a chest

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  • tomb27 2

    Scan of lymph node - waiting for my scan for way too long?

    Hi, I have visited my GP in mid-December as I had an enlarged lymph node on the side of my neck for some time, nearly a year. The lymph node has been examined several times by different GPs, I had some blood tests done, and to make sure that everything is alright, my GP has made a referral for me

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